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These 5 things separate great sex from average sex

Great sex comes with an almost carnal pleasure that you had in you but never got to explore.
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What constitutes great sex?

The difference between average sex and great sex is pretty much the difference between ‘Oh, God’ and ‘OH GOD!’

Sex in itself is good. I mean, it’s sex. Sex is like the lunch hour at a kindergarten. You run about, not being able to decide what to do because everything seems so nice. Yeah, that’s sex.

Great sex, on the other hand, is like getting to eat chocolate-dipped cookie after having a large bacon-ham-cheese pizza with extra cheese.

1.  The foreplay itself is mind-blowing

It cannot be repeated enough how important foreplay is to having great sex. Mostly for women. Women take longer to get aroused. Oral sex ensures proper building up for the final act. Some are more turned on by the process than the final act. Great sex means a lot of good oral foreplay that keeps you going long enough, makes you moan a little louder and grasp the sheets a little tighter and roll your eyes a little further to the point you think this will be the death of you.

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