17 Sureshot Signs He Has Multiple Partners (Thank Us Later)

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In the complicated world today, we’ve made love complicated too where your partner may leave the longest trail of signs he has multiple partners. Why? Because, in a constant search for the better, we seek a better love too. Love should be simple, wrapped in handwritten letters, whispered in the melody of love songs, and closed in locks of hands that fit your fingers perfectly. And in a monogamous relationship, you expect that hand to stay in yours, and not drift from one palm to the other.

A man that has multiple partners often chooses to not be honest about it. Rather, he continues to portray that he needs a monogamous relationship. On the other hand, some men might propose polyamory, which consists of multiple serious relationships with the consent and knowledge of everyone involved. We approve of the latter kind of man, but not the former. To know if a guy has multiple girlfriends, you’ll have to chase after clues that indicate he’s cheating on you and look for signs he has multiple partners.

Why Do Guys Want Multiple Partners?

Some men bite off more than they can chew, whether it’s in romantic relationships or sexual. One of the major reasons they do this is that they do not wish to settle down with just one person. It also runs with their belief that knocking on different doors will only keep their exploring heart alive.

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The fact that your partner is attracted to someone else will be evident because the psychology of a man with multiple partners runs on the basic algorithm of finding a diversity of experiences. So, why do guys want multiple partners? This might be explained by the Coolidge Effect. It makes a man more interested in pursuing sex when a new woman is introduced to his surroundings. The novelty pushes him to find another sexual mate.

With variety as a spice of life, such men love to have multiple options, think of themselves as charming, and look forward to an ego massage with every new sexual partner. It’s less about the woman and more about how good she makes him feel. That’s what they live for. This is why it is important for you to know the psychology of a man with multiple partners. We are here to tell you all about the signs he has multiple partners so you can be careful and look out for yourself.

17 Sureshot Signs He Has Multiple Partners

If a guy has multiple girlfriends, it won’t be long before they’ll start leaving behind a trail for you to follow. All you need to do is be aware. After all, what else have you learned from the snooping nose of Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train (other than falling into a murder trap, of course) who decoded the entire case?
If you ask me, your intuition begins to snoop around before you do, and that’s all you need to do – let that intuition lead you. Now, it’s time to channel your inner Emily Blunt and look out for these 17 signs he has multiple partners.

He Has Multiple Partners

1. The past is never the past

If you think that “the past is in the past”, you’re probably wrong in this case. If you started dating someone who has had many partners in the past, the probability of them doing it again while they are claiming to be in love with you is as high as Ross getting married, again. It will continue to happen because, for them, it’s no big deal.

2. Overly flirtatious

If you find your partner engaging flirtatiously with women every time you turn your back, chances are he is constantly on the search for a new partner. The psychology of a man with multiple partners makes them chase the initial, exciting feeling of connection with someone. It’s what keeps them going.
He’s often super friendly, very helpful, and unnecessarily close to the women around him, whether he knows them or not. While this can also be his everyday nature, to indulge in healthy flirting, you may still choose to beware if you are dating someone who has had many partners in the past.

3. You’re not a part of his circle

You never know with whom he goes out all the time. He’s never up for introducing you to his friends or family. If a guy has multiple girlfriends, for him, you’re just one of them – a deep, dark secret that stays behind the doors. He also does not prefer to be seen publicly with you, which is one of the signs he has multiple partners.

4. Possessive of his phone

If you’ve had a tiff about accidentally glancing at the display notifications of his phone, which led to a fight and a blame game that you are being insecure about his loyalty, the possibility is that he is a man that has multiple partners. Also, when he gets a call while he’s with you, does he always choose to step aside to take the call in hushed tones? If yes, then watch out!

5. A guilty conscience

One of the major signs he has multiple partners is his guilty conscience. He might make you explain yourself unnecessarily about that trip you took with your friends, just because it included men. It is a reflection of what is going on in his life and everything wrong that he’s doing at his end – so much so that he’s wary of being caught all the time. While you constantly look out for the cheating guilt signs he’s too desperate to hide, do not doubt yourself for the blames he may lay on you.

6. Things don’t add up

You believe all the lies he’s ever stated until one day, you realize you’ve been had. If you choose to dig deeper into a man that has multiple partners, you’ll soon realize how all his stories never add up. It’s like a confusing web of lies in which you had woven your fairytale in.

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7. He’s obsessed with his looks

No matter what glorious opinion you hold about his looks, or if you love him more for his messy hair than the properly combed, wax-applied hair, he’ll never take your opinion seriously. His constant focus is to look approachable and desirable to other women and to be the top-notch version of himself all the time as he wishes to be noticed by other women too.

