15 Signs He Will Break Your Heart

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Updated On: April 18, 2022
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Sadly, not everyone is capable of handling a serious relationship. Some people may be fun to hang out with until things start getting serious. They might run the other way when this happens because they are commitment-phobes. This is why you must know how to spot the signs he will break your heart. 

When you fall in love with someone, you tend to accept them completely. Unfortunately, you have little control over matters of the heart. Your judgment will be clouded by your affection toward him, and you may ignore possible signs that he is going to leave you.  

So how do you know what type of man you are with? Is he going to honor the relationship you have with him, or is he going to break your heart? We have identified 15 signs that will help you know if this man is going to break your heart. But before that, let us find out a few things.

Why Do Men Break Hearts?

When a man breaks your heart, you feel lost for many days, weeks and months to come. For some, it takes years to recover. It’s hard to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you. People will tell you how to act when a guy breaks your heart. Listen to them but do what helps you heal. Having a fling with another person right after the breakup may not help you the way you think it should.

It’s also natural to think that you’ll swear off all men from now on. You feel determined to stay single, and say things like “I’ll just focus on myself.” But deep inside, you know it’s not realistic. The thing to do here, oh heart-broken human, is to grieve the loss and heal one day at a time. Your heart will be ready to fall in love again, trust us.

There are many decent men out there – honest and committed men who love their partners fiercely. However, there are also a lot of men in the world who love playing with people’s hearts. It is best to watch out for signs he will break your heart, and stay away from guys like these if you are looking for something more than just a fling. But first, let’s try to understand the possible reasons that men break hearts:

  1. Fear of commitment: A few people live for the chase, end up pursuing other people despite being committed, and have extramarital affairs. This urge stems from a fear of commitment or uncertainty about your partner
  2. Boredom: They can get easily bored and that makes them want to explore other options
  3. Trust issues: They may have been hurt by their partners in the past due to which they find it difficult to trust anyone, and involuntarily end up hurting their current partners
  4. No genuine feelings: They may just not be as into you as they portray. This means that they were probably not committed enough from the start, and led you on for no reason 
  5. Not ready for a relationship: They realized they were not ready for a relationship, even if they initially thought they were. This could be due to external influences like their family or career priorities. Or maybe internal ones, like poor mental health, trust issues, inability to accept love, etc

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It just seems that men who have a habit of breaking hearts are never satisfied with their relationships and always want more. In this process, they fail to value their partners and end up hurting their sentiments. We’re not here to tell you how to act when a guy breaks your heart. You take your time and be tender to yourself in this process without any self-blame. But we’re here to hopefully prevent this from happening again, and tell you about the signs he will break your heart.

15 Warning Signs He Will Break Your Heart

“Ah, that’s just him taking his time. His intention wasn’t to hurt me. He must have said or meant something else. It was clearly my mistake. I possibly pushed him too much – these were the silly things I used to think in the initial part of the relationship until I understood I was on my way to a heartbreak. It’s always the little red flags in a relationship that you need to watch out for,” says Cal, “Trust your instincts. Don’t ignore the warning signs just because you like the way he looks.”

It’s hard to know whether your man is truly committed to the relationship or not. There is no clear-cut way of knowing how your relationship with the guy will turn out to be in the future. When a man breaks your heart, it is difficult to stay level-headed or understand why it happened. However, you can deal with it in a better way by being prepared. If you happen to notice any of these 15 signs he wants to leave you, then he might be on his way to break your heart.

1. He avoids calling you his ‘partner’

He introduces you as a friend to his colleagues and peers. Even if he does introduce you as his partner, there is a hesitation in his voice. This can mean that he has not yet registered you as his ‘partner’ in his head. He is scared to dive into the relationship and be completely involved with you. This is one of the signs he will break your heart.

2. He is not interested in meeting your family

Whenever you make plans for your partner to meet your family, he makes excuses. And when you express a desire to meet his family, he turns you down. Meeting the parents is a huge step forward in any relationship. If your man refuses to take this important step with you, he might be on the road to breaking your heart. Sarah says, “He had met everyone from my innermost circle, and I knew almost no one from his. It should have been clear to me that he wasn’t in it for the long haul.”

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3. His temperament changes from hot to cold frequently

If Katy Perry’s famous song Hot n Cold seems to describe your man, he will break your heart. Sometimes, he seems completely mesmerized by you and showers you with love. Other times, he remains distant, cold and avoids you completely. We’re not saying that your partner should dote on you at all times – that is unrealistic.

However, if his behavior toward you oscillates like a pendulum, it is cause for alarm and one of the signs he wants to leave you. This rapidly fluctuating temperament proves that he might break your heart soon.  

4. Signs he will break your heart: He fails to take out time for you

If he is seriously into you, then he will make efforts to take out time for you. Especially at the beginning of a relationship. However, if he fails to do so and does not make you a priority, then you can suspect that he is going to break your heart.

Please remember that there may be no satisfactory answer to “Why did he leave me?”. When somebody breaks your heart by ignoring you, bear in mind to not let it affect your self-worth. You can survive this heartbreak without breaking yourself.

5. He keeps hinting that he is not ready for a relationship

He tells you that you might find someone better than him or that he is not sure if he’s ready for a relationship at the moment. Pay attention and keep your ears open. Don’t brush off these statements as jokes or banter. Gauge for yourself if it’s just a harmless expression of insecurity on his part or if he’s implying something else. If your man does this, he will break your heart very soon.

Lyla says, “We hear what we WANT to hear. That’s the problem. After the breakup, when I thought about what went wrong, I could distinctly remember him telling me to find someone else or he would refer to the end of our relationship in unexpected ways. It’s the miracle of love that I continued to believe what I foolishly wanted to believe.”

