20 Interesting Personality Traits Of Piscean Women

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personality traits of piscean women

Ever thought how much you can know about a woman’s personality just by their zodiac sign? Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor, Dakota Fanning and so many more strong women, apart from their glamour and strong personality, they have one big thing in common, they are all Piscean Women. When you can’t asses the personality just by a Pisces woman’s appearance, you can count on the stars for your rescue. Knowing these facts about Pisces women can help you assess their personality traits and assess your compatibility with her. Here are 20 interesting personality traits of a Piscean woman.

20 Interesting Personality Traits Of Piscean Women

Ever been on several dates but not felt a deeper connection with them? Is it because you’re dating the wrong zodiac sign? Study says that compatibility and connection has a lot to do with the zodiac sign of a partner. A person’s zodiac sign helps in assessing a Pisces personality female which could help you understand her better. Here are 20 facts about Pisces women that will help you connect with her the next time you meet her.

1. What’s inside matters

For Piscean women, looks aren’t a concern. They look for what’s inside rather than falling for the materialistic aspects of a person. Piscean women love to know people on a deeper level because it is your personality that attracts them. Feel free to be yourself in front of a Piscean woman as they want to look through all those layers to get to know you more.

2. Piscean women are very emotional

pieces women are emotional

Piscean women are emotional beingsImage source

Piscean women go through many emotional imbalances. They can go from being cheerful and happy at one moment to being sad and depressed the other moment. They feel everything very intensely which makes them so emotional. While being emotional brings them closer to people, it can also make them unpredictable at times.

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3. They have a spiritual connection

They like to have a spiritual connection with things around them. The Piscean zodiac sign is more spiritual than other zodiac signs, which is why you will find Piscean women wanting to have a deeper connection with the things around them. They are more aware of the environment surrounding them. You will often see Piscean women practicing mindfulness and meditation to make meaning of their spirituality.

4. Piscean women can read people

The March born women are good at reading people. They can easily make out if someone is faking it in front of them. They can read other people’s body language like a pro. Most of their instincts about people turn out to be true. Don’t try to portray yourself as someone you are not, in front of a Piscean woman, she will be able to easily catch it and may not want to be with a fake person.

can read people

Piscean women can easily read peopleImage source

5. They care about the people they love

Being emotional beings gives them a sense of empathy for others. They care about their close ones like their friends and family and will go to any extent to take care of them. If you are in their inner circle, feel lucky to have a Piscean woman by your side.

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6. She devotes her life to others

Empathy and sympathy are two major traits of a Pisces woman. Pisces women empathize for others and feel a deep connection for people in pain. They are unable to see people unhappy around them. If someone around them is unhappy, it affects them emotionally. A Pisces woman will devote her life for other’s happiness due to their strong feelings of empathy and sympathy.

7. They have a big heart

girl has big heart

Pisces women have big hearts Image source

Pisces women are very generous in nature. They believe in sharing their happiness and good fortunes with other people. If they see someone in need, they won’t think twice to help them. They also easily forgive people and believe in giving second chances to them. Their big heart is what makes them win other people over easily.

8. They fear being alone

Finding love for a Pisces woman isn’t always that easy. They crave for a deep and meaningful relationship which is hard to find. They fear ending up in short-term relationships because it makes them feel lonelier. The fear of being turned down and being alone also makes them resist getting into relationships that easily. They look for their soulmates through their relationships.

9. They like honesty

If there’s one thing a Pisces woman hates, it is being lied to. They like people who are honest and tell the truth, no matter how bad or hurtful the truth is. They prefer being hurt by the truth rather than being hurt when they catch someone lying. If you man up and tell them the truth, they will appreciate it and also respect you for it.

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10. They are competitive too

Don’t take their emotional side as a sign of them being weak. If you challenge a Pisces woman, she will get very competitive. It is because they love to win. They want to be good at everything and love challenges for that matter. Underestimating them is a big mistake.

11. They have good instincts

Pisces women feel connected to the environment around them. This makes them see everything around them at a deeper level. They are good at intuiting things and their instincts very rarely go wrong. They are able to judge a person’s character, whether someone is lying and even if someone is feeling sad and depressed. It is very hard to hide your feelings in front of a Pisces woman.

12. It’s easy to connect with them

Pisces women can connect easily

Pisces women can connect easilyImage source

Their humble nature makes it easy for people to connect with them. Pisces women have a good understanding of human nature and are easy to talk to. People feel comfortable around them, which makes it easier for people to open up in front of them. Even the toughest of people tend to open up in front of a Pisces woman. They always have the right words to say.

13. They are mysterious in nature

Pisces women are good at reading people but will not easily let out things about them. They like to keep a sense of mystery around them. You will always feel intrigued by them. Their mysterious nature makes it hard to understand what’s going on in their mind but is also what attracts men towards them. Men like the mystery and Pisces women have just the right amount of it.

14. They are creative in nature

Pisces women are creative and artistic in nature. They are also great storytellers. They tend to pick up details in their work that normal people might miss out. Their work stands out from others. Pisces women have a different perspective to things which makes them do things ‘out of the box’.

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15. They have selective friends

They have limited friends

They have limited friends Image source

They might always be surrounded by people, but when it comes to their inner circle, they have very few people who they can actually open up to. This is because for a Pisces woman, the kind of friends she has matters more over the number of friends. She isn’t one of those who will make friends just for the sake of popularity she would rather have two good friends than ten fake ones.

16. They are adaptable

One of the best things about a Pisces woman is that she can easily adapt to any situation. She will always find a common ground where she can connect with you. Her adaptable nature makes people feel comfortable and secure around her. When in a relationship, she will always have a solution so that none of you have to compromise.

17. Piscean women as lovers

A Pisces woman in love will go all in. They are devoted and loyal to their partners. They lose themselves completely when they are in love, as if it’s like a fairy tale or a fantasy for them. All their emotions consume them when they are in love. However, as lovers, they usually tend to fall for the wrong guy which makes them fear rejection in future.

18. Her sexuality

For a Pisces woman, sex is like a spiritual activity where one soul connects with the other. Her pleasure is derived from the connection she feels with her partner during sex. Her understanding of people also helps her sexuality as she knows exactly what to do to please her partner. Be prepared to be amazed by her.

19. Being in a relationship with them

Pisceans are compassionate

Pisceans are compassionate Image source

When you’re in a relationship with a Pisces woman, her compassionate and adaptable nature will strengthen the relationship. However, Pisces women often put others above themselves and solving other people’s problems could take up much space in the relationship. There could be many emotional issues too in the relationship.

20. Gifting a Piscean woman

Pisces women are romantics. They love being gifted things that have an emotional connection with them. Try giving them something that has a deeper meaning to it. If you are gifting a Pisces woman flowers, gift them the kind that you gave them on the first date, or the ones that remind them of someone they love. Also, giving them something original like a poem, a song, etc. is something that they love.

If we look at the different zodiac signs a Piscean is compatible with, they are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. The least compatible signs are generally Gemini and Sagittarius. When it comes to dating or being in a relationship, the zodiac sign of the person isn’t the prime determinant of its success. Factors like connection, compatibility, adaptability, etc. usually help build a foundation in a relationship. These facts about a Piscean woman will help you in understanding her personality better and having a deeper connection with her. Having such a connection will help you build a stronger foundation and you’ll have that special connection you were looking for.


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