15 Signs He Wants To Confess His Feelings For You

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Updated On: December 28, 2023
signs he wants to confess his feelings

He loves me…he loves me not! Doesn’t it sound like a conundrum you want to leave up to the Magic 8 Ball? I mean, we have all felt at sea when that cute guy we have a massive crush on keeps us hanging on a string of mixed signals. Signs he wants to confess his feelings are all over the place. Yet he is shilly-shallying to express them in actual words. Imagine how incredibly frustrating that is.

You know he is very much into you. Even he knows you are his weakness. Then what could possibly stop him from pouring out his feelings to you? There’s a strange thing about the human race. They would be fearless when going to war, killing millions, and dropping bombs on innocent people. But when it comes to talking about love, they feel petrified. The reasons behind the signs he is fighting his feelings for you could vary from one person to another. 

The first thing that comes to mind, he probably had a hard time healing a broken heart in the past. We also can’t rule out the odds of him not being good at handling rejection. After all, patriarchy has always played its part in amping up the male ego in such a way that a small word like ‘no’ can shoot an arrow right into his conscious mind. Naturally, he will have his inhibitions regarding whether to take the plunge or wait for a little longer to be more sure of his judgment. Fear of commitment or being skeptical about his own feelings can make the situation rather unpleasant too. 

When a guy is overwhelmed by his feelings, he can take an unusually long time to speak his heart out. You can follow a trail of signs he wants to confess his feelings to read his intentions closely. And that’s what we are going to help you with today – untangle the web in your head and throw some light into it.

How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Admit His Feelings?

Let’s face it, it’s a very subjective question. Do you remember Ted Mosby, the hopeless romantic from How I Met Your Mother? It took him just one date to say “I love you” to Robin (although it backfired later). But not all of us out there are as spontaneous as Ted who never gave up on love, no matter what. 

To figure out when he is going to admit his feelings for you, you need to connect a few dots. It depends on many factors – the connection you two share, his attachment style, how long you have known each other, whether he’s introverted or ‘the life and soul of the party’ kind of guy, and so on. For a shy guy to admit he likes you is not a matter of joke. He will need days, maybe months to get up the nerve and finally confess his feelings in front of you without getting weak at the knees. 

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Now, we can’t take a generic stand and give a specific timeframe for every man in the world. But there are many studies and surveys that suggest guys can take up to 2-3 months to fully comprehend their emotions and let you know how they feel about you. So if you observe multiple signs he wants to confess his feelings, be patient. Unless, of course, your charm has captivated his soul and the ‘love at first sight’ romance starts rolling. 

15 Signs He Wants To Confess His Feelings For You

Let me tell you a story that’s happening right now between my best friend, Mia, and her handsome neighbor who has recently moved into the building. He would knock at her door for such ridiculous reasons as to borrow a moisturizer or come up with excuses like “I think I heard a loud noise. Is everything alright?” In Mia’s version, they both flirt whenever they cross paths in the hall, he looks after her as if it’s his responsibility, and there’s this burning chemistry between them that is simply irresistible.

But does he drop the L-word in the conversations? Never! I can see he is slowly getting into her head because she asked me, “How to make a guy confess his feelings? Is there any trick up your sleeve?” Well, that would have been way out of my place, so I said, “I can help you by pointing you at the signs he is fighting his feelings for you. If you know that you are both on the same page, there’s no harm in making the first move.”

So, dear reader, before you plan to trick a guy into telling you his feelings, carefully study these 15 signs he wants to confess his feelings for you. We don’t want you to take the leap only to be disheartened just in case you misread his mind. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. He can’t take his eyes off you

You know what it’s like when you can feel someone’s eyes on you? You will catch this guy in the same act more often than not, and it’s beautiful. Say, you both went out to a nearby diner to grab some breakfast. Every time you turn to him to say something, you catch him dreamily staring at you. As if you were the moon, far, far away, and he wishes to get a glimpse, perhaps touch you a little. You will know this look is different from the creepy male gaze because his eyes make you feel admired. I tell you, he is going to admit his feelings for you soon. 

signs he is fighting his feelings for you
You will catch him dreamily staring at you

2. There’s consistency between his words and actions

Who really likes a person who fails to honor their words? Yes, you only share a platonic relationship with him as of now. But keeping promises is a quality that can strengthen his ground as a potential lover to a great extent. If you notice his words run in tandem with his actions, it’s definitely one of the signs he wants to confess his feelings. 

