Signs Your Partner Is About To Break Up With You

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Updated On: December 19, 2023
signs your girlfriend is about to break up with you

Your relationship with your partner is the strongest amongst everyone that you know. You have seen and felt sad for your friends as they go through horrible breakups and slip into misery. You have done all you can to get them back on your feet like a true friend, but have always felt a little relieved in the back of your mind thinking your relationship isn’t as volatile as theirs.

But hang on a moment here! Do you really think you would be able to sense it if your relationship was headed towards a breakup? Would you be able to decode the signs your girlfriend is about to break up with you? Or has your sense of security never allowed you to try and read your partner for signs of trouble in the relationship?

Knowing signs that your partner is about to break up can be quite useful in sensing trouble early and preventing a major disaster. Maybe your suspicions are true or maybe you’re just paranoid, but living in constant stress of ‘is he going to break up with me?’ can take a toll on the relationship.

Warning Signs That Your Partner Is About To Break Up With You

Are you afraid that you’ve come to a point in your relationship where you can see nothing but the signs your girlfriend wants to break up? It may be little things, but if these are things your partner never did before and you find them uncharacteristic, you should probably be a little worried.

So if you detect something unusual, we suggest confirming your suspicions with some evidence first, rather than jumping to conclusions. There are some things you can look out for. Here are some signs your girlfriend is about to leave you.

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1. Unavailability

This one is quite simple. You would know that something is majorly wrong when you partner becomes unavailable and ignores you. Your attempt to confront your partner only results in some vague answers. This may be a major sign that a breakup is on the way.

We don’t mean your partner has to be available to you 24/7, but if they’re not available at all, there’s probably something wrong.

2. Hanging out with other people

Another one of the signs a guy is going to break up with you is when they are spending way more time with friends and other people than you. It’s also one of the signs they’re not into you. They may be doing this either to get used to being away from you, or looking for advice from friends about a possible breakup.

3. Change in attitude

Again, this one is pretty simple. If your partner is thinking about breaking up with you soon they have already broken up with you in their minds. Therefore they will stop talking about the future or make any plans which are even remotely long term.

Signs he is going to break up with you
They will stop making future plans with you

4. Always on their phone

Do you ever wonder who your boyfriend/girlfriend is constantly texting when you’re with them? Do you ever get thoughts like, ‘why is he/she talking to other people?’ This is a common thing for partners to be insecure about. However, if they’re blushing and hiding their messages from you, that is a cause for concern.

5. Avoiding calls

If she’s missing calls and taking ages to reply to your texts when you know for certain that she’s always on her phone, it is one of the most obvious signs your girlfriend is about to break up with you. And if she’s making generic excuses like she was having lunch with colleagues or there was an important meeting, you should definitely be worried she’s dating a coworker.

6. They seem distant

Ever asked, “Is my boyfriend going to break up with me?” Even though you had no reason to feel that way. You’re not crazy, it does happen – even when you’re together, it doesn’t seem like you are. When you tell them things, it doesn’t seem like they are interested anymore. This one’s slow and painful, but one of the clear signs he is going to break up with you.

Signs your boyfriend will break up with you
Even when you’re together, it doesn’t feel like you are

7. Sex isn’t the same anymore

Earlier things were romantic and fun, but now having sex seems like a chore. Sure, every couple goes through different phases, but if sex feels boring for a prolonged period of time, your relationship might be in trouble. Whether you would like to believe it or not, the effects of a sexless relationship are prominent and unavoidable.

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8. The constant pessimism

Earlier he would compliment you on your outfits and work, but now all you get is criticism. If they’re making you feel like everything you’re doing is wrong, you need to understand that this relationship is getting unhealthy. You need to fix the toxic relationship. The constant criticisms will make you doubt yourself.

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9. Giving you the cold shoulder

You have reached a point in your relationship where you’re sick of fighting over everything and so you do everything in your power to avoid an argument. Instead of a healthy discussion about a disagreement, there’s bitter remarks and cold shoulders. Can you get a feel of what the future holds?

10. No more romantic gestures

Is my boyfriend going to break up with me

One of the signs your girlfriend is about to break up with you is if she stops doing cute thing for you on special events like birthdays or anniversaries. And the same goes for you if you have a boyfriend – if he stops pampering you and taking you on cute little dates, he’s probably losing interest in you.

The signs a guy is going to break up with you are subtle but evident at the same time, and the same goes for girlfriends. Observe the situation and consider your options carefully, if you love them and think you’re meant to be, find ways to save your relationship. If you know this relationship was never going to be long-term, do you think it’s worth your time and effort?

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1. What are signs of a failing relationship?

Ignoring texts, feeling bored when they’re around, and constantly fighting are all signs of a failing relationship.

2. When should you give up on a relationship?

If you know salvaging a failing relationship is not worth the effort, you should let it go. Once you know the spark is lost, and things can’t ever be the same again, you need to let them go.

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