“Should I Divorce My Husband?” Take This Quiz And Find Out

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should I divorce my husband quiz
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“Should I divorce my husband or am I just overreacting?” is a very tricky yet common question. Almost everyone you ask will have a strong opinion on this. Some will tell you that getting divorced is downright impractical, whereas some will advise you to seek couples therapy (which you should).

Are you looking for tips on when to get divorced? Is it when your kids graduate? Or when you are financially independent? And is divorce really even the right decision? The ‘Should I divorce my husband’ quiz is here to your rescue. Take this quiz to find out if getting divorced is the right way forward. Before taking the quiz, keep these things in mind:

  • Constantly wondering if you should leave is itself a huge sign that you should
  • Ask yourself if you have truly given your best to revive your marriage
  • If you’re keeping secrets to ‘protect’ your husband, it might be a sign something if off 
  • Marriage is everyday work; every little habit/conversation counts

Finally, if the answer to the ‘Should I divorce my husband’ quiz has come out as a ‘Yes’, don’t worry and seek support immediately. How to know when it’s time for divorce? A licensed professional can guide you. They can suggest some therapeutic exercises to fix your marriage. They can also give advice on how to deal with the fear and shame of getting divorced. 

Also, if the answer to the ‘Should I divorce my husband’ quiz is a ‘No’ but you still feel otherwise, try getting more clarity by reaching out to a therapist on if and when it’s time for divorce. Our counselors from Bonobology’s panel are just a click away. Don’t ignore that gut feeling of yours. If you instinctively feel you are stuck, take proactive steps to change it. You know you deserve to be happy. Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel otherwise.

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