Affair and Cheating

Dear wife of my lover, this is why I don’t feel guilty for breaking up your house

Why should society and the wronged wife always blame 'the other woman'? Surely relationships are much more fluid now
Naughty woman with eyes closed

Note: This letter has been written after keen observation of real people associated with the author.

Dearest Concerned Society and Dear Wife of My Darling Lover,


I am the one – yes – that whore/slut/bitch – whatever you may call me. No, no – do not hesitate. It is absolutely fine by me. I am accustomed to being called names. When I was born, I was called a ‘burden’ because I was not a son. (Well, hello! The chromosomes did not listen to me so I am sorry!). When I was growing up and was not as fair complexioned as my other cousins, I was called ‘a bigger burden’ (kaun karega is kaali se shaadi!). Later, I decided to study Arts, out of choice – and I was suddenly not ‘bright enough’. So, I live in a society so naïve, living in its own world of clichés, that does not have the comprehension to understand/accept such basic things! Trust me, I do not expect that society will accept something as twisted as a love affair.

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  1. It’s fine that you are into a relationship with a married man.. but presenting yourself in this way is not ok … Defending yourself is your prerogative .. but accusing her is not ok . Life is all about experiences owing to our own decisions. Some reactions are obvious .. as are hers and tomorrow if he returns to her realising some older moments then you would be more hurt. …

  2. It’s not just the other woman’s fault at all the guy is equally blamed, plus mostly it depends on the husband and wife’s relationship, if somehow it’s loosen up then there are chances husband’s look out for a new catch. Now a days it seems to be in trend but I personally hate it.
    Well to the other woman I just can say it’s a wrong move knowing a guy is married and still to continue getting closer to him, that totally will end up upsetting each one of you , better stay away and live with dignity,if today you will be doing it with someone surely tomorrow it will happen with you, it hurts badly so walk out of such relationship gracefully.

    1. Hats off to you Ma’am for realising the actual problem in this case. I am amazed how easy and natural extra marital affair has become nowadays. More I read these cases, luckier I feel to be single. If relationships now are so volatile, I am way better and happy being single.

  3. To whomsoever it may concern,ie; the bloody hell who wrote and posted this ,marriage is not just love or love making only ,yes it is an institution where most of the kids like you and me were nurtured and which enabled you to come up with shit like this ,you don’t feel guilty because you were not taught values my dear ,no woman accepts adultery in her relationship ,and wives can’t just walk out like whores after everything is done BCOZ THEY ARE NOT JUST BODIES AND MINDS but mother of your lover’s kids ,daughters,daughter in laws,sisters ,sister in laws .Wives just don’t blame you ,men are equally wrong but don’t justify and chastice the shit you do in the name of love ,acquire knowledge understand what love is –

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