Sex and Passion

How the spiritual element made our sex even more intense

Sex is an energy, not just a physical activity. An infusion of spirituality in the right dose can make a couple's sexual experience that much more fulfilling and intense
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How we perceive sexuality and spirituality can make plenty of difference. While spirituality may not appeal to everyone, sex is an integral part of our lives. Some may consider sex as a need, some as entertainment, or stress-buster, while for some others it may be an activity equivalent to eating. You eat when you’re hungry, you have sex when you’re aroused.

What sex means to me

At various junctures in life, sex has meant different things to me. But now that I have been married for almost 5 years to a man spiritually (not religiously) inclined and much more sexually experienced, I now refer to sex as a potent ‘energy’. When we talk about sexual exploration or refer to someone as ‘sexy’, what we really mean is the positive, higher and peculiarly attractive vibe the person exudes.

Sexual chemistry is nothing but the exchange of sexual energy between two people.

Almost a year after getting married, my husband and I took a trip to Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. We went around Lakshman Jhula, a place that’s a fusion of spirituality, adventure, and free-spirited culture. Quite an interesting mix, I must say! We took Ayurvedic massages, practiced breathing and yoga with a sage and talked about unlocking our sixth sense with a yogi. Both of us spent hours beside the Ganges and made conversation while staring at the mountains. While commuting between places we bumped into foreigners who were studying the Vedas, learning Sanskrit, searching for peace or their own selves.

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