Now a study to know how much sex you should have!

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Updated On: April 23, 2021
how much sex do a couple should do
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We can never get enough of it and it is the one activity that sets our relationships aflame.

Sex is what keeps us alive to the core regardless of all the hiccups we encounter in it as a couple. It forms an important part of our well-being even as a single person. So it’s organic to ask ourselves, is there a particular number that one should aim for every week?

A recent study from the Kinsey Institute reveals the average number of times a person has sex in a week could depend on their age. The study revealed that people between 18 and 29 have double the amount of sex as people in their 40s.

Here’s a reliable estimate of what’s normal at your age–

-People between the ages 18 to 29 have sex 112 times a year on an average (which roughly translates to twice a week).People between the ages 30 to 39 have sex 1.6 times per week (86 times per year).

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People between the ages 40 and 49 have sex 69 times per year.

The study explains an inevitable fact of life as we get older.

“The basic storyline that has emerged from these studies is that, as we get older, our odds of developing chronic health conditions increases and this, in turn, negatively impacts the frequency and quality of sexual activity,” writes Dr Justin Lehmiller on the Kinsey Institute’s website.

The study also reveals that marriage is a big factor in determining the frequency of sex one has.

  • 34% of all married couples have sex two to three times a week
    45% of all married couples have sex a few times per month
    13% of all married couples have sex a few times in a year

These numbers should give you a fair idea of what to aim for in your sexual life.

And it will also help you gauge the health of your sex life.

But moving beyond numbers, I feel you are as young or old as you think and sex is an important part of that equation.

One is as sexy as one feels and the body will take command from the spirit eventually. Remember that.

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