How To Break Up A Couple – 11 Sly Ways

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Updated On: February 5, 2024
how to break up a couple

Wondering how to break up a couple? That’s a little heartless, don’t you think? Others may frown upon you like that, and call you hard-boiled. But we bet you have some solid reasons to be here since you are about to take such a drastic step. So, here’s how to break off a relationship 101: You’ve got to be super sneaky and a bit of a good actor to make your plot believable. 

Are you trying to break someone up with their girlfriend because that ‘someone’ is your best friend and you know she is bad news for them? Or maybe you want to break up a couple from a distance because you are so in love with one of them. Then we can cut you some slack. After all, everything’s fair in love and war. Whatever the reason may be, remember that it’s important for you to have a clear conscience. 

How To Break Up A Couple – 11 Sly Ways

Our 22-year-old reader, David, has been in love with Eleanor since they were in middle school. He was afraid that confessing his feelings could ruin the beautiful friendship they shared. Now she is dating a jock and it seems he’s lost her forever. David says, “I don’t wish to snatch anyone’s chance of happiness. If this guy knew how to treat a woman right, I would have stayed away. But he flirts with others behind her back and talks about women in a degrading way when she’s not around.

“So, evil ways to break up a couple are coming into my mind because even if she doesn’t want to be with me, she should at least not be with him. She deserves to be with someone who is aware of how lucky they are to be with her. I am done waiting for him to break up with his girlfriend. It’s time to take the matter into my own hands. Could you help me with a crafty method to manifest a couple to break up?”

Oh yes, David. You have come to the right place if you want to know how to make a couple break up. Just remember, you don’t want them to find out that you acted as a catalyst in escalating their split. That kind of negates the whole purpose, right? Subtlety is the key to break up a couple without them knowing. 

A survey run on college students finds that 56% of the participants have tried to sabotage other people’s romantic relationships and the interference seemed to work. You just have to make sure to embark on this venture with the right intention and a solid goof-proof plan at hand. Without any further ado, let’s get cracking on how to break up a couple. Here’s presenting 11 sly ways to break off a relationship: 

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1. Dig up dirt

How about we begin with the oldest trick in the book to break someone up with their girlfriend/partner? It will take some effort on your part, unless you already have a scoop on them. Use the most powerful weapon at your disposal – the social media. Be the best Sherlock there ever was for the next 24 hours and scroll through everything they have revealed about themselves so far. 

You can also reach out to this person’s close circle or an ex-partner who would give them away in a second. Once you have irrefutable evidence, spill the beans! A study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science mentions breach of trust as one of the most common reasons for a breakup. If exploited and executed well, this trick can help you accomplish your mission.

2. Play the ‘you deserve better’ card 

Have you heard of FOMO? That’s exactly what you are going to exploit – inciting the ‘fear of missing out’ in the person whom you want to drag out of this relationship. Take every opportunity to paint them a mental picture of the ‘right partner’ who would basically compensate for everything their current partner is lacking. 

For that, you have to put this current partner under the microscope and find out their minor to major weaknesses. Then you highlight these shortcomings and serve them on a hyperbolic platter in every conversation. When something is told repeatedly, we tend to take it as gospel truth and act accordingly. And that’s the trick behind how to break up a couple. 

3. Introduce a potential date

To manifest a couple to break up, you can totally bring in a third person between them. Lure one of them with a more attractive choice that might shake the foundation of their relationship. Let’s hear it from our reader, Alicia, an entrepreneur in San Jose, about how she managed to break up a couple without them knowing it. She wanted to help her best friend leave a toxic relationship

She says, “I couldn’t see John being so miserable with that bossy girl. I kept waiting for him to break up with his girlfriend. But he was so blind in love, he failed to see the strings she was pulling on him. She was like the Emily to his Ross. I knew it won’t be difficult to break her if I can plant a better catch for her. It worked like a charm as I introduced her to a guy. She clearly took an interest in him, casting John aside pretty soon. Mission accomplished!”

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4. Be the ‘better choice’

Suppose the person in question is your special love interest. In that case, you could be the third person we were just talking about. Instead of waiting for either of them to initiate the breakup, you voluntarily get in there. No foul play. Simply show them why they should be with you and not the other person.

Give them enough reasons to believe that with you, they can have a loving, healthy relationship and that you are willing to fill in the gaps their partner can’t. It’s not going to happen if you just focus on looking gorgeous or grand gestures. Rather, try to build emotional intimacy and be with them through thick and thin. Eventually, your efforts will pay off.  

Would you ever break up a couple?

5. How to break up a couple? Divide and conquer 

We need your acting skills on point for this step. Let us give you a clear roadmap. Say, you are trying to break up a couple without them knowing and one of them is your friend. We can assume you are already close to them. Find a way to be closer to their partner too. The aim here is to become their confidant. Be the person they always turn to in any situation, whether good or bad. 

Initially, you may have to share a lot about yourself to get them to open up. Once that comfort zone is created, you will have access to their personal matters, relationship problems, secret crushes, and more. Exploit that information carefully to drive them further apart. But remember, you have to keep that straight face throughout to assure them that you have their best interest at heart. 

