5 naughty texts to send to your husband to make him come home asap

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Updated On: October 6, 2023
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Sexting is an art

In the era of social media, the ‘come-hither’ look has evolved from being a wink or a lustful look given to a partner to elaborate texts, sent over the phone, to make your partner hot under the collar. If phone sex was the product of the 80s and 90s, thirst tweets and sexting is owned by the new millennium. It can be so much fun to text a naughty, explicit or hot text to your partner to make them want to come back home to you, in no time. It’s like you controlling them without even having to open your mouth.

Sexting is, of course, an art. When two people are doing it, it can be great, but to send a naughty text, is a special skill which when used properly can wield great power. Here are a few that you can try.

The description

The oldest trick in the game, this text is an elaborate description of what you’re going to do with your partner, in the bedroom. This shouldn’t be technical or dry, just go all out and see how your partner reacts. It will be worth it.

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Guess what I’m wearing?

This line has been used to initiate romance for ages. It’s perfect if you think about it! You are asking the other person to imagine you, preferably scantily clad and kick-starting their imagination and libido at the same time. There couldn’t be a better example of two birds with one stone when it comes to naughty texts.

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Guess, What Am I Wearing?

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Do you know what I like about bondage? That you can’t do it alone

“When are you coming home?” A little on the nose, but this one is as clear a message as it will ever be. This doesn’t have to be hardcore bondage. Just a little bit of tying up. However, this idea is so erotic for most people, that even thinking about it can get people going. This works, every time. So, go ahead and text this to your partner.

How about you come home a little early and we can start with dessert first?

This one speaks for itself. Calling sex after a date ‘dessert’ is traditional dating lingo. So, trust the tradition and ask him to eat dessert with you, before you go on that dinner date. You can work up an appetite to eat dinner later. And then maybe round two?

I was making a list of my favourite things to put in my mouth

“I need your help. It’s currently a tie between chocolate and you. I’ve had bar chocolate. Waiting on you now!”
It’s texts like these that start off innocently, then get really naughty really fast. You can almost imagine your partner turning red with every word that he reads. If only you could watch that, but you’ll just have to settle for him rushing back home to you instead.

You were amazing last night. I think we should make this a daily routine

Compliment your man for all the hard work he did the previous night. If he’s at work, you’ll remind him of the night before and he will certainly give it a thought. Follow up by asking if he’s thought about what you texted when he comes home, and enjoy the rewards of your text, that will follow.

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The naughty picture

Listen, I’m not advocating putting your nude pictures on social media. The internet is a weird place and we have to be careful about our safety. However, if you trust your partner completely you can send them a little naughty picture, a teaser of sorts of what they can expect that night. Be careful of what apps you use to send these pictures, and only send them to a partner you trust. You have to take responsibility for what you do in such cases.

The art of sexting can only be mastered by practice. And you know what they say about practise making it perfect. Use the templets given above. Play around with them, and tell us your experiences in the comments. We all deserve a good naughty text once in a while. Here’s hoping for one!

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