How To Keep Your Husband Happy? Top 10 Ways

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Updated On: December 7, 2023
Ways to keep your husband happy

Looking for ways to keep your husband happy? If you are thinking that keeping your man happy entails transforming into a Michelin-quality cook whilst also maintaining a body worthy of giving the hottest models a run of their money, mastering vacation planning and acing financial management, you couldn’t be more off the mark. You just have to be the best version of yourself.

There is no doubt doing simple things like making him his favorite dinner on the weekend can make him and you should keep making these little gestures now and again. To top it off, we have some out-of-the-box ideas that could surprise your husband and make him immensely happy.

These days young people are more self-centered than the generation of their grandparents. The main cry among the millennials is WIIFM – or ‘What’s in it for me’. Whether it’s in a product, a job or marriage, they need to know what they will get out of it.

No wonder, then, that a great number of youngsters prefer to have live-in, open marriages, rather than a committed marriage. Nevertheless, some do genuinely fall in love and want to cement their bonds and have children.

But marriage is a long journey and it takes effort from both partners to make it a happy one. So, you’re right in putting some thought into how to keep your husband happy, and ensure the excitement is well and alive? Just think out-of-the-box.

10 Ways To Keep Your Husband Happy

Mentioned below are some tips to keep your husband happy, and your marriage going strong. You don’t have to be extravagant, sometimes love and happiness lie in the little things. He will find happiness in your intentions and cherish your love for him.

So, here are 10 ways to keep your husband happy:

1. Get him tickets to a sought-after game

Yes, this is far better than planning that beach holiday or going on a Europe tour. If you’ve always known him to be a tennis fanatic, imagine how many hugs and kisses he would give you if you handed him tickets to Wimbledon!

Take care of the travel plans and hotel bookings through a good agent. Or the FIFA World Cup Finals. Even the NBA Finals. Go to the game with him. Watching star plays work their magic on the field is an experience that you will both savor and cherish for a long time to come.

2. How to make your husband happy? Know his erogenous zones

With a few exceptions, good sex is the key to a man’s happiness. The fact that you are a willing partner is in itself a great turn-on for your husband. Initiate sex in creative ways and whip him up a pleasure storm.

This will also work wonders to enhance intimacy in your marriage and make your bond grow deeper. For most husbands, sex is the ultimate expression of love. Make him see that you are just as invested in the process rather than making him feel like the onus of initiating sex is entirely on him.

This is one of the most effective ways to keep your husband happy.

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3. You don’t always have to be right

How to make a husband happy? Just agree with him wholeheartedly when you are at the peak of a fight and see his reaction.

If a petty argument escalates into a full-fledged fight, take a couple of deep breaths. And think: Do you really need to win? It is better to maintain peace than to be right. It’s okay to say, “All right, I give in.”

Also, when you have acquiesced a couple of times, he will get the drift and stop wanting to be right all the time. One clear exception to this rule is if your husband is abusive. Once you learn to see signs of abuse in a marriage, run for your life and don’t look back.

Ways to keep your husband happy
It’s okay to say “I give in.”

4. Pick up a sport

Men love sports – football, golf, basketball, tennis, table tennis, to name a few. If there’s a particular game he loves playing, make the effort to learn the ropes and just bowl your husband over with surprise by playing alongside him. This is a simple but effective tip on how to keep your husband happy.

Playing a sport together is a great way to bond. Men love it when women can participate in a game with them.

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5. Give him space to vent and express

How to make your husband happy when he is angry? Argue one at a time. If for some reason the hubby is in a bad mood or has had a difficult day at work but you need to vent as well, hold on. With a little patience, you will discover it’s best for one person to vent at a time.

When he is done and you want to express your feelings, choose an opportune moment when he is not erupting like a volcano and put your thoughts up for discussion. He will appreciate this discretion on your part and will be more than willing to see your point of view when he is in a calmer state of mind.

6. Make him the king for a weekend

To appreciate your husband, treat him like a king. Tell him he would be like an Egyptian Pharaoh and you will do everything to his bidding. You would cook for him, give him a bath, remove his clothes, put them back on for him and he could do whatever he wanted around the house and he didn’t have to move his little finger.

Give him the opportunity to be the king for a weekend and see how elated he would be. This will not only make him relaxed but it could culminate into some great action between the sheets. A fun and playful way of ensuring your husband is happy and satisfied.

7. Get him a crate of beer (or any other drink he likes)

Tips on how to keep your husband happy - buy him beer
Get him some beer and invite his guy friends over

How to make your husband happy? Buy him an entire crate of his favorite brand of beer (or a case of his preferred poison). You can imagine his reaction already, can’t you! In fact, do one better and call over his guy friends to just chill and hang around the house.

Whip up some snacks (or order in), if they’re into gaming, set up the console. If gaming is your jam too, use this opportunity to bond with his friends. It’s a great way of showing him you value the people in his life. If not, stick around for a bit, and once everyone is settled and comfy, go out for a fun outing with your girl friends.

Unless your husband has a drinking problem, you can consider it a go-to trick to make your husband happy and appreciated.

8. Be consistent in displays of affection

Even if you are a busy mom or a working wife, make sure you make time for your husband and shower him with love and affection. A peck on the cheek, holding his hand while you Netflix and chill, getting him an occasional breakfast in bed are simple yet effective ways to make your man feel loved.

Teach the children how to express their love for him in a respectful manner. At the same time, lean on him for support and help from time to time. It will make him feel useful and think of himself as a good husband and provider. Of course, none of this is possible without constant communication.

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9. Make his mother happy

This may be a tall order for many wives. If you already enjoy a lovely relationship with your husband, no intelligent woman will ruin it by being nasty to his mother. Even the most difficult MIL will see that you care for her son.

And if you do love him is it so difficult to be nice to the woman who raised him to be the man he is? So put in a little effort – talk to her, listen to her and learn all your husband’s favorite things from the woman who has known him inside out since he was a little baby.

How do you know your husband is happy? Just look at his expression when he sees you talking to his mamma. Trust us, it’s worth it.

10. Be a low maintenance wife

More on Husbands

Men dread high-maintenance partners. It’s not that your husband isn’t planning for a diamond ring on your anniversary but it does get irritating if you constantly drop hints about the size and the shape you want it to be.

Refrain from looking like the gold digger and be happy with the romantic gifts he gets you. The idea is to appreciate the small things and make your man happy. Take care of your husband and make him happy he would reciprocate. That is more beautiful than a thousand expensive gifts.

Use these to keep your husband happy, and you’ll see it is not a difficult task at all. It’s a cakewalk if he is a chilled-out, laid-back guy. A happy husband is an essential component of the puzzle of building a happy, fun-filled family.

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  1. Saloni Maheshwari


    Often women are so puzzled up with their work, family, and kids that they take husbands for granted. In the initial years of marriage, women do all the amazing things for husbands but eventually things starts fading away. Don’t let this happen ever.

    Some more things that I would like to contribute here:
    1. Showing interest in his hobbies
    2. Give him some “Me Time”
    3. Husbands don’t say often but you can book a manicure, pedicure or spa session for him or you can go for a couple session
    4. Do something really unexpected
    5. And yes, don’t you like being yourself all the time? I know it’s not possible when everyone’s around but when with him just be yourself!

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