If he promised to accompany you to the dentist’s appointment, rest assured he would show up. It could be his way of giving an impression that he values your presence in his life and he is not willing to disappoint you at any cost.

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3. You are his confidant

David and Oliver have been friends forever. It’s only a recent development that they feel they want a bit more, although it’s not declared out loud yet. When David tells a friend he won’t tell a top secret to anyone, Oliver doesn’t count on that list. In fact, he can hardly have a peaceful night’s sleep until he tells him about all that is going on in his life. These juvenile lovers still have enough time to be honest about their feelings for each other. But if you want to make a guy confess his feelings, create a space for emotional intimacy where he can be as vulnerable as he wishes. 

4. Any reason to talk to you is his golden opportunity 

Tracy shares her story with us, “You know it’s uncanny how I bump into this guy everywhere in college. He would save me a seat if I am late, drop off my books in the library, and on some days, he even makes lunch for me! I might not talk to my best friend that frequently, but he would discover the most insignificant conversation topics to pop up in my inbox, day or night.”

When a guy is overwhelmed by his feelings, he may not break the real deal, but he won’t miss a single chance to have a chat with you. We know you are trying to trick a guy into telling you his feelings. Here’s your move – if he is making an effort to know more about you, asking personal questions about your childhood or your relationship with your family, simply indulge in the conversation. 

5. Jealousy hits him whenever you go on a date

Isn’t it given that he would flinch seeing you with another prospective love interest? He would show all kinds of signs he wants to confess his feelings but holds himself back. In fact, this could be your best shot to trick a guy into telling you his feelings. Meet a couple of Tinder dates for coffee and slip some of the stories about these rendezvous casually into a conversation with him. The green-eyed monster will play him off. And before you know it, he will be at your door with a bunch of flowers and a heart full of warm emotions to convey.  

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6. Remembering small details is one of his strong suits 

A few years back, a guy lived in my neighborhood. Let’s call him Matt. One day, in a bookstore, I casually showed him a copy of a fairy tales collection and said it was my favorite book as a child. Two months later, he showed up on my birthday with a precious first edition of that classic and caught me by utter surprise! 

If a guy secretly loves you, he would know you like the palm of his hand, remembering the smallest of information you have shared with him once upon a time. Trust me, it’s one of the tell-tale signs he wants to confess his feelings but is hesitating in the zero hour.

Infographic on - signs he wants to confess his feelings for you
How do you know if he wants to confess his feelings for you?

7. He is nervous around you

Your very presence unleashes so many butterflies in his stomach that he can hardly pull himself together. The pursuit of impressing you leaves him as a bundle of nerves. He would strive to come up with carefully chosen words to sound more intelligent. 

You will see him dressed in the most decent attires from his wardrobe. Even after putting in so much effort, he might blab something awkward or spill coffee on his shirt trying to avoid touching your hands. He is going to admit his feelings for you eventually but you may have to work on making him feel at ease around you. 

8. He keeps dropping “If you were my partner” hints

Count it as one of the signs he is fighting his feelings for you and failing miserably. While talking about the future, he never keeps you out of the loop. He would act like the most nonchalant person there ever was and say, “If you were my partner, we could plan an overnight trip together to this romantic spa getaway.” 

You see him laugh on the outside but his heart is racing so fast and his brain is gauging your countenance. “Did she blush for a second there?” he is thinking. These not-so-subtle hints are the primary ammunition for a shy guy to admit he likes you.

Does My Crush Like Me

9. He is supportive of your goals and passion

Well, of course, he is! After all, he admires you so because of your steadfast ambitions toward building a better future for yourself. Just know it’s one of the signs he wants to confess his feelings if he is all encouraging about you pursuing a career in your chosen field.

