I was dealing with a difficult mother-in-law

Dominating, judgmental and overbearing, the MIL is capable of making or breaking a traditional Indian marriage. Priya Chaphekar shares one such account in which the mama is the other woman. Well, almost.

(As told to Priya Chaphekar)

When I was unmarried, high on the nectar of fleeting youth, I was wild and unstoppable. I could eat what I felt like, hang around in my Daisy Dukes and sleep whenever I wanted to. Then one day, I got married and everything changed.

Why so many daughters-in-law have problems with their mothers-in-law

I hail from Satara, a small town in Maharashtra and a community where love marriages are off limits. So I never dated a guy ever.

My married friends who came home during summers brought with them an avalanche of complaints about how bad their husband’s mother treated them. One of my friends was even considering divorce, thanks to her husband’s overly close relationship with his mother. “Is that even a reason?” I laughed at her, unable to fathom the intensity of her grief. While I agree that the MIL-DIL relationship has spawned a series of TRP-grabbing serials, I didn’t expect it to turn into a reality for me so soon. My husband is the sweetest man I know, but a couple of months into my marriage, I could clearly see a virtual umbilical cord existing between him and his mother.

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