Signs your partner is about to break up with you

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Signs your partner is about to break up with you

Your relationship with your partner is the strongest amongst everyone that you know. You have seen and felt sad for your friends as they go through horrible breakups and slip into misery. You have done all you can to get them back on your feet like a true friend, but have always felt a little relieved in the back of your mind thinking your relationship isn’t as volatile as theirs. But hang on for a moment here! Do you really think that you would be able to sense it if your relationship was headed towards a breakup? Or has your sense of security never allowed you to try and read your partner for signs of trouble in the relationship? Knowing signs that your partner is about to break up can be quite useful in sensing trouble early and preventing a major disaster.

1. Unavailable

This one is quite simple. You would know that something is majorly wrong when you partner becomes unavailable and ignores you. Your attempt to confront your partner only results in some vague answers. This may be a major sign that a breakup is on the way.

2. Hanging out with other people

Another tell tale sign that your partner is thinking of breaking up is when they are spending way more time with friends and other people than you. They may be doing this either to get used to being away from you or looking for advice from friends about a possible breakup.

3. Change in attitude

Again, this one is pretty simple. If your partner is thinking about breaking up with you soon they have already broken up with you in their minds. Therefore they will stop talking about the future or make any plans which is even remotely long term.

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