If you’re an artist, you won’t find a better fan of your art than him. He would always try to hype you up with hyperbolic compliments and make a big deal out of your creative aspects. I think he is trying to send you the message that with him, you won’t have to give up on your life-long passions. Rather, they would be nurtured and appreciated.

10. He is very protective of you

Peter and Lisa got to know each other through an online dating platform. They have been spending every weekend together for the last couple of months but the relationship still remains undefined. It’s driving Lisa crazy and she can’t stop thinking, “How to make a guy confess his feelings? Is he at all interested in taking this relationship to the next level?”

While all of that is true, she can’t turn a blind eye to how deeply Peter cares about her. If they are visiting a concert, he would look out for her in the maddening crowd. Every time Lisa gets sloshed after a few drinks, he would ALWAYS drop her home safe and sound. It’s pretty obvious that when a guy is overwhelmed by his feelings, he would be overtly protective of you. 

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11. When you talk, he truly listens 

It might be challenging for a shy guy to admit he likes you. But you will know what’s going on in his mind from his way of listening to your relentless chattering. You know there is a subtle difference between hearing and listening. You hear with your ears but you listen with all your senses, your entire body.

During a conversation, his full attention will be on you and you only – no distractions, no scrolling through his phone. Unwavering eye contact, his mindful gestures, nods, and body language – it will all point to the signs he is fighting his feelings for you (well, he is trying at least). 

falling in love

12. He doesn’t wriggle out of apologizing

No one regrets a silly argument more than him, believe you me. If he has hurt you in any way, he would come back and make a genuine apology until the smile is back on your face. Very few people are emotionally secure enough to take ownership of their actions. When a guy is willing to let go of his ego for the sake of your happiness, he is a keeper.

13. Sometimes, he acts aloof

As peculiar as it may sound, the hot and cold behavior is one of the signs he wants to confess his feelings for you. Wondering how? Let’s hear it from Mark, a 21-year-old graduate student, “I have known Roger since high school. We’re very close, but in the last few months, I have gotten this feeling quite a few times that I am sitting with a stranger. One moment he is cracking a lame joke and in the next, he would be aloof for no apparent reason.” 

When a guy is overwhelmed by his feelings, he might go through a series of relationship insecurities leading to such inconsistent behavior. If he is dodging your calls or deliberately distancing himself, it could be a fear of rejection. Or perhaps he is not ready for a relationship yet and these stubborn feelings are giving him a hard time. 

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14. He replies faster than the Flash

Ah, here comes one of the most easily noticeable signs he wants to confess his feelings. In a scenario where a boy likes you and you like him back, your texting game would continue for hours on end. Little do you know, he is spending his days eagerly waiting by the phone for that ping! Does he even bother about coming off as too desperate? His texting speed certainly says otherwise. Somehow or other, he wants to keep the chat going. So much so that he won’t shy away from double texting

15. His eyes sparkle when they see you

Like they say, “When words fail, eyes speak.” You may or may not be able to make a guy confess his feelings that he is hiding from the world. Yet, you can always interpret his emotions vividly in his eyes. Those musing, expressive eyes that just light up at the sight of you. Words can be deceptive. But you can follow his eyes to see through his innermost emotions. There are no better signs he is fighting his feelings for you than this, don’t you think?

So, we suggest you make a checklist and observe if he is exhibiting any of these signs he wants to confess his feelings. Did you get a promising reaction? Congratulations! In all probability, the man of your dreams likes you back. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wait until he makes the first move. Go ahead, tell him how you feel. Expression of love always makes us happy. 


1. How do you know if a guy is developing feelings for you?

This hide-and-seek of feelings is the sweetest phase of a relationship. When a guy is developing a soft corner in his heart for you, he will try to talk to you or see you more frequently. You will catch him staring at you from a distance or listening to you speak with such intent and passion. Your presence will make him immensely excited and nervous at the same time. 

2. Do guys take longer to confess their feelings?

Unless they are bound by certain insecurities or doubts about getting into a relationship, in most cases it’s the guy who confesses his feelings first. However, he may take a considerable amount of time to let his feelings age before finally dropping the L-word.

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