How To Manifest Your Crush In 10 Simple Ways

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how to manifest your crush

Sometimes, having a crush on someone is both painful and delightful at the same time. The fact that you are in love is enough to make you feel like the happiest person on earth. However, the sad reality that they don’t know about your feelings yet can make your heart shrink. That’s why we are here to teach you how to manifest your crush and make them all yours. 

When you have a crush on someone, you notice the tiniest details about them. The sound of their laughter, the way their eyes crease when they smile, and how much they enjoy hot chocolate on rainy nights. You’re dying to know more, yet you’re afraid to find out. To help you with this situation, we reached out to Astrologist Nishi Ahlawat to find out what manifesting someone means and how to manifest someone to like you back.

What Does Manifesting Someone Mean?

Nishi says, “Manifesting someone means visualizing them in your life through affirmations, daydreaming, or any other way so they can turn into reality. It’s a way to make your desires come true. You are in love with them and want them in your life. However, there are some subtle signs your crush doesn’t like you back and you want to change that. You want them to love you back. This conviction is the first step to learning how to manifest your crush – it is simply the practice of thinking of things that you want to happen.

“Let’s think of it as a sort of wishful thinking. The only difference here is that wishful thinking is manifestation without belief. Manifestation is when you put intentional energy out into the universe with confidence and optimism. The universe will take it from there depending on your clarity, belief, and purity.” So, you want something, you manifest it, hoping it would turn into reality. It’s the belief that your love would make them fall in love with you as well.

How To Manifest Your Crush In 10 Simple Ways

Now that we know that manifesting is real, let’s find out how to manifest someone to like you back on paper, and in reality:

1. Be clear about what you want 

Nishi says, “The first step to manifest your crush to ask you out is to be clear about your wants and needs. Take some time out and figure out why you want this person so badly. Are they single? Is it just to while away your time or have you genuinely fallen for them? If it’s the latter, then you can go ahead and start manifesting them.”

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to become clearer about your feelings:

  • Do I like this person as a friend or do I want them as a romantic partner?
  • What attracts me to them?
  • Do I see a future with him?

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When you know what you want from them, this intentional energy will help you in receiving the same energy from them. The universe will deliver what you want only when you are transparent about your feelings.  

2. Use the power of your imagination 

Nishi says, “Many people don’t realize this but they have the ability to manifest anything they want in this life if they have enough conviction. All you have to do is use your power of imagination by focusing your thoughts and channeling high vibrational energies that will reach the person you love.” 

How to manifest your crush? With the help of your thoughts, because thoughts have a lot of power. The best time to manifest love is when your thoughts are pure and convey exactly what you want. This is how the law of attraction works. Whatever you focus your thoughts on, it will come back to you. If you want to manifest your crush to ask you out, then use the power of your imagination and make use of some good thoughts that you can repeat frequently. 

3. Let go of that negativity 

Negativity is your enemy when you are channeling high vibrational energies with love, care, and adoration. Your main task is to have a concentrated focus where you send positivity their way. Here are some tips to let go of negativity:

  • If you are feeling stressed, then pause and relax
  • Don’t dwell on these negative thoughts
  • Let go of the past and be happy
  • Try to replace negative emotions with happy memories 
  • Try to divert your mind by watching a movie or reading a book 
  • Think about something specific that makes you happy. Like the sound of the waves or the image of the sun kissing the ocean 

Try to manifest your crush when you are in a positive state of mind while focusing your thoughts and energies on the happy times the two of you have shared.

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4. Practice loving affirmations 

Nishi says, “Tell the universe you are ready for love by reciting loving affirmations. These affirmations of love are a good way to get rid of negative feelings.” Manifest your crush by writing something positive every day. There are many loving affirmations to attract love and romance. Listed below are some loving affirmations you can use to manifest someone to like you back on paper:

  • I am truly happy when I think about them
  • I know what love is and this is who I want
  • I am ready to love and be loved 
  • I am ready to accept this person with all their imperfections 
  • I love this person with all my heart 
  • This person loves me back
  • We have a healthy relationship

Repeat frequently. It’s crucial to keep in mind that when you say these affirming words of love, you also have to strongly believe in every single thing that comes out of your mouth. If you don’t believe in it, then you won’t get your desired life. The universe will catch your lies and you won’t be able to manifest someone to like you back.

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5. How to manifest your crush? Let go of them 

Nishi says, “Yes, manifesting someone to text you and make them fall in love with you means you have to set them free. Don’t hound them with text messages and calls. Don’t plead with them to love you back. Don’t force them to meet you. Detach yourself from them and let the universe do its job.”

You don’t just have to let go of them but you also have to let go of expectations. You have to be patient and trust the universe blindly enough to let it lead you to your destination. 

