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Updated On: October 13, 2023
top 10 lies guys tell females

Considering that trust and transparency are considered among the cornerstones of a healthy relationship, it’s only fair to expect that your partner doesn’t lie to you or you to them. However, ‘harmless’ white lies are a part and parcel of most relationships. Among the top 10 lies guys tell females all the times are lame excuses for forgetting important relationship milestones, making up stories for showing up late for a date, and paying compliments to get out of a tricky situation.

Some of the lies boys tell girls are too overused to hold any water, and yet, they somehow keep gravitating back to them in the hope that it’ll help them get out of a fight or argument. While not wanting to hurt one’s partner is a noble intention, is lying really the way to achieve it?

The jury is still out on that one. Some people believe that lies, no matter how inconsequential, are a betrayal of trust. Others opine that if a harmless lie told to protect the feelings of a loved one isn’t a big deal. Irrespective, the person being lied to invariably feels slighted and hurt. Knowing some of the common things guys lie about and why can help you protect yourself from these feelings of hurt and insecurity.

Why do Guys Lie to You? Top 10 Lies Men Tell

Why do guys lie to you? This question is bound to crop up in your head when you see clear signs of a lying spouse or partner in a relationship. After all, realizing that your boyfriend or husband isn’t always truthful to you can dent your trust in them, bit by bit.

It doesn’t always have to be monumental lies that make it hard to keep the faith in your SO. Something as routine as them lying about having dropped off the dry cleaning when it is still sitting in their car trunk can make you wonder, “What else is he lying about?”

While your concern and questions are legitimate, some of the lies men tell aren’t really an ominous sign of their untrustworthiness. It’s just a trick in the boy’s playbook to keep peace and harmony in their relationship.

These top 10 lies guys tell females invariably in almost all relationships are proof (No, we’re not condoning the lies boys tell girls but simply trying to put your mind at ease) :

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1. My boss wants me to work on Friday nights!

This is one of the lies men tell their partners when they want to unwind with their gang of friends but are worried that this might upset you somehow. Perhaps, you were expecting to go clubbing with them and saying no to your upfront seems like a bad idea, so it’s the good-old pulling an all-nighter at work excuse to the rescue.

Why do guys lie to you about it instead of simply saying that they want to spend time with friends? Well, pay attention to whether space in the relationship is an issue. To help your partner break the pattern of lying to spend time with his friends, try being more supportive of his plans. It might work.

lies boys tell girls
One of the lies men tell when they want to hang out with their friends instead of you

2. That woman keeps calling me but I don’t reciprocate

This is one of the things guys lie about most commonly. If there is a girl who has been hitting on your boyfriend and husband, chances are he’ll try everything he can to play it down. Why? Well, there could be different reasons behind it.

Perhaps, he truly doesn’t care about that other girl and doesn’t want her to become an unnecessary bone of contention in your relationship. Or, he could be attracted to her while still in a relationship with you, and that guilt makes him want to avoid talking about her at all costs.

3. She is just a friend. I don’t feel anything for her at all

“Oh, she’s just a friend.” “You don’t have to worry about her.” If you’ve heard your boyfriend or husband say these words in connection to a particular woman ‘friend’, pay attention. In all likelihood, he is lying to you about what’s really going on there.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he is cheating on you and sleeping around with this other woman. Perhaps, he is attracted to her but hasn’t acted on his feelings. It’s also possible that lines between friendship and emotional cheating are blurring and he’s getting attached to her. Or that he’s aware of her strong feelings for him but doesn’t want to worry you about them.

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4. I couldn’t call you because my battery died

This is among the classic lies men tell the women in their lives. Even though they get caught more often than not, they just cannot bring themselves to stop using this old and lame excuse for why they didn’t call you when they should have.

You know as well as he does that the battery did not die. He was simply too preoccupied either with work or having the time of his life somewhere to remember that he needs to update you if he’s running late. This is also one of the common lies that trigger relationship arguments because you’re just exasperated by hearing the same excuse over and over again.

5. “It was not heavy at all. I can lift two of these” (I think I just pulled a muscle.)

Why do guys lie to you about such silly things? Well, in this case, there is only one clear and resounding answer: for the sake of machismo. No matter how progressive or woke your man is, a part of him still feels oddly pumped up about this physical strength.

To drive home the point of how strong and resilient he is, he may resort to these lies. Even when he knows all too well that minutes later he’d be asking you to bring him an ice pack and a soft pillow.

6. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen

lies men tell
Lies men tell to flatter their partners

This is without a doubt one of the top 10 lies guys tell females. The reasons behind though may vary depending on what stage in the relationship you’re at. A man trying to woo his girl may use this as a line to impress and flatter her.

However, if you have been together a long time and he suddenly remembers to tell you how breathtakingly beautiful you are, in all likelihood, it’s because he’s messed up somehow. Perhaps, he forgot an important errand or did something that he knows will disappoint you. This is his attempt at damage control.

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7. I wasn’t checking her out, I promise!

Oh, he was totally checking her out. You know it. He knows it. The guy sitting three tables away from you knows it too. Yet, this remains one of the recurrent lies boys tell girls because they just cannot bring themselves to admit that they were gawking at another woman in your presence.

Even if you catch him in the act, with his eyes fixated on her, he’s still going to deny it. Whether it’s something that bothers you enough to pick a fight over or you can let it slide, depends entirely on you, your partner’s tendencies and the kind of relationship you share with him.

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8. It was just one drink, promise!

Even if he comes home reeking of alcohol and can barely stand steady, he’s going to say it anyhow. “It was just one beer.” “It was just one drink.” Why do guys lie to you when they know full well they’d get caught? You may wonder. Well, we’re right with you, wondering.

Perhaps, it’s some sort of a defence mechanism to wriggle out of a conversation about being responsible and accountable.

9. Yes, darling, everything is under control

No, darling, nothing is under control. In fact, he hasn’t even started on the thing that he is supposed to have under control. He has no clue how he will get it all done, and he’s freaking out on the inside. Yet, he will reassure you that he’s got it all covered.

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you may have heard your man tell this lie when it comes to planning birthday parties or even just hosting friends for dinner. More often than not, he will forget the things on this to-do list till the 11th hour but will calmly reassure you that everything is under control.

10. Relax! I know where I am going

Ha, ha, ha! Translation: We’re lost. Expect a 2-4 hour delay in ETA. This weird thing about men not wanting to seek directions propels these lies even when they both know what the truth is. If you’re out on a romantic getaway or an adventure vacation, know that you’re in for a world of trouble in case the GPS gives up midway.

These top 10 lies guys tell females are so commonplace that they become a regular feature in any long-term relationship. You know your partner is lying through his teeth the minute he uses any one of these 10 phrases. He too knows that you know, but he doesn’t give up hope that at least one of these times his lie is going to stick.

Well, as long as, lies men tell their wives or girlfriends are not devastating or harmful, both partners can find a way to live with them.

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