Should you move in with your boyfriend? Quiz

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Updated On: May 3, 2024
Should you move in with your boyfriend

Entering the realm of cohabitation is a major move—no pun intended. It’s a decision that can send your thoughts into a whirlwind, and you might find yourself second-guessing everything. But hey, that’s completely normal! It’s not just about sharing space; it’s about merging lives, routines, and so much more.

Dhriti Bhavsar, a seasoned relationship counselor with a master’s degree in Psychology, understands the weight of these choices.. That’s precisely why she crafted this quiz, designed to help you navigate the “should I move in with my boyfriend” conundrum.

And here’s the thing, moving in together isn’t just about coordinating furniture and closet space. Suddenly, when you have a disagreement, there’s no escape—physically, at least. It’s a big deal because you’re sharing more than just a home; you’re sharing a space where fights, make-ups, and everything in between play out on a daily basis. Plus, breaking up isn’t as simple when you’re both on the same lease. That adds a whole new layer to the mix.

So, whether he’s popped the question about cohabitating, or you’re debating if it’s time to bring it up, take a breather and dive into this quick 11-question quiz. It won’t take up more then 5-10 minutes of time, but it’s bound to shed some light on whether moving in together is the right move for you.

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  1. Have you and your boyfriend talked about living together before?
    1. Yes, we speak about it often
    2. Only jokingly
    3. Not really
  1. Are the two of you relatively financially secure?
    1. Yes
    2. Not exactly but we’re getting there
    3. No
  1. Have the two of you spent a week or longer together – for e.g. on a vacation?
    1. Yes, several times
    2. Not for more than a few days
    3. No
  1. Do the two of you have long term plans, individually and together, after moving in together?
    1. Yes, and we have discussed them together
    2. I am not sure
    3. Never thought that far ahead
  1. Do you feel forced by circumstances to move in together?
    1. Yes
    2. Somewhat
    3. No
  1. How much time do the two of you get to spend with each other currently?
    1. We talk everyday, and meet often
    2. We talk often and meet once a month
    3. We don’t get a lot of time together
  1. Are you okay with your his annoying habits and vice versa?
    1. Yes
    2. We can tolerate it for now
    3. I’m not sure
  1. Have the two of you discussed clear financial boundaries with each other?
    1. Yes, we’re clear about finances
    2. Not in detail
    3. No
  1. Do you think the two of you can cohabit and adjust with each other?
    1. I’m pretty sure
    2. I hope so
    3. I don’t know at all
  1. Are you used/able to share your space and resources with another person?
    1. Yes, I am used to sharing
    2. I don’t share a few things of mine
    3. No, I need my space
  1. Is he on the same page as you about moving in together?
    1. Yes
    2. I’m not sure
    3. I don’t think so

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