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Ever Played The Never Have I Ever Game? Try These 10 Tricky Questions!

The Never Have I Ever game can reveal a lot about you. Are you ready for it?
never have I ever game with friends

Never Have I Ever is a game in American popular culture which has fascinated generations and has been a consistent part of reality shows as well as celebrity talk shows worldwide. Now, like all things wonderful, this game has also traveled from the Western world to this part of the world. Never Have I Ever has become a popular party game in India too.

It’s a lot of fun and the revelations can be mind-boggling. But you have to know how to ask the right questions to keep the curiosity and the hilarity alive.

10 Best Never Have I Ever questions for you 

Here are some epic Never Have I Ever questions, which will send you into peals and could be hard to answer too. It will keep you hooked to hours of fun. Here are some extremely good Never Have I Ever Questions for couples and friends alike.

1. Have you ever sent/received nudes?

ever sent nudes to someone
Sending nudes to someone Image source

A lot of people will be hesitant in answering this one especially when there is a group of people around, though they might have been guilty of this, at some point or other.

Then there is another group of people who have their own personalized collection in some “Private” folder of their phone, and they are mostly frank about their fascination for nudes with their friends.

2. Have you ever received or given someone a lap dance?

Lap dances feel great, especially when you are the one in the receiving end.

Friends might give each other lap dances too, in some wild version of the Truth and Dare game. But many Indian travelers will reveal how they make it a point to check out the lap dance scene when they are abroad.

Are you ready to hear the stories?

3. Did you ever have a one-night stand?

Some people are regular party-hoppers at nightclubs and bars at the heart of metro cities and brag of having multiple one-night stands. Others might squirm at the mere mention of it and try to deny that they had any experience of that sort.

While the reactions to the same question may vary from person to person, this is a question that can open a can of worms. Ugh!

4. Have you ever tried a flavored condom?

Friends might advise each other to try out flavored condoms, but how many of them have actually gone all the way to try out flavored condoms? This question is going to reveal the experimental and adventurous people in your gang.

5. Have you ever fallen asleep during sex?

did I ever slept while doing sex was the question in Never Have I Ever
Slept while having sex Image source

Imagine what the other person feels when someone falls asleep during sex? If they have been dating for just a few months then this could be a horrid experience. Some could say they fell asleep because they were too drunk. But would anyone say they fell asleep because of sheer boredom? Find out!

6. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

Kissing or being kissed by a stranger could be pretty common, especially when you travel a lot, within your country as well as worldwide for work-related purposes.

Kissing a stranger certainly brings adventure, as you can expect the unexpected. Anything can happen at that moment. Also, if you are open to something long-term other than flings or hookups, you can expect the unexpected in this case too. You might end up finding the love of your life after kissing the stranger.

So, whoever goes “Aye” for this one, they have much to reveal.

7. Did you ever have a threesome?

Woah! Now this one’s a wild one. Most are unlikely to admit to having a threesome, even if they did have it some time or the other.

Expect a series of “Nays” for this one, simply because people are too embarrassed to admit to indulging in a threesome in their social circle, or even with their present partners for that matter.

But if anyone goes ahead and admits the truth the question has done its work and you have your whole evening covered.

8. Were you ever discovered masturbating?

Now, we all are guilty of this during our teenage days. Many a time, it may happen that our parents walk in on us while we are at it, and we are caught immediately with very little chance of an excuse or escape. For those living in hostels, replace the parents with roommates. You get the gist, right? But when someone says yes expect some hilarious discussions around it.

9. Have you ever dated more than one person at a time?

dating two people in a time
Dating more than one person Image source

Yes, I’m essentially talking about two-timing here.

Some of us might be notorious as Casanovas in our groups, then again, some might have a shy or an aloof exterior but there is a hardcore player dormant inside them.

This question is going to be a revelation too. Watch the reactions all around the room it will be varied and quite entertaining.

10. Have you ever slept with someone twice your age?

Someone twice your age does not have to be essentially a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy but someone you might really be into, the only difference from the usual is that the person is quite older.

These Never Have I Ever questions are the best we could think of to spruce of a party of close friends. Just go ahead and have a great time.


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