These 10 Things Are Better Than Sex And Every Couple Should Try These!

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Updated On: July 25, 2023

There are plenty of material on print and in the cyber space telling things every couple should do in bed. You are told how you can make the sex better for both of you and there are tricks and tips everywhere. But have you ever thought of how what you do in the time you are not in bed could have an impact on your sex life?

These 10 Things Are Better Than Sex…

Sex is on everybody’s mind. Let’s just accept this truth. But there is more to love than meets the eye. Romance is like a bottle of scotch; to savour it you need company to cherish. While sex can be one way of enjoying it, there are other ways, too. So in order to get better sex for couples you should be doing these.

1. Curl, snuggle and sleep together

After a super hectic work day, take a nice warm shower, dress and sleep together like kids. You are definitely close, comfortable and loved.

Snuggle together
Snuggle together

2. Gym, walk or swim

The best way to bond is over an intensive gym session or swimming in a pool together. And for those who say ‘Where is the time?’ we suggest a short walk down the lanes, holding hands. There’s nothing like some fat-burning with the one you love.

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3. Bond with each other’s parents

Take your in-laws out on lunch dates and make them feel special. Both of you win brownie points and you will have loads of memories to cherish.

4. Films, popcorn and late night talks

Chuck expensive dinner date ideas. Stock good films to watch over weekends with a tub full of caramel popcorn. And if you aren’t sleepy, then talk like two lost souls. Netflix and chill? I mean, quite literally.

5. Just laze around and do nothing

Mark a day in the week when both of you don’t work and laze around in the house. The idea of having nothing to worry about can be comforting. It’s fun to get bored together too. Try it. The comfort of nothingness with your partner may become your new favourite pastime. And this does make sex better.

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6. Cook up your chemistry

If you hate cooking, then try doing it together. There are couple cooking classes too. Enrol in one of them and let food make way for love and more love. Good food always brings happiness and good sleep.

Cook together
Cook together

7. Pen love letters

Leave smart phones, tablets and desktops aside. Grab a notebook and a pen and start writing down a poem or a love letter. This will definitely bring the much needed sunshine back in your relationship. Who knows, there might be some rekindled heart-to-heart conversation up for grabs. This is a new thing to try for a couple and this will really help you to connect.

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8. Go bar hopping

Some days all you want is to get drunk like the good old singleton days. So relive them together. Get sloshed and crash in bed like buddies reuniting after years. Find bars that offer good drinks, music and romantic ambience.

9. Tend, care and comfort

In case one of you is not keeping well, take a day off from work and nurse your partner. These tender moments will only bring the two of you closer. A little pat and a warm hug, go a long way, folks.

10. Hug, kiss and love

Hug, kiss and love
Hug, kiss and love

Don’t look for a reason to hug or kiss your partner. Just do it whenever you feel like it. The only way to communicate your feelings is by showing that you love one another. A warm hug and a gentle kiss say it all.
Who said only sex can turn the tables?

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  1. saloni maheshwari

    Sex is an important part of but then there are moments where you just feel like not having sex but just talking, cuddling and loving each other. These are just special little things that happen when you find yourself with someone who makes you feel a way you have never felt with anyone else.

    I totally agree with all the pointers and I am checking on my bucket list now. So, few pointers are still left on my list, wish to cherish all these moments!

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