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6. Become the troublemaker to manifest a couple to break up

Looking for evil ways to break up a couple? How about you play the role of the sneaky, little troublemaker between the lovers? You could spend a lot of time with one of them so the other thinks something must be going on between you two. Plus, it will keep them away from each other for most part of the day. 

Let’s reveal another suave move up our sleeve if you are wondering how to break up a couple. Compare their partner with someone more eligible. Or, tactfully, fill their minds with doubts against one another. For instance, say something like, “I know you are not at all ready for marriage. But I was talking to your partner yesterday and I got this vibe that they are already planning a wedding in their head.”

7. Catch them cheating on the other

How to make a couple break up? One of the best ways to go about it is if you can get one of them to cheat on the other. Studies show that infidelity is indeed one of the five major reasons for a breakup. Now this plan will probably work better if there is already some trouble brewing in their relationship. Your bait will hammer the last nail in the coffin. 

In this day and age of online dating, setting a romantic trap is no big deal. Create a fake online presence on social media or a dating app (if you know the person is secretly available on that app). Start chatting and try to seal a date as quickly as possible. On D-Day, reach the venue with your friend (or your crush) and let them see the kind of person they are dating. Or you can always share the screenshots of the chats as valid proof. 

Infographic on - ways to break up a couple
Different ways to split a couple from each other

8. Bringing an ex back is a cunning way to break off a relationship

If you want to break up a couple from a distance, this is the right trick for you. All you have to do is to drag an ex-partner from the past and drop them in the present scenario. Then you sit back and relax and watch the flow of events do its job. It will be a piece of cake to break someone up with their girlfriend/partner if you know they have a long history with their ex. 

Nothing works better than unresolved emotions for a past lover to make the present relationship go down in flames. Call up this ex-partner, or find someone in their acquaintances who can reach out to them. Casually slip in the conversation how they made a big mistake breaking up and they should totally try to patch things up. If you are good at convincing people, half of your problem is solved. 

9. How to make a couple break up? Inflict jealousy 

Trust me, jealousy is such a poison that can affect the best of us. Don’t worry any further about how to break up a couple and go with this good old strategy. Ana had a massive crush on a guy who was in a relationship. Ana knew for a fact that this girl was using him for grades. Waiting for him to break up with his girlfriend got her so frustrated. 

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She and her girl gang planned to approach him romantically, especially in the presence of his girlfriend. Lovey-dovey texts every now and then and calls at odd hours raised her suspicion. As a part of the plan, the girls were openly hitting on him at a house party. And seeing him taking it so lightly, his girlfriend couldn’t hold it in any longer. They had a big fight and ended things for good. 

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10. Be their strength if they’re in an abusive relationship

How to make a couple break up if one of them is extremely abusive or manipulative? You have to be a relentless support system for the other person. If you really care about them, help them realize that the world outside their toxic relationship is a much bigger place. 

There are many, many opportunities waiting for them. There are people who are eager to help them cope with the trauma. Don’t give up until they are strong enough to face their fear and walk out of this relationship. For any professional guidance, skilled and experienced counselors on Bonobology’s panel of experts are always here for you.

11. Rumors are one of the most evil ways to break up a couple

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If the other ways to break up a couple from a distance didn’t prove to be that effective, this is your last resort. Instead of making up absurd rumors that no one would believe, try to sell half-truths about this person. Be so nifty while playing this wicked act that the source of these gossips can never be traced back to you.   

Key Pointers

  • Find out shady secrets and lies about their partner and reveal them
  • Tell them they deserve way better than their present partner
  • Introduce a third person or bring back an ex-partner
  • Inflict jealousy and doubts in the couple’s mind about each other
  • Spread rumors and gossips

Hopefully, we enriched you with plenty of sly tricks and now you know exactly how to break up a couple. At the same time, we wish these unethical methods won’t be used to aid someone’s personal revenge strategy. The study we mentioned earlier talks about certain dark traits of meddlers such as narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism, and we won’t like our readers to check any one of these. 

As long as your intentions are pure, Bonobology is all for help. If you were trying to drift them apart because you are in love with one of them, don’t rush to make a move right after the breakup. Go ahead and hold their hand throughout the healing journey but offer them ample space and time to process their feelings.  

Or perhaps it was a friend whom you were trying to rescue from an unhealthy relationship. You may blame yourself for causing them so much pain. But think of the big picture; you truly did them a favor. Now all they need is your love and support. Being the fantastic friend that you are, we are sure you will take care of them. All the very best!


1. What breaks a relationship easily?

Lies have the power to break a relationship easily. If you are trying to get a couple into trouble, look for any major secrets or hard truths that they are hiding from each other. Once you drop the bomb, it will automatically raise many questions leading to ugly fights that might end the relationship eventually. 

2. How do you break up someone’s relationship?

Inflicting doubts and jealousy in the couple’s mind is one of the best ways to break up someone’s relationship. You can convince them that they deserve a partner who will treat them better. Later, introduce both of them to potential mates with whom they might really hit it off. Bringing back an ex-partner into the picture also often helps in jeopardizing a relationship. 

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