10 Things Couples Should Do Together

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Updated On: July 20, 2022
things to do as a couple
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It’s not uncommon to fall into a daily routine and feel boredom engulfing your relationship as time passes by. The humdrum of life may undoubtedly makes you feel secure in your relationship, as many other couples do too. There’s also a chance you might end up taking your relationship for granted as well. But where there’s love, there are also ways to spice up that love. Our list of ‘things to do as a couple’ will show you two what you love about each other, possibly strengthening your bond in the process.

Monotony can be a slow killer in your relationship. Not finding the time for those date nights or assuming you don’t need them anymore will only add to the distance between you two, both literally and figuratively. Even when things are going well, spending time with each other is a pre requisite for any relationship to thrive.

Whether you’re just looking for some ideas of things to do together or you’re looking for a way to connect with each other, this list of ’10 things that couples should do together’, will keep the zing alive in your relationship.

10 Things Couples Should Do Together

You can go on and on about the fundamentals of a relationship and having trust, honesty, and respect in your relationship. But if you’re not spending time with each other, you might just end up feeling like roommates who occasionally have sex. Plus, when you do things couples should do together, you learn a bit more about your partner as well.

You might not even know your partner had a knack for dancing or yoga, and the day you find out, you start seeing them in a different light. There’s always something you can learn about your spouse, as you’ll find out when you see them show a keen interest in that pottery class. And you thought your SO couldn’t be bothered with anything artistic!

Granted, you might be different from the rest and not have any interest in the things couples do, but there’s no denying that a few bonding exercises will only bring you two together. Take your pick from the following fun things for couples to do together. You might just end up loving your partner a bit more, if that’s even possible.

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1. Things to do as a couple: Go for couples’ dance classes

Sure, your partner may have never shown an interest in dancing and always shied away from any event that had the slightest implication of dancing being involved. Even so, you can always ask them if there’s a certain type of dance they’d like to try out. Most importantly, let your spouse know you won’t make fun of them when they show the fluidity of a toddler.

Dancing helps in arousing excitement and creating an intimate atmosphere that would help in reigniting the lost spark. If you’re looking for things for couples to do, a fun dancing class should be at the top of your list. Plus, you’ll shed a few pounds as well, which could lead to things being a bit better in the bedroom.

2. Break a sweat while bonding: Exercise

Sure, working out together might not be the most fun thing for couples to do, but hey, at least you’ll burn a few pounds off while doing it. Pull up your laptop, YouTube a couples workout, and get to it without any excuses. Not only will you two get healthier together, but the bonding that takes place when you’re both unanimously hurling curses at the exercise routine is unparalleled.

3. Go parasailing, hot air ballooning, or bungee jumping together

things to do as a couple: hot air ballooning
Get the heart racing and do adventurous things together

If you are on the prowl for fun couple things to do, look no further than the things that give you an adrenaline rush. When you put yourself in exhilarating situations together, it’s bound to be an experience you’re not going to forget about anytime soon. Plus, you know what they say, a couple that does adventurous things together, stays together.

4. Watch your favorite rom-coms on your home theatre with loads of popcorn

Sure, you could go out jumping from helicopters and bungee jumping to get the heart racing, but does anything really feel better than watching a blissful movie with your partner, with a bunch of snacks nearby? We don’t know about you, but when we think of things for couples to do together, the first thing that springs to mind is lazing around in front of Netflix, being thankful that you have someone to share this moment with.

Choose a really romantic and funny movie. Have your lovely moments in between and sometimes just burst out laughing. Either way works.

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5. Beat Gordon Ramsay at his own game: Cook together

Challenge each other to a cook-off, or just be a tag team and make a fancy meal together. Cooking brings people together, and don’t forget, you get to have a (hopefully) delicious meal at the end of the day. Pair it up with a bottle of great wine and you’ll never need to find other things couples do together.

Pro tip: decide on who’s going to do the dishes beforehand. Once the gourmet meal is gobbled up, all you’ll want to do is cuddle the night away. Sounds cute on paper, but the pile of dirty dishes that’ll stare at you the next morning isn’t going to be cute.

6. Take a pottery class together

Who knows, you might just end up discovering your new passion while searching for things couples can do together. If you’re the kind of couple who are always competing with each other, you can let the competition fuel you, or you can just work together and make a beautiful pot. We’re sure you work well together as a team, so try to not ridiculously outshine every other student in your pottery class.

When you learn how much care it requires to build a pot, you’ll be more careful with your own relationship too. And oh the closeness this activity would leave you two with is just wonderful.

7. Things to do as a couple: Travel together

Everybody loves traveling, right? And sure, your bank balance or your commitments at work may not allow you to go on an impromptu trip with your partner, but just the planning stage ends up building the excitement. A dream vacation, a quick getaway, a long weekend, any sort of vacation will do the trick, really.

8. Give each other your favorite novel and discuss it when done

Don’t just stop at your favorite novels, introduce your spouse to your favorite movies, shows, and music as well. Try not to sit next to them eagerly awaiting an animated reaction from your partner once they’re five seconds into watching your favorite movie, though.

Your partner’s taste in music and books speaks a lot about them. This way you can know each other better, and share the things you regard so highly, with each other. The things to do together as a couple doesn’t always need you two to get out of the house, just share your favorite things with each other.

9. Indulge in a couples’ spa session

Nothing says couples’ day out like a spa day. All it takes is for someone to give you a heavenly back massage while your partner lays down next to you, experiencing the same joy like you. When you both walk out feeling like jelly, there’s no way you’re not going to be all smiles and in love with each other.

Since a spa day is widely recognized as a cute couple things to do, you could even make all your friends jealous by posting photos of your day on all your social media. Just don’t spam your friends though, you might end up losing a few followers.

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10. Cuddling and eating your favorite snacks

Honestly, this is my favorite and easiest activity to do with your significant other. Some of the best things to do as a couple require the least effort, and cuddling together is definitely the pinnacle of cute couples things to do. Switch your phones off, put some Netflix on, and cuddle away.  


1. What should couples do together at home?

Cook a meal together, work out together, pull out your old karaoke machine, take a virtual yoga class, learn a new skill together, listen to an audiobook…the possibilities are quite literally endless. Things to do as a couple don’t have to be too complex either, you can always just cuddle with each other.

2. What should a bored couple do?

If you two are bored, try to do things you’ve never done before. At the very least, trying out a session of hot yoga will give you two something to collectively hurl abuses at. Nothing brings two people closer together than unified hate.

3. What are the cute things couples do?

Pamper yourself with a spa day, cuddle with each other, make each other breakfast in bed…the cute things couples do can be anything your partner finds nice and sweet. Have a candlelight dinner, go on an impromptu vacation together, or you could simply just tell each other what you like about the other person.

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