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15 signs he will break your heart

When you fall in love with someone, you tend to accept him completely because obviously, you have no control over the matters of the heart. You will ignore the possibility of him breaking your heart, as your judgement will be clouded by the affection he has shown towards you. But not all men are tuned to handle relationships. Some men may be fun to hang around with and have a fling, but getting into a serious relationship with them will only cause pain and heartbreak.

So how do you know what type of man you are with? Is he going to break your heart? We give you 15 signs that will help you know that sooner or later, this man is going to break your heart. But before, let us know –

Some men may be fun to hang around with and have a fling, but getting into a serious relationship with them will only cause pain and heartbreak.

Why do men break hearts?

By using the word ‘men’ here, we do not want to imply that all men break hearts. There are many genuine men out there, who are honest and committed when it comes to relationships with their partners. However, there are also men in the world, who love playing with the hearts of women. These are the guys whom you should avoid at all costs, and look for your ‘Mr Right’.

Let us try to understand the reasons why men break hearts, and destroy the lives of women around them.

  1. Men can chase other women, even if they are committed, just to pacify their physical cravings
  2. They can get easily bored in a relationship, which makes them explore other options
  3. Some men might have been hurt by their partners in the past, due to which they break the hearts of other women, just for revenge
  4. Most men also go about breaking the hearts of women to satisfy their ego and establish their manhood
  5. Those men who fear commitment and want to enjoy the perks of being in a relationship without the actual commitment, also break the hearts of women

Relationship 101

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It just seems that men who have a habit of breaking hearts are never satisfied with their relationships, and always want more and more. In this process, they fail to value their partners and end up hurting the sentiments of their partners.

15 signs he will break your heart

It can be difficult to know whether your man is truly committed to the relationship or not. There is no clear-cut way to know how your relationship with your guy will turn out to be in the future. But if you happen to notice any of these 15 signs he will break your heart, then you must pay heed to the warning signs as listed below-

1. He avoids calling you his ‘girlfriend’

He does this because calling you his girlfriend would mean that he is serious about you. But he is actually not serious about you and does not even consider you as his girlfriend. He will introduce you to his colleagues and friends, just by your name, instead of claiming that you are his girl.

2. He is not interested in meeting your family

Whenever you will try to take the initiative to have him meet your family, you will notice that he will make numerous excuses. Even if you make efforts to meet his family, he will do everything in his power to stop you.

3. His temperament changes from hot to cold frequently

At times, he is completely mesmerised with you and showers you with all the affection in the world. On the other hand, there are times when he remains distant and avoids you completely. This fluctuating temperament proves that he might break your heart soon.

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4. He fails to take out time for you

If he was seriously into you, then he would have made efforts to take out time for you. However, if he fails to do so and does not bother to meet you, then you can suspect that he is going to leave you soon.

5. He keeps hinting that he is not ready for relationships

He probably tells you that you might get someone better than him, or that he is not ready for any serious relationship at the moment. When he tells you this, you better pay attention to it, instead of getting blinded by your love for him.

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6. He is not completely expressive

A man who genuinely wants to have a lasting relationship with you will be expressive and share his desires and ambitions with you. But if he does not communicate his concerns and wishes to you, then he probably has plans of breaking your heart.

7. He does not mind flirting with other women

Flirting with other women will not make him feel ashamed. He will do so and even brag about it in front of you. This means he is not into you, and will be ready to leave whenever some other woman takes the bait.

8. He is never honest with you

Lying becomes his natural habit when he is in a relationship with you. You keep catching his lies, but then he twists the truth in a cunning manner to gain your trust once again.

9. He fails to be your support system

Your man is supposed to be your support system and be there for you at both good times and bad times. If he is never by your side when you need him the most, then it means he does not truly value you.

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10. He still meets and talks to his ex-girlfriend(s)

A man who is actually thinking about a long-term relationship with you will obviously never think about his ex-girlfriend(s). He will never meet or talk to his ex, especially if you have raised your concern over this issue. But if he is not seriously interested in you, he will still meet and talk to his ex.

11. He avoids taking the initiative of making plans with you

Since you are not his priority, he will not make plans to spend time with you. Even if he has fun spending time with you, he will not take any initiative. You will be the one making plans and making the effort to meet him.

12. He is not clear about his future with you

He will avoid sharing his thoughts and opinions about the future of the relationship with you. He is confused about the future and makes you confused as well by giving mixed signals to you.

13. If you doubt him, he blames you

It is very convenient for him to blame you, whenever you understand his tactic and ulterior motive. If he is just blaming you for the problems the relationship is going through, then you must wake up, as it shows he does not truly love you.

14. Touching his phone is forbidden

He might not share his phone’s lock key with you and keep his phone’s content hidden from you. The anxiousness he shows, if you happen to touch his phone, should give you a sign that he is hiding something from you. He even scolds you for touching his phone.

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15. You can never have meaningful conversations with him

This happens because he does not care about your thoughts, wishes and needs. You find it difficult to share your opinions with him, as he fails to understand you.

We know it is easy to fall prey to men’s good looks, charm and flattery. But you have to get into a relationship after much thought and care. Logically choose your partner, and then commit your heart and soul to the partner, when you are sure that he is the one for you.

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