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Five reasons couples should travel more often


Being in a relationship with someone is a curious thing. You’re promising your body, your mind, whatever free time you’ve got to another human being, and expecting the same in return. What would possess someone to do something like this willingly? To bind themselves for whatever amount of time, to another person’s life. Is it the sex? The companionship? Or is it to avoid the fleeting moments of loneliness one feels from time to time? A variety of institutions, such as religion and academia, have been looking for this answer but no one’s ever been able to provide a perfect one. People want someone to hold when they come home at the end of a long day.

They need someone to witness their lives, and they need to witness someone’s life. They want someone to eat dinner with regularly and someone they can call their own. In search of all of this they commence on the curiosity that is a relationship.

happy couple
‘someone to hold when you come home’ Image Source

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Mind you, this curiosity isn’t easily satiated. It’s constant laborious work. It’s being mindful of the other person’s emotions, their space, their presence. It’s also cleaning the house, doing the dishes and cooking everyday for each other. It’s a set of rituals that require attention. And attention must be paid. In the tussle of managing a work life, a family and also a relationship, the latter often takes a back seat. There are however ways to mend that. One of them happens to be travelling.

Yes, I said travelling. The process of sitting in a vehicle and going from one place to another, somewhere new and unexplored, can be one of the best ways a couple find their way back to each other, or maintain the curiosity. Here are five reasons why couples ought to travel together more often.

1. Speed dating

In a new relationship, there are things you find out about each other only as time goes by. Travelling in such a scenario could resemble speed dating only with one person. Being in a way confined to togetherness while travelling can be like a crash course of getting to know the other person, which can be refreshing at the beginning of a relationship. Maybe you aren’t aware of each other’s quirks as yet, but travelling and staying together on a holiday gives you an opportunity to do so.


2. Keeping the romance alive

A couple I know, who in my humble opinion have been having the romance of the century, have one ritual they adhere to. They go on a honeymoon every year. Just the two of them – away from the metropolis, the kids, (now grandkids) – to do stuff together. Mind you, they aren’t the happiest of campers, they complain about the hotel almost every time, but whenever they do they are complaining together. After all these years it’s a tradition that they say has kept their romance alive. In the journey of life, taking a journey together for each other is what travelling means to them. That’s the beauty of travelling as a couple often.

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‘in the journey of life,take a journey together’ Image Source

3. Cheap therapy

For couples in long-term relationships, it is easy to lose yourself in the troubles of day-to-day life. Couples often find themselves without any real communication for days on end. Travelling together can solve that. Travelling also takes you out from your comfort zone. While it’s a beautiful place, nothing much moves in the comfort zone. The discomfort of being in a new location, and your partner being your only friend there, can make for stuff coming up that’s been left unsaid. Also, wouldn’t you rather reckon with your feelings and communicate them to your partner by the beach instead of doing so in the therapist’s office?

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4. The pragmatic reason

Let’s be honest, dragging around luggage is a – well, drag! Having another person to help you pull some of the weight isn’t the worst idea in the world. You could say that you don’t need to necessarily have to be a couple to help each other out with the luggage, and you would be right. But this still is the one of the reasons you should travel with your partner. Someone you love, helping you out with the luggage. Saathi haath badhana, quite literally. Also never will you have to rely on kind strangers to watch your luggage when you visit the lavatory in the train. Owning common property and merging assets applies to luggage too, therefore your partner will have to pay attention to it when you’re not keeping watch. Look how that worked out!

travelling with spouse
‘share luggage,share love’ Image Source

5. The souvenirs in the mind

If you ever ask a couple about their honeymoon, chances are you’ll get to see this peculiar smile on their faces. The honeymoon is special for many reasons, but the memories you bring back are the longest dividend that trip pays. It’s one trip any married couple will always remember, in most cases fondly. Imagine if you were a couple that travelled more often? You of course won’t remember every trip clearly, but you will have a lot of memories mapped across the country, if not the world. When you’re back at home, in your comfort zone, a picture of the two of you with snow clad mountains in the background, could bring back memories of hot cocoa, cold air, and nights of keeping each other warm. Travelling somewhere is a little detour you take from normal life. It will always be memorable one way or the other, but if you take your witness – your partner with you on travels, more often, the detours become more beautiful. You witness something together and isn’t that what the curiosity of a relationship was all about?

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