Why Do Younger Women Like Older Men? 11 Reasons

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Updated On: April 6, 2024
do younger women like older men

Have you ever fancied dating that brooding professor in his late 40s with salt-and-pepper hair and calm demeanor, who gave you goosebumps every time he asked you a question in class? Or that chivalrous old gentleman in his 50s your boss introduced you to at an office party? Well, you’re not alone! From George Clooney and Amal Clooney to Hillary Burton and Dave Morgan, and from Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, so many celebrities have showcased the younger woman older man equation. But why do younger women like older men so much? And how are older men dating younger women perceived by society?

Well, maybe there is something really attractive about this older man–younger woman pairing. And these days, not many people seem to bat an eyelid at such relationship equations. So, what is so special about younger woman older man relationships? Let’s delve deeper into this relationship dynamic and find out what is so alluring about older men that younger women find them irresistible.

What Attracts A Younger Woman To An Older Man: These 11 Things

So, why do younger women like older men? A Swedish study on the older man younger woman relationship psychology talks about partner preferences. It shows how men are more concerned with traits that predict high fertility in a potential partner, while women are attracted to traits that indicate high resource availability. This is rooted in our primal needs for security and procreation, and offers a pretty straightforward answer to the question: “Why do young women like older men?”

Another study, conducted by Sara Skentelbery and Darren Fowler of St. Mary’s University (Halifax), states that women who date older men are looking for father figures. There’s a possibility that they were neglected by their fathers as children and are looking to compensate for that through the attention from older men. The study also says that older men dating younger women are generally financially secure and that’s a big plus. On the other hand, when older men seek younger women, the fertility quotient could be a subconscious factor at play.

Sometimes, it’s just sexual attraction, while there are times that it turns out into something more meaningful. Here are 11 things that attract a younger woman to an older man:

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1. They are more responsible and mature

Why do younger women like older men, you wonder? One plausible explanation is that older men definitely appear more mature. We can all agree that a lot of young men act like kids in adult bodies, and dating a man-child can be a put-off for women. Such men run away from responsibilities. The general belief is that older men are more responsible, and that can be a driving force behind younger woman older man relationships.

For instance, my coworker Rita, was in her mid-20s when she met the love of her life, Shane, who was in his 40s back then. “He was way more responsible and caring than the guys of my age that I had been dating. And by maturity, I mean, weighing my moods before speaking, and being responsible about household duties”, Rita said once while relating her tale of falling for Shane.

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2. They offer a sense of security

Why do younger women like older men? For starters, older men provide a sense of security, which is essential for a happy and healthy relationship. Most of the time, older men are more accomplished in life. As they reach the peak of their careers, they acquire enough assets to secure their future. Apart from financial security, older men are also more emotionally secure and mature.

attracts a younger woman to an older man
Older men are more mature than their younger counterparts

Women seek this well-rounded sense of security to be able to build a drama-free relationship, especially when they are thinking of settling down. Here’s what a Reddit user had to say about her experience with an older man: “I’m in a relationship with a man 30 years older than me and there’s multiple reasons. Stability, doesn’t mind staying home, plus I just think older men are sexy.”

3. They are more experienced

One of the reasons that makes a younger woman attracted to older man is that they are definitely more experienced in navigating relationships and understanding the needs, desires, energy levels, and expectations of their partners. Their experience makes them adept at figuring out how to date a younger woman. In fact, older men can win women with mere eye contact. This is what attracts a younger woman to an older man and this is why the dating game between young girls and old men is a hit. Here’s how:

  • An older man can deal with a woman’s mood swings and can also comfort her with the right words and actions
  • Women dating older men feel more comfortable because they know they can lean on their partners for support when needed
  • There is scope for greater emotional intimacy in such a connection
  • Older men tend to handle adverse situations better, as they do not jump to conclusions, and are calm and reasonable

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4. The ‘father figure’ factor

Another answer to, “Why do younger women like older men?”, is that, apparently, young girls and women tend to view older men as father figures. So, there could be 2 possibilities in such age-gap relationships:

  • A younger woman will look for attributes that her father lacked in
  • She will seek an older man whose personality matches that of her father’s

Whatever the subconscious trigger, the bottom line is that women dating older men seek a mentor, a friend, and someone to give them advice. In the process, younger women get attracted to the wisdom and maturity of older men. They want to be protected, sheltered, taken care of, and that is what makes a younger woman attracted to older man.

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5. They know what they want from life

How would you feel if you ask a guy of your own age what he wants in life, and he just stares at you with a blank expression or gives you an immature answer like, “Playing video games all my life” or “Nothing but sleep”. One good thing about an older man is that he will have a more insightful response to the same question. He may talk about his ambitions, career objectives, future prospects, goals, and values. This clarity and maturity are what attract younger women to them. Older men are driven by goals and direction.

A Reddit user thinks the same about her age gap relationships: “A lot of people will say they’re mature (which they can be) but I specifically like older guys because they seem pretty rooted in what they want + what they’re looking for, more self-esteem and great boundaries that you can only obtain with life experience, and i like a lot of the old courtship gentlemen-y type dynamics
which you almost never see in younger guys. “

6. Their mysterious aura

One of the reasons that explains the older man younger woman relationship psychology is that women probably find older men mysterious. Older men have this sexy sense of mystery about them. The nonchalance in their demeanor and the look of seriousness on their faces suggest that there’s something deeper to their personalities and you can’t help but want to know more
about their story. This aura can be a major trigger for a woman’s attraction to an older man. The less an older man talks about himself, the more you want to know about him. This is what younger women into older men love.

