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What is an extramarital affair?

What are extramarital affairs? Why do men and women have sexual and emotional affairs outside their marriage? How to deal with infidelity and cheating?
Extramarital affairs

Extramarital affairs or simply affairs are emotional and physical relationships between two consensual adults, outside their respective marriages. For any relationship, sexual or otherwise, to be termed as infidelity or adultery, at least one of the partners needs to be married.

The daily rigour of married life often tempts people to look for companionship and enjoyment with someone besides their partners or spouses. However, not all affairs are similar. Some are based on emotional connection, while others are instances where people quench their sexual appetite.

On many occasions, there are instances of a lonely housewife getting involved with a single or a married guy, outside her marriage, in order to fill her emotional vacuum. In many such cases, the husband is either travelling a lot or simply is not paying enough attention to the needs and requirements of the wife.

This emotional disconnect triggers the chance of an illicit affair with someone who is ready to spend more time with that housewife. Also, there are occasions when married men, frustrated with the lack of sexual intimacy, engage in external relationship with other single or married women.

Many times in a joint family setup with kids, the husband and the wife do not get enough scope to engage sexually. This triggers the need for an affair that can meet the unsatisfied sexual desires of the husband.

Working men and women also engage in extramarital relationships in their places of work. Similar working conditions and problems lead to shared emotion, which leads to a solid relationship.

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