8. Unusually tired of sex

Men say no to sex plenty of times. Sure, as they should if they don’t want it. But that’s not the point. If you’ve been noticing all the above signs he has multiple partners, and you start to realize that he doesn’t want sex the way he used to – then it’s a red flag.
Your man doesn’t seem too tired to make secret phone calls, being flirtatious around other women, and lie through his teeth, but he is suddenly tired of sex with you and often denies your request for it. Multiple partners can keep any man tired, which is why denying sex or excusing himself with “I had a long day” way too often is a huge sign. That’s a hint for you to keep watching for the signs he’s cheating on you.

9. Or turns hotter in bed!

As we turn to the other side of the bed, the alternative is that your partner may begin to bring new things into bed. A man that has multiple partners will often learn new things from his various sources and would want to try them with his other partners. It can be a new dialogue in bed, a new trick for more pleasure, or something extraordinarily insensitive like accidentally calling you by another name.

10. You don’t talk anymore or never did

You begin to realize you hold a lack of affection and intimacy in your relationship and how you no longer talk to each other or never did because it was somehow always about sex with you. Over a period of time, if a guy has multiple girlfriends, he loses his patience to listen to what each one of them has to say, nor does he hold the will to have an emotional connection with them. This takes away the scope of a meaningful conversation between you and him.

11. You never go out

Being a man that has multiple partners, he’d surely not want to be seen publicly with you. It can cause a lot of problems for his Casanova reputation. You either meet him within the bounds of his vehicle, or yours, or either of your places or in the wee hours of the day. It’s almost like a secret relationship you do not know about. Whenever you try to meet him at any other point of the day, or in public, he makes an excuse. Every time, he tells you romantically that he only wishes to have private moments with you. Watch out, because these are the signs he has multiple partners.

12. Let’s live in the moment

A phrase used too often, the psychology of a man with multiple partners would often suggest that you live in the moment. He’s never ready to talk about the future with you because there is no future.
Of course, if someone like Joe Goldberg talks of the future, then that isn’t favorable either. Because then it’s just not you in his future, but many more like you – only in a basement.

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13. It’s all about him

It doesn’t matter what time of the day or rather which day suits you, because eventually, you’ll always meet as per his availability. You’re supposed to adjust to his time limitations, or he’ll throw a tantrum. These actions sound like some of the signs he has multiple partners.

On Extramarital Affairs

14. You’re never good enough

“Don’t you think that dress looks ravishing on her?” “I think you should start keeping your hair like her” – and a lot more of such comments continue to be thrown your way because he isn’t satisfied with how you look.
If your partner is attracted to someone else, he would advise you to be just like them. These are the signs he has multiple partners, especially when he keeps noticing other women and wants you to be just like them.

15. No social footprint

Dating someone who has had multiple partners or still does comes with this disadvantage. You may long to create mushy, romantic reels on your social media account with him. Sorry to break this to you. It’s never happening.
In a world that runs on social media, your partner chooses to lock the world out with his mirror selfies at the gym, his lonely sunsets, and the chic looks from the places he went to because he needs to look macho and available. A man that has multiple partners will always excuse himself from any social media presence with you calling it silly, childish, or unnecessary.

16. She’s just a friend

Every time you hear of a new woman and ask about her, you’d be told that she’s just a friend and that you don’t know her. The constant switch in his group of friends will always keep you confused – who is he really out with? Who exactly is his friend? Pardon, more than a friend.
He lives this way because then you don’t get to point anything against him. Note this down to be one of the signs he has multiple partners.

17. Even after a while, you know nothing, Jon Snow

After knowing him for months or years, you somehow still don’t know anything about him. A man that has multiple partners often holds a charm to make you feel like you know him, while you actually don’t. You may not even know his full name.
As per the psychology of a man with multiple partners, anybody knowing him too much would, firstly, ruin the mysterious aura around him and, secondly, put him at a higher risk of getting caught.

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While there are innumerable signs he has multiple partners, spotting just one out of these could simply be a matter of misunderstanding or a part of who he is. Ultimately, you don’t have to rack your brain to figure out: why do guys want multiple partners? All you need to know is what to look out for. Save yourself from the charms of “Oh baby! You’re the only one” because sometimes, you are not.


1. What does it mean when a man has multiple partners?

You may be okay with him having multiple partners, or you may not. But what it means is that he has intimate or sexual relations with other people simultaneous to your relationship.

2. Is it bad to sleep with multiple partners?

If you’re doing it responsibly and safely, then no. Sleeping with multiple partners does come with its own repercussions, only if mutual consent and the sexual health of all partners have not been taken into account. In that case, it can compromise people’s sexual health along with mental health. It could cause a lot of relationship problems and it could all fall apart very bitterly.

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