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twin flame quiz
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Is there someone in your life who makes you feel complete and whole? Do you feel a strong, uncontrollable desire to be close to them? Is this person your twin flame? This twin flame quiz is here to solve all your doubts. 

Practicing astrologer Kreena points out, “Twin flames come in our lives to share our burdens and show us the qualities we may have but, not recognize but, are reflected in them. They fulfill a connection by bringing in what is lacking in our lives. And they can sometimes be stark opposite to who we are.

“A twin flame can be lost in their journey but are never confused about their feelings for you. The journey of twin flames can be spread across years owing to circumstances. They can keep crossing paths again and again till both are ready to embrace each other.”

You will know a twin flame connection when you see one. But if you want to experience it beforehand, refer to twin flame movies such as The Notebook, Notting Hill, Romeo + Juliet, The Fountain. The all-consuming, powerful love depicted in these fascinating tales of love sums up the twin flame connection as closely as is possible.

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