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Fluid Relationship is a new thing and this couple is breaking the internet with it. Check it out

A fluid relationship between a couple is when there is always a space for more people in the relationship.

A couple from Rhode Island, California, United States has taken the online world by storm by defining their relationship with a new term, ‘Fluid’.

Suddenly ‘Fluid Relationships’ have become an accepted term in relationship terminology and lexicon with a definition pioneered by the couple, called Brittany Taylor and Conor McMillen.

Fluid relationship is the nature of relationships like all other things to change periodically

Brittany is 29 years old and Connor is 33 and together they host a YouTube channel on relationships as well. Their followers have swelled to more than 20K people who want to have a lifestyle like theirs.

According to their definition, a Fluid Relationship between a couple is when there is always a space for more people in the relationship. While other partners come and go out of the relationship, the nature of the relationship between Brittany and Conor keeps on changing (that is fluid), but they never break off being partners.

Fluid Relationship between a couple is when there is always a space for more people in the relationship.

The changing nature or the fluidity of the relationship include boyfriend-girlfriend, best friends, soul mates, BFFs, exercise partners, dance partners etc. Because their relationship is fluid, it can assume any definition at any point of time.

Of course, the relationship offers frequent changing of sexual partners as per their wish. The definition also allows more people into the same relationship. The relationship definition therefore allows threesomes or foursomes with the two or with one of them. They can also share the same lover simultaneously or one after another. Yes, same sex love is also allowed under this definition.

This fluidity has attracted so much attention that they have been covered in all leading media outlets including this one.

There are a lot of benefits of the fluid relationship

The two say that they have stumbled upon this definition of a relationship when they were struggling to define their own relationship.

“Our relationships are so fluid that a lot of people in our lives that could be considered friends, we have shared sexual intimacy or romantic relationships with.
We have had relationships that range from short term to long term, we have partners we enjoy moving our bodies with while dancing or practicing acrobatics, but do not share other intimacy with. We have shared lovers simultaneously with one another, we have had three-person relationships, and the list goes on,” says the couple, when asked to define Fluid Relationships.

Brittany and Conor, who met at a health festival in New York four years ago, say their relationships with others only serve to make their love for each other stronger.

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