Single and Dating

The man you are dating online might be already married. Here are the signs

It is possible to date successfully through the Internet, provided you take a few necessary precautions when you're looking for true love
online dating

(Names changed to protect identities)

Getting your fingers burnt in Internet dating

Sudha had almost given up her search for true love when a friend recommended she give online dating a try. “It’s quite simple, you can choose to divulge how much you want. And of course, quit whenever you like,” her friend endorsed.

“The initial days weren’t as bad, really,” divulges Sudha, “Yes, there were the occasional creeps, but I also had a few good dates, one even leading to a fourth date. He was sensitive, attentive and quite reserved. I felt I had lucked out. Things got serious soon enough with Raman, because who has time to waste. Almost three months into our courtship, I thought I’d surprise him by turning up at his office early from a work trip. He had not been very communicative the past few days, saying that work was very hectic. I figured he deserved a nice dinner and relaxed time. So there I was, at his office, when the receptionist told me he had not come to office for three days. Why? Oh, his pregnant wife wasn’t keeping too well.”

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  1. OMG! This was quite a revealing piece…tell me why do single people still go for married ones even after knowing? They think they will leave their partners?

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