I botched 11 first dates in a row to learn how to leave a good impression on the lady

Raul Sodat Najwa
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Tips to make sure you get to go on that second date

Most of us, and when I say ‘us’ I refer to my male bros, fail to make an impression on their first date and either get friend zoned or blocked. The feeling of failing on the first date is miserable and I can understand such emotions very well. I botched 11 first dates in a row and failed to make any sort of impression to earn a subsequent meeting. A few things which I changed in my persona helped me to become a better person in social life and also gave me the privilege of a second date.

I am going to share a few of those tips which helped me on my dates and I am very sure they will change your life as well.

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You need to understand the emotions of your date and don’t try to hurt the lady with your cheesy or emotionless comments.


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Walk through the door

Always walk through the door but ensure that you let her pass first. If she insists on you going ahead, then ensure that you walk and then hold the door for her. Women crave gentlemen and their small decent gestures.

Get dressed

For any date, remember to get dressed well. First, always wear an undershirt in warm weather. It looks indecent when your nipple tries to make an appearance through your shirt. Your socks should not be visible and if you are wearing boots then they should shine like a mirror.

Apply cologne

It is always important to smell good and that is the reason you need to apply cologne. The smell should not be heavy, causing inconvenience to other people in the surroundings. It should be applied on wrists, neck and armpits.

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Say sorry

On date you are not expected to go so wrong that there is a need to apologise. But in case you do, then don’t shy away but say ‘sorry’. It shows your etiquette and also conveys a message to the lady that you are considerate.

Keep an eye on your wallet

Before going on a date you should carry enough cash, credit card/debit card and if possible, your chequebook. Sometimes, we men make an innocent mistake of forgetting our wallet at home and the ladies aren’t ready to tolerate this. Let’s save ourselves from embarrassment and ensure that we are carrying our wallet on our dates.

Keep time

Time is of paramount importance. Let me tell you a story where I got an opportunity to date a Lakme Fashion Week model, but I did not turn up on time and she was decent enough not to show her anger. She politely and silently blocked me afterwards.

Phone etiquette

You need to understand that the lady with you on a date has equally a busy schedule and she has taken time out for you. So please keep your phone on silent and don’t check your mails, WhatsApp or Instagram while with her. She will love the attention you are giving to her.

Take a gift

On the first date, don’t take an expensive gift. Take a bouquet or red wine as a gift. It looks stylish and a gentlemanly way of greeting your lady on a formal date.

Post-date text

After finishing your date, text her after an hour. In the text, simply thank her and show gratitude for a wonderful evening. Don’t mention that you are expecting another date. If she refuses, then it may look ruthless. It is a mandatory custom to leave a post-date text, so don’t falter on this.

On my next date, I was ready to leave a good impression on the lady. I had revised all the ten points and I was poised and firm like never before. Now, it has been six months and I am still dating the same girl. These simple dating fundamentals made her feel special, which all women deserve on their dates. Gentlemen, this is the time to break the series of failures and impress the lady of your dreams by taking her out on a remarkable date.

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Hema K May 25, 2018 - 9:59 pm

Well this one is a keeper.I think most of the times we slip out on something without realizing and wonder why we mostly never reach the second date level! Here is the answer! Sharing it with all my friends NOW!

Raul najwa May 31, 2018 - 11:22 pm

Thanks Hema, I m sure it is going to help your friends ☺️

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