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6. He is not completely expressive

A man who genuinely wants to have a lasting relationship with you will be expressive and will share his desires and ambitions with you. But if he does not communicate his dreams, desires, hopes, and fears with you, he hasn’t opened up to you. If your man does this, he will break your heart.

Sharing her experience with us, Lyla adds, “I told him a lot about what makes me who I really am. He never did. But he did keep stringing me along instead of breaking up with me right away. This lack of intimacy was a huge red flag but I kept dismissing it.”

7. Signs he will break your heart: He flirts with other people

Do you see him flirting with other people? There couldn’t be a bigger red flag. He flirts with others unabashedly. He might even brag about it in front of you. When you confront him, he brushes it off as a ‘joke’. Except there is nothing funny about it; this clearly means he is not serious enough about the relationship.

8. He is never honest with you

Lying comes naturally to him. A relationship functions on trust. If you find him lying about both small and big things, and then twisting the truth and justifying his lies, he’s bad news. When you confront him about it, he will spin a bigger lie, and so it will go on and on.

“I couldn’t believe it,” says Evan. “How could he feel so comfortable lying to my face? I realized soon enough that my partner is a compulsive liar. He didn’t want to seek help for it so we had to break it off.” These are the things that break your heart, right? Sigh.

9. He fails to be your support system

Your man is supposed to be your support system and be there for you through thick and thin. If he is never by your side when you need him the most, then it means he disrespects you and does not deserve you. If your man does this all the time, then it’s time to choose yourself and focus on self-preservation.

“I went through the worst time with my mental health last year. I was dating someone who knew about my health struggles and still managed to treat me like dirt. All he had to do was tell me he can’t date me. Instead, he allowed me to think I could lean on him and then disappeared at every turn. It was the worst dating experience I have ever had,” shares Vicky.

ambivalent attachment
When he breaks your heart

10. He still flirts with his ex-partner(s)

A monogamous man, who is actually thinking about a long-term relationship with you, will never think about his ex-partner(s) in an inappropriate way. He will avoid flirting with his ex, especially if you have raised your concern over this issue. But if he meets with his exes often and you don’t know what they are up to, it’s pretty clear he doesn’t care what you make of it. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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11. He avoids taking the initiative of making plans with you

Since you are not his priority, he will not make plans to spend time with you. You make all the effort. Despite this, he still fails to do the bare minimum and show up for the plans you made. If all he has to do is show up and he still messes up, these are the signs you’re dating a fuccboi. Careful, he will break your heart.

12. He is not clear about his future with you

He will avoid sharing his thoughts about the future of your relationship. Being confused about his future and your role in it means he doesn’t exactly see a future with you. This further confuses you and ruins your future plans as well. If he doesn’t involve you in his plans, he isn’t serious enough.

13. If you share your concerns, he starts blaming you

It is very easy for him to blame you. Whenever you gently pinpoint something about him that is bothering you, he always turns the tables. If he’s blaming you for all the problems in the relationship, then wake up. This shows that he does not truly love you and is going to break your heart. You need someone who can listen to you respectfully when you share something that makes you uncomfortable.

14. Touching his phone is forbidden

It’s healthy to have personal space in a relationship and respect each other’s privacy. No one likes other people going through their phones. However, if he seems to get a mini-heart attack every time you get close to his phone, he might have something to hide. The anxiety he shows could be a sign of cheating guilt. This is an indication that he is going to break your heart.

15. You can never have meaningful conversations with him

Are the questions “Why did he leave me?” or “Why did he break my heart?” haunting you after a breakup? Maybe it’s time to introspect. They say that the first thing to die in a relationship is conversation. When people drift apart emotionally, there is a dearth of meaningful topics to discuss. Think back to the phase of your relationship when you spoke to each other all the time. The answer to the question, “Why did he break my heart?”, lies somewhere in the days this beautiful phase ended.

This happens because you both fell away from each other or because somewhere along the way, he ceased to care about your thoughts, wishes, and needs. You find it difficult to share your opinions with him, as he fails to understand you. He’s always uninterested and aloof. We know it is easy to fall prey to a man’s good looks, charm and flattery. But if you’re looking for something serious, you must choose your partner with a sound mind, and not just a beating heart.

And if that person ends up hurting you because he was not ready for a committed relationship, remember that heartbreak is a part of life. It’s sad and painful, but inevitable. The good thing about heartbreak is that it also puts you on a path to becoming stronger. You will be in pain for a while, but we promise you that you will get over it. And when you do, you will move on to a better frame of mind, a better partner, and a better life. So, when he breaks your heart, remind yourself of your inner power to heal, and that you have something that you truly need and can depend on: Yourself.


1. How do you know if he wants to leave you?

Men find it difficult to vocalize their feelings and explain what is troubling them. So if your boyfriend is looking for a breakup, he might start behaving differently. A common practice among men who want a breakup is distancing themselves from their partner. They might start avoiding you and ignore your attempts to communicate. Such patterns of cruel behavior are the things that break your heart.

2. What do you do when a man breaks your heart?

It is never easy to deal with a breakup. When a man breaks your heart, feelings of betrayal, self-doubt, and bitterness can fester inside you. Talking to your loved ones is an excellent way to get rid of the negative feelings of a breakup. If possible, try to seek closure with him before parting ways.

3. How do you know he doesn’t want you anymore?

Your boyfriend’s behavior is the biggest indicator of his interest, or lack of it, in you. If you start seeing signs of emotional detachment and a general tendency to avoid spending time with you, then there is a fair chance his feelings for you have ebbed.

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