“Am I In An Unhappy Marriage?” Take This Accurate Quiz To Find Out

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Updated On: February 5, 2024
unhappy marriage

“Am I in an unhappy marriage?” is the question of the century, in which people think SO much before getting married. It’s a marriage after all and not some teenage relationship that you can leave by saying “It’s not you, it’s me”. A loveless marriage gives you anxiety and all you do is feel numb and empty. The “Am I in an unhappy marriage” quiz will help you gain more clarity on whether your marriage is worth saving or not. Before taking the “Am I in an unhappy marriage” test, consider the following points:

  • Leaving your unhappy marriage is going to harm the kids, but the fights won’t?
  • Couples therapy is NOT overrated; it is more effective than you think it is
  • A marriage needs every day work, like your abs (GO EAT A SALAD)
  • Your spouse cannot be the ONLY source for your happiness (They are not ice-cream!)

Finally, if the answer to the ‘Am I unhappy in my marriage?’ quiz has come out as a ‘Yes’, don’t worry and seek support immediately. A licensed professional can guide you on the way forward. They can suggest some therapeutic exercises to fix your marriage. They can also give advice on how to deal with the fear and shame of leaving an unhappy marriage. 

Also, if the answer to the ‘Am I unhappy in my marriage?’ quiz is a ‘No’ but you still feel otherwise, try getting more clarity by reaching out to a therapist. Our counselors from Bonobology’s panel are just a click away. Don’t ignore that gut feeling of yours. If you instinctively feel you are stuck, take proactive steps to change it. You know you deserve to be happy. Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel otherwise.

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