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Travel for two: Going away on a luxury vacation

Travelling with a partner? Make the best of such a trip and instead of driving each other crazy, create beautiful memories for a lifetime
Travel as a couple

When you get to go on that dream vacation

Many dream of indulging all their senses while on holiday; few actually get the opportunity to do this and even fewer manage to do it with their significant other. But travelling with a partner can pose some serious challenges if you’re not prepared. This is the first of a 5-part series of helpful tips on travelling with a partner. Make the best of such a trip and instead of driving each other crazy, create beautiful memories for a lifetime.

So, you’ve managed to get leave from work, have picked the perfect destination to spend some quality time with each other and the fun is just beginning. But you start to notice some friction. How is this possible on a luxury vacation? Shouldn’t your partner be delighted with you?

Well, small details missed out on when planning the holiday can possibly derail your vacation even before it begins. Here’s a 7-point checklist to ensure you show your partner the time of their life:

1. Go over the plan together

While surprises are cute in the movies, they rarely go off as planned in real life. No one likes being caught off guard so share all the travel plans and decide the details of the vacation together. You can keep one or two super cool surprises in store for your partner, but only if you must.

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2. Do some social good together

A luxe vacay can be great for the mind and body but to make your soul feel good, try and sign up for some local volunteering or go visit a charitable institution and donate some money. Compassion and selflessness are huge turn-ons and help cement a relationship.

3. Check for hidden costs

Surveys conducted recently show that almost 70% of fights between couples are over money. A luxury vacation may seem perfect until you get hit with the hidden charges and taxes you didn’t factor in while planning the holiday.

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4. Pack smart

You’ve probably figured out that you DO need to be dressed a little snazzier than most people on vacation normally care to be because yours is a luxury vacay. Don’t get caught off guard if the hotel invites you to an exclusive champagne dinner, yacht party or poolside soiree. Pack a sexy formal number in your bag, with shoes and accessories to match.

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5. Document well

Memories – that’s what you’re here on holiday to make the most of. But minds get cluttered with everyday details and life takes over those parts of the brain reserved for cherished recollections. So, remember to document the special moments instead. Either use your cell phones, a good digital camera or even pay the hotel photographer to capture those precious moments during a private dinner, by the pool or on any of their packaged tours or experiences.

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6. Conduct reality checks

Now this may sound counterintuitive considering you two are on a luxe getaway from reality in the first place. But trust us on this, being on holiday can blur one’s vision about the reasons you two are together. Use this time to check in with each other on relationship goals, and discuss topics you don’t have time to get deeper into during everyday life. It’s also a good time to touch on important but uncomfortable subjects like planning for retirement and writing wills.

7. Mindfulness and meditation

Even in the lap of luxury, there’s no reason you shouldn’t stay in touch with your higher selves. Whether you’re all tucked away in a remote mountain-top resort or an exclusive beachside villa, it can be a very simple practice to lay out a yoga mat or comfortable rug. Shut off your devices, have your partner join you and  simply do some light stretching or breathing exercises together. If yoga or Tai Chi are possible, give it a shot and be gratefully conscious of each other’s presence.

Holidays are a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and reconnect with what’s important in your life. Make the most of this break from the rat race and use it to retrace your love path back to your significant other.

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