Does My Crush Like Me

6. Visualize how it must feel to be loved by your crush 

Nishi says, “Visualize what it must be like to be loved by your crush. Imagine scenarios in your head where you and your partner are having dinner together, being vulnerable with each other, and even having your first kiss. There’s no limit to your visualization as long as your intentions are pure.”

The best way to feel like you are in a relationship is by fantasizing about it. That’s why channeling high vibrational energies with the help of visualizing scenarios in your head is one of the easiest ways to manifest your crush to talk to you and fall for you. If you are manifesting someone to text you, here is how you can do it:

  • Find a quiet place and sit in a meditative state
  • Take deep breaths 
  • Imagine your crush’s personality, their way of talking, and their mannerisms 
  • Imagine how you will feel when you fall in love
  • Imagine how you will feel when they text you 
  • Imagine how you will feel when you have romantic text exchanges every day
  • Direct the same energy toward them  
  • You must do this concentrated focus every day without losing hope
on crushes

7. Don’t let your past relationships come in the way of your manifestation 

Never let your past relationships affect your present. Don’t hold on to negative beliefs like you aren’t deserving of love or that you are terrible at relationships. That chapter is closed. It’s time to move on. 

Here are some things you need to say to yourself to avoid thinking about the past and to not let it dictate your present:

  • I have accepted my past and I have moved on
  • I am worthy of a life that’s whole and pure
  • I’m healing every day

8. Manifest your crush with water 

Nishi says, “Want to know how to manifest your crush? Try it with two cups of water. Before you conclude that I am joking, allow me to explain. This is commonly known as the two-cup method. All you have to do is take two cups of water and label each of them. One will be labeled reality and the other cup will contain your dreams. Now, gulp down the water that contains your wishes.”

You might find this silly but there is a scientific explanation behind this. During the mid-1990s, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment where he took samples of water from the same source, stored them in different jars, and pasted various words on them.

After a few days, he noticed that the jars with positive words like love, gratitude, and happiness had structured molecules in the form of beautiful shapes whereas the water in the jars with negative words like hate, loss, and jealousy turned murky and had deformed molecules. This experiment proves that thoughts and intentions have energies and can impact a person’s life both positively and negatively.

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9. Try the 369 manifestation method 

This technique recently went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. Here is how you can try the 369 manifestation method if you want to manifest your crush to like you back in real life: Write your manifestation down three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening. 

That’s how the law of attraction works. You write what you want and it will like you back. Nishi adds that these three digits are one of the angel numbers that signal you are on the right path. When you break these numbers individually, they also have numerological importance:

  • The number 3 represents a person’s connection to the universe or any other higher power. It also represents their creative self-expression
  • The number 6 represents a person’s inner strength and harmony
  • The number 9 represents a rebirth of a soul where a person can let go of things that don’t serve any purpose in their life

10. Draw a focus wheel 

manifestation technique focus wheel
Focus wheel manifestation technique

How to manifest your crush to like you back? Draw a focus wheel. This is another manifestation technique to help your intentional energy, which is full of love and desire, reach your crush. You can download or draw your own focus wheel. Divide the wheel into six parts. Write positive statements in all the 12 places while leaving the center portion empty. 

All your statements should begin with “I love”. For example, “I love my crush and I want them to love me back” or “I love my crush so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with them”. Write one sentence each day or any time of the week when you feel positive because you have to BELIEVE in these statements in order for the law of attraction and the universe to work their magic. You will soon see signs from the universe that love is coming your way.

Key Pointers

  • Manifestations do work. Something as simple as manifesting someone to call you or manifesting someone to text you can also work if you radiate positivity and believe in yourself
  • You have to trust the universe and surrender yourself completely
  • Speak into existence and recite love affirmations every day. You can also try the 369 manifestation method or draw a focus wheel to manifest the life and love you want

We attract what we are and what we think. If we think of abundance, love, peace, kindness, and gratitude, the same energy will come back to us. Even if you don’t believe in such manifestation techniques, you can use them to your benefit by thinking of them as goal-setting rituals because all these manifestation methods will only make you a grateful person. The results may genuinely surprise you. 


1. Can you manifest someone to like you back?

Yes. You can manifest someone to like you back because thoughts, words, and intentions have powers of their own. With intentional energy that is positive and radiates love, you can manifest your crush to ask you out.

2. How can I use the law of attraction to manifest a crush?

You attract what you think. If you think you will make your crush fall in love with you, then the law of attraction will work in your favor. You just have to trust the universe and place your belief in it.

3. Can manifesting someone backfire?

Sometimes, manifesting someone can backfire. Manifestation can turn into an obsession very soon and obsession is a hurdle in the way of manifestation. When one ends, the other begins, and vice versa. Don’t obsess over them. Let go of them and let them reach out to you. 

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