Tips For Every Married Woman To Seduce Her Husband

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Married women to seduce her husband

Marriage is a journey filled with opposites- happiness and sorrow come from the same person, you switch between wanting to feel vulnerable and retreat into your shell vis-a-vis them, you love them to death and sometimes hate them enough to want to kill them too! Marriage means committed goals- children,  ageing parents, managing finances, each other’s health, etc. Couples start their married life with the honeymoon phase where they can’t keep their hands off each other and then as time passes and after kids and grocery store rounds they settle into a comfortable relationship that resembles more like that of roomies than romantic partners. Each gets busy in their work and the spark dies down to a slow ember as the sex life takes a back seat.

The couples when in such a phase long to feel the craziness that they felt then, and not the boring feeling of ‘been there done that’ which permeates especially in the bedroom. Dead bedrooms are the modern couples biggest woe and we are here to help you figure your way out of it. The good news is that this is easily resolvable. With simple gestures, you can ignite the spark and bring that magic back into your relationship. You must learn techniques and ways as should your husband. Perhaps it is now time to give nature a little hand. Catch your husband’s attention and tempt him when he least expects you to seduce him.

Seducing is an art and can be learned easily. There is no shame in it. A healthy life between the sheets will mean a happier relationship outside of it. There may be a stigma attached to this kind of wooing, but remember we are speaking about your husband, even the state has sanctioned you to do this! It is natural to feel bored in bed with the same person and can happen to both you and him or the two of you together. Sexologist Dr Paras Shah wrote this piece on sexless marriages. Put on the creative cap and let us come up with ways for you to seduce your husband who is not interested in sex anymore. Getting that mojo back in the bedroom is not that tough if you know the right moves.

10 Tips Every Married Woman Should Follow To Seduce Her Husband

So gals, here are some seductive ways to re-energize your sex life. If you want to get your husband in the mood and have a great session in the bedroom just read on. Very soon you may even share pointers with other women who may be struggling with this. We are not a country who speaks openly about such matters, but from the questions and queries we get we can tell you that most women married for  5 years or more are struggling with the question ‘how to seduce my husband’. The fact that you are reading this means you are thinking about how to seduce your husband? We have all the answers for you to tempt him and leave him asking for more. Do you know his erogenous zones?

1.  The mystic touch

A gesture as simple as a touch can make your guy go wild. You can just gently sway your hands on his shoulders or thighs or his back or simply hold his hands and make intense eye contact. Sometimes you could just brush past him on purpose. Babita who lived in a joint-family made sure her fingers lingered for that extra second as she passed her husband the plate over the dining table. Gayatri gave his bum a pinch when she saw no one was watching. This will surely make your guy fall for you again, watch him try to grab your attention with his eyes when you are with others. This is a great way of seducing your husband after marriage.

Tips for every married woman to seduce her husband
Tips for every married woman to seduce her husband

2. Spend on sexy wardrobe

Do women often ask how to get my husband in the mood? You can wear a dress that compliments your body type, this will not just make you look more attractive but also boost your self-confidence. A confident woman is also a sexy woman. You can surprise him by wearing sexy attire when he comes home. Sanjana wrote about a plain white t-shirt without a bra that did the trick for her. And do spend on sexy and lacy lingerie, these add that zing and make you look seductive and irresistible to your husband. Hit the shopping mall right away and tempt your husband into some amazing sessions between the sheets!

3. Tease your guy

This is a great way to seduce your husband. When they know they can’t have it, they crave even more. This is what all men have in common. Make the most of it! Tease him, touch him in a sexy way, and seduce him while you are not in the same space. Send him a picture of your belly if you wear a sari, text him that you want him now, let him know how you miss him and can’t stop thinking of…You cannot begin to imagine the effect of these words on your husband, all he will think is about how to get home as fast as he can once his work is done. When you are with him in public space you can try these moves. A quick look, a stare, running your tongue over your lips, a quick touch on his thighs when you are sitting next to him at the restaurant can seduce your spouse and drive him mad. Just see what he does when you get home. You can even use Utube for this.

4. Make the first move

To seduce your husband you need to be bossy in bed. Tell him exactly what turns you on. You should be the controller, not him. This is one of the biggest mantras to seduce your husband. Make the first move, tell him what to do, undress him and then yourself (or don’t and tease him). (Tip: Tie him up and you can even blindfold and play the naughty game, he will surely like it!) Tell him you are not done, that you want more. Guide him to your sensitive spots, be demanding. This is the ultimate way to seduce your spouse. Here is a list of erogenous zones in your man to take advantage of.

5. Striptease

Perform a striptease for your charming husband. Focus on removing one piece of clothing at a time and constantly, keep eye contact. Show him some of your good moves. Make it a night that your husband desires for more! Tease him, tempt him and see what happens. Learn some pole dancing moves and add them to your routine. You will find him drooling all over you. How to seduce a husband who is not interested? This is it. You can’t even imagine how striptease works for him.  Along with this try playing Never Have I Ever game with the dirtiest question you can imagine.

6. Send him your sexy photo while at work/outside

This is the ultimate way to catch your husband’s attention and tempt him. You can send pictures by just wearing the sexiest lingerie you have. Or a photo of your nipples tense against your fabric. Or an exposed thigh while at your work desk. This will make your husband go crazy and want you even more! You can Google images for reference and get to work.

7. Introduce food into the bedroom

Ever tried Nutella in the bedroom or strawberries? It does wonders. The whole thing of him licking off Nutella from your skin or you doing that to him is erotic. You can try wine too or some blueberry jam. You can invest in inedible panties. Even the simple gesture of making him lick honey out of your fingers can be very seductive.

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8. Leave your hair open

Men find long untied hair really sexy. If you are working at the ironing table or doing the dishes at the sink just keep your hair open and run your fingers through them. Try and shake your hair from one side to the other innocently, just see him for a fleeting second and go back to your errands. This could make the most uninterested husband interested.

Enjoy it when he grabs you by your hair and pins you down to the refrigerator or on the kitchen table.

9. Talk about sex

When you are watching TV together and there is an intimate scene just bring up what you like most when he is in bed with you. Tell him how he turns you on and what’s the move you love. When you tell a husband this, it could be a great ego boost. They love it when their woman tells them they feel happy with their moves in the bed. Tell him what you expect him to do next and see how his eyes twinkle. There can’t be a better way to seduce a husband. Did you know fantasizing about someone else can make your sex exciting?

10.  Buy a great perfume

Tips for every married woman to seduce her husband
Tips for every married woman to seduce her husband

A great scent is an amazing turn-on. But it could be you keep using the same brand of perfume and your husband has become bored with the same smell. Try a new exotic perfume. Take some time out at the mall and test what works out for you. There are some seductive smells that could work in your case. Invest in a good branded bottle and bring it home. Sprinkle it on and see his reaction at the dinner table. You won’t think, “Am I seducing my husband right?” looking at his reaction you would know that you have mastered the art of seducing your husband.

So, ladies what are you waiting for? Go check your wardrobe and make the necessary arrangements for the night! Don’t forget the Nutella and perfume. We hope you have an exciting time with the man in your life. Let us know if our seduction tips worked on your husband

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