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15 signs he enjoys making love to you

The little things that make all the difference!
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When it comes to sex, there are many variations and if you are in a relationship, then you don’t want to be just a sex toy for your partner. Making love is a more passionate and intimate affair that is driven by love, passion and emotions. Are you making love or just having sex with your partner? Is your partner using you for sex or he really enjoys making love to you. We give the most common signs that indicate that your man enjoys making love to you, and looks forward to it.

15 signs he enjoys making love to you

At times, men use their partners just for sex and make it into a physical affair. Women, being more submissive, give in to their desires and ignore the signs that could be telling them that he’s not just that into you. How your partner behaves with you in bed is a great test to see what you actually mean to him. If all his desires are just sexual, it means he’s with you just for sex. If he is passionate and thinks about your needs too, he’s making love with you and not just having sex. Here are 15 signs to know if he enjoys making love to you for sure. These are the signs that he is making love to you and not just fulfilling his physical needs

1. It shows in his eyes

The way he looks at you says a lot about how he feels about you. While having sex if he takes a short break just to look into your eyes with love and passion, he is into you and wants to embrace the moment with you. If he tries to avoid eye contact, there could be two possibilities: he could either be feeling shy or awkward or it is because he is trying to avoid emotional attachment.

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2. He will smother you with kisses

Everyone remembers their first kiss more than anything else. Those butterflies and those drives of passion just seem to multiply when you kiss the person you love. When he wants you, all of you, he will kiss you all over your body over and over again. He will smother you with kisses but still not feel satisfied. His wanting to kiss you again and again shows how much he loves making love to you. The way he kisses you will make you feel the intensity of his love for you.

3. He will be a giver

A man in love puts his partner’s desires as his priority, even when it comes to sex. He will arouse you and make you moan. He will indulge in foreplay and arouse your sensitive nerves. He will go down on you and ask you what you would enjoy. He will ask you whether he is going too fast. It will be more about you than about him.

4. You both will indulge in conversations

Making love isn’t just limited to intercourse. There is foreplay and then there are those deep and meaningful conversations after having sex. He might reveal some deep fears; some of them could be related to you. He will tell you things that he may have not told anyone before. The intensity of your conversations with him shows how much you mean to him.

5. He will go slow

He will indulge more in foreplay to warm you up for the main act. He will kiss you and feel you passionately and slowly so that both of you can be in the moment. He won’t miss any erogenous zone. He will make sure to go slow till you become comfortable enough with him. He will spare time to feel you, look at you, kiss you slowly and embrace every bit of you.

6. He will take your name

Another way to ensure he likes it is by noticing little things such as the things he says while making love. By taking your name while having sex, your partner is showing that it is YOU whom he is imagining while having sex. You are the one that is giving him this pleasure and he enjoys making love to you in bed by moaning your name.

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Taking name during sex Image source

7. He wants more of you

Men usually get a bit bored once they reach their climax. They might just end up going to sleep after it. Even after he reaches his climax, if he pulls you towards him and continues with the same drive and passion, he enjoyed it and isn’t satisfied just yet. Plus, he wants you to climax as well, no matter how long it takes.

8. He will stay over

Many men just go on their way after having sex; it lowers the morale of a woman because she suddenly starts to feel like an object. If he really cares about you, he will stay over to have conversations with you or just hug you tightly and sleep with you.

9. He gets emotional at times

Some men are really sensitive and when it comes to physically bonding with you, their emotional feelings will get the better of them and they will start to get emotional while making love. It is because their feelings for you will get the better of them. Don’t freak out if he gets too emotional while having sex. It is only because he is so much into you.

10. He shows his craving for you

He won’t care whether he is being too desperate. If he loves doing it with you, he will show how much he craves you, both emotionally and physically. He is ready to take the risk of you judging him, as long as he is able to show it through his passion and love for you.

11. He will try to experiment

It is only you he wants to make love with. He will try out his fantasies with you and tell you how he likes it. He will also ask you about your desires and satisfy you. He will try to improvise on some of his techniques to make you feel more aroused. Men want to experiment only when they enjoy making love with a particular person.

trying new ways to make love
Doing Experiments Image source

12. He will call you after

After making out, he might have to go back to his place or for some work. See whether he calls you later or not. If he calls you and talks about it, it means that you made a lasting impression on him and he can’t stop thinking about you. Check out how his voice sounds while talking about it, is he still aroused by it all? You will get your answers!

13. He will look happy and content

After having sex, once you both lie in bed next to each other, there will be his glow and smile on his face. He won’t be just turning to his side to get into a deep slumber after sex, which cab be pretty annoying. He is happy and the reason for it is lying right next to him on the bed. He will stare at you lovingly and smile; he might even just hug you with a smile without saying anything. He will look content, and you will know that he has enjoyed every bit of the last few hours with you.

14. He will make breakfast for you

The next day when you get up and see him in the kitchen, making breakfast, it is his way of rewarding you. You pleased him so much that he now thinks it his turn to reward you with breakfast. It’s his way of saying how much he enjoyed it and he wants to do it again.

15. He says it – everytime without fail

Well, if not by his body language, he will tell you how much he loved this moment spent with you. You will feel that he looks forward make love to you and be intimate with you. He will be expressive of the certain times that aroused him the most. He will tell you all about it and what could be a bigger sign than that! He enjoyed it so much that he couldn’t hold back from expressing it to you!

When you become physically intimate with the person you love, it is not just your body that is naked. You both are naked when it comes to your emotions, feelings, desires, passions and most importantly your love for each other. It gives out so many hints and signs for you to pick up that you can know for sure how much he enjoys making out with you. Look out for these signs the next time you both indulge in lovemaking and be sure he moans your name.


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    1. These signs mentioned above are very subtle and delicate. Even if your guy shows a few of the signs mentioned above while making love then know it, he is totally into you and don’t let him go! It’s like your opinions and reactions are of equal importance to him. You must be really lucky if your guy shows these signs!

      It’s time for you to shower some love..don’t wait for it….do it!

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