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7. They are more understanding

One of the reasons why younger woman older man relationships work is that older men are typically more understanding than younger men. Here’s how:

  • In the first place, they don’t make mountains out of molehills
  • Older men tend to be more patient in relationships and try to get to the root of the problems and focus on resolving issues rather than playing the blame game
  • One thing about older men that makes them attractive is that their conflict resolution skills are exceptional. They keep their calm and avoid jumping to conclusions
  • They know how to choose their battles and would not let unpleasantness seep into the relationship over small issues. They abhor petty fights too

Women find this attractive because they feel older men understand their feelings, value their emotions, and know how to respect them.

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8. They aren’t afraid of commitment

Younger men often reflect signs of commitment issues in a relationship and dealing with them can be an extremely emotionally draining experience. Women eventually get tired of heartbreaks and look for someone who isn’t going to get cold feet at the first hint of commitment or avoid the “where is this going” conversation like the plague.

By contrast, older men can seem like the perfect match, because they have gone through the initial life stages of uncertainty and are now not afraid of taking the leap toward building a meaningful long-term relationship and even settling down with the person they love. They aren’t generally afraid of commitment, which makes a younger woman attracted to older man, as she feels more secure in the relationship. So, younger women into older men probably feel that their man can free them from the vicious cycle of heartbreak, despite the age gap.

9. They are good ‘parent material’

There can be many explanations to the question, “Why do young women like older men?” One such likely explanation for attraction in such age-gap relationships is that older men are poised to be better parents. For instance:

  • If a younger woman is dating a single dad, watching her man take care of his children can reassure her that he is capable of being a good parent, should they ever choose to cross that bridge as a couple
  • Even if he is not a parent, the emotional maturity and financial security of an older man is enough to assure a woman that he is prepared to tackle the challenges of parenting if and when they decide to raise a family together

This is one of the reasons why despite all the potential older man younger woman relationship issues, there is a magnetic attraction between the two.

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10. They are good in bed

Another reason why older men beat their younger counterparts as potential mates is the experience they have with women. Having been through the rigmarole of dating and relationships multiple times, an older man is more experienced in bed and knows how to satisfy a woman sexually. He doesn’t need a manual on how to date a younger woman and keep her happy. So, a younger woman with older man is almost always happy with her sex life.

young woman older man relationships
Older men apparently know how to please younger women

The palpable sexual chemistry between an older man and a younger woman is what ignites a spark of passion between them. So, if you always wonder, “Why do younger women like older men sexually?”, the reason is that they know their way around a woman’s body and can make them experience levels of pleasure they didn’t know were possible.

11. They can have intellectual conversations

Sometimes a younger woman dating an older man has nothing to do with his age or financial security. Sometimes, it’s just compatibility and understanding that makes them click, and an older man’s ability to continue intellectual conversations. A man who has lived his life has stories of adventures and struggles, of failures and successes to tell, and that can be mesmerizing to a young woman. One of the signs that a younger woman likes an older man is when she doesn’t tire of hearing him talk.

A friend of mine, 30-year-old Sara, was tired of swiping right on dating apps when she chanced upon her boss’s friend, Adrien, who was a mature old man in his mid-50s. Sara was immediately swept off her feet by Adrien, who wove magic with his words and spoke about everything from Pablo Picasso to Shakespeare with ease. His taste and knowledge in art and drama made Sara fall for him and they got engaged after a year of courtship. Though she was initially hesitant about age-gap relationships, she is the quintessential woman with older man and happy in her relationship.

Key Pointers

  • Attraction between younger women and older men is both a psychological and evolutionary phenomenon
  • The maturity, stability and security that an older man has to offer is exactly what a younger woman seeks in a relationship
  • Despite potential older man younger woman relationship issues, couples can build a lasting bond

So, by now, we hope you have the answer to, “Why do younger women like older men?” But how does a woman with older man feel? Well, while dating an older man may make you feel that you’ve finally found someone who is stable, mature, and a dependable father figure, you also need to ask yourself questions like: Will this person be able to handle my immaturity or will he treat me like a child? What if our life goals and career goals don’t match? What are his ideas about having children? Do I envision a future with him?

Open communication is the key to resolving all such matters. And if all goes well, don’t let the age gap be the factor that’s keeping you from being in a healthy relationship, as it’s all about mutual understanding between two people and shared experiences that enrich their lives. Go ahead, take that plunge!


1. Do younger women like older men?

Yes, younger women tend to like older men more than men their own age. Several studies on women often prefer older men tie this tendency to both psychological and evolutionary factors. The bottom line is that older men can offer younger women more stable and secure relationships, that’s why they tend to gravitate toward each other.

2. What do you call a younger girl who likes older guys?

A younger girl who likes older men is known as a gerontophile or gerontosexual. In common parlance, just as the woman who likes younger guys is called a cougar, a younger girl who likes older men is called a panther. However, such labels and stereotypes are never in good taste, a relationship is a relationship, irrespective of the age, race, or sexuality of the people in it.

3. What is it called when an older man dates a younger woman?

A relationship involving an older man and younger woman or vice versa (basically, any relationship with a huge age gap) is known as a May-December romance.

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