15 creative ways for women to initiate sex

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Creative ways to initiate sex for women

Women may be wired to feel desired and wanted, and for this and many other reasons perhaps it is the men who make all the first moves. Think about this – would it not mean more sex if you and your partner both played the first move? Plus, there is a thrill playing the seducer. Seducing your husband should not take much since once men get the hints, they can turn on instantly. For all the women out there who want to take a step forward and want to set the ball rolling- here are 15 creative yet provocative ways through which you can make him want you more and more.

1. Keep dropping some noticeable hints

You can leave behind props which you both like to use during sex on the bed such as a lube or a vibe. Once your man notices them, he will surely understand what you want. In case he mentions about them, you can wink and take him by surprise.

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2. Take the role of a Masseuse

Getting a good massage from his girl is something that every guy fantasizes about. So why not take the plunge and give your man a soothing as well as satisfying massage. As you continue massaging him, it will surely turn him on and set the mood for physical intimacy between the two of you.

3. Dress with the sole purpose of making him want you

Wear a sexy dress, put on some make-up and present yourself in front of your husband in such a way that he cannot take his eyes off you. Be demanding and give him a devouring kiss to make him realize that you are dressed with the only intention of turning him on.

4. Use your body to give him clues

Your body should be the best weapon when it comes to initiating sex. You can back hug him, start biting his ears, feel his thighs, kiss him in sensitive places and lean your body on him in a suggestive way to make love to husband and without saying anything you can stir things up.

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5. Dance your way into his heart

Just play some sensuous music and start dancing in the preferred room of your choice- once your man notices you, start pulling him towards you while dancing and start stripping for him. This will heat things and he will understand your indication. Dirty dancing does not get its name from anywhere!

6. Text with a twist

Try different texting

Forget normal texts. Send him a message letting him know that you want him tonight and what you want to do exactly. Text can be a powerful weapon to seduce your partner without being there physically. Be as direct as possible. Use the power of your imagination to mix up words in a way to convey your thirst for him.

7. Let his imagination run wild

You can do this by simply sending him a sexy picture of yours or recording of your sensuous breath and voice telling him that you have a surprise for him. This is one of the most effective and classic ways to make him realize that you are ready for him.

8. Turn movie night into a wild night

Convince your partner to watch a movie with you at home. Select a pretty hot and sensuous movie to set the mood and while watching it show him how horny you are feeling. Show some skin or strip in front of him and encourage him to do naughty things with you.

9. Select secret terms to convey your sexual desires to him

This can make the pursuit of sex very adventurous and fun. When you are in a mood to be intimate, you can simply utilize the secret terms or signals selected by you to convey your sexual needs to him especially in front of family members or kids. Once he comprehends what you want, get ready to have the time of your life.

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10. Shower with your man

When you go to freshen up, you can ask your man to accompany you. It can be the other way round too- When your man goes to shower, you can join him and seductively help him clean up. After the shower, your man will truly crave for you.

11. Leave provocative notes for him

Prepare some provocative notes beforehand and stick them on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator. You can even slip them in his lunchbox or work bag. These notes should reveal your dirty thoughts and desires to him.

12. Get hold of suggestive lingerie

You need to make it obvious that you want to make love to your husband. For this, you must buy suggestive lingerie and let him know about it or you can ask him to buy them for you. If he knows that you are preparing for him then he will not fail to disappoint you.

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Get hold of suggestive lingerie
Get hold of suggestive lingerie

13. Take a trip down the memory lane

By reminiscing the past sexual experiences with him and talking about it can help kick off things between the two of you. Let him know how you loved it last time and would like to do it once again.

14. Choose adult board games

These games are available in adult stores or online. Simply convince your man to play one with you. The adult board games involve descriptive scenarios, player pieces, dice, props, game cards etc. to make things exciting. Playing any of the board game is surely one of the distinctive ways of initiating sex.

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15. Erotic books can heat things up

Get hold of erotic books and read them in front of your man. Show him the effect the books are having on you and share the naughty thoughts with him to stir things up between the two of you.

Now stop wondering about how I can turn my husband on and simply follow the above-mentioned ways for sure success.

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