15 Things Girls Always Notice On A Date

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Updated On: January 22, 2022
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Girls or women for that matter, are just not easy to impress. Each woman holds different qualities in high regard which they like to see in a man that they are dating or would potentially like to go out with. And to make sure it’s the right fit, they leave no stone unturned. Girls notice even the smallest details in the guys they are dating.

From how you set your hair to the crease on your shirt and whether your nails are trimmed and well-groomed, girls have an eye for everything. Therefore, if you want to create a lasting first impression on your girl on a first date, then this article right here is going to be your guide.

A date with the girl you like is the first and probably the most important opportunity that you get to make an impression on her. So, it is important that you make the most of it! Remember that girls are highly observant and things don’t easily slip their attention.

But it does not mean that it is impossible. You do not have to be rich, jaw-dropping handsome or pretend to be something you’re not to make a girl fall for you. All you have to do is just be true to yourself and be prepared to have a good time with your date. And also follow some of the pointers that we are going to elaborate on below.

15 Things Girls Definitely Notice On A Date

When a girl says yes to going on a date with you, it means she is interested in you and is giving you a big, fat chance to sweep her off her feet. Thus, you must make all the efforts that you can to amaze her. But do keep this in mind – girls observe first and men just look.

This means that women are sharp-eyed on a date, and interpret and analyze every little detail thoroughly. On the other hand, men do not read much into things and tend to go with the flow trying to just have a good time on a first date. A girl notices small details about you, details that you probably didn’t give a second thought to when you were getting ready to meet her. But now you can.

Being mindful of the following 15 things that girls definitely observe on a date can help you organize yourself and your thoughts in a manner that will appeal to your date. When that first date goes well, you can hopefully build a successful relationship with your girl. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. What is the first thing a woman notices about a man? Your dressing sense

The combination of clothes that you wear to a date has to be apt for the occasion. No, they don’t need labels screaming ‘luxury’ but definitely prefer guys who are well put together. The way you dress has to give this clear message to the girl that you have made the effort especially for her. When a girl notices your clothes, she’s trying to get an idea of what you are like as a person.

Do not ever show up on a date in a pair of joggers (unless it’s a running or hiking date, of course). However, also do not overdress because it can quickly turn the tide against you. Overdressing means that you clearly have a bit of dating anxiety and are feeling under-confident which is why you pulled out the most expensive and fancy shirt that you own. Don’t let your clothes work against you. Girls really like guys who dress well and know-how to carry off any outfit whatsoever.

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2. Your footwear should be on point

When we say dressing sense, yes we do also mean shoes. Along with the attire you wear, your footwear is also something that she will definitely notice during the date. Maybe even before your shirt! It is often said that the shoes a man wears give away a lot about who he is. I suppose women follow this religiously.

Usually, guys do not focus on the footwear at all and there ends up being a serious mismatch between the clothes and the footwear that they choose to wear to the date. Well now that you know what is the first thing a woman notices about a man, you should not make this mistake. Choose footwear that enhances your overall style.

What to wear on a first date? Once you’ve figured the outfit out, pick the matching shoes next. Your shoes should look polished and clean. By the way, do pay close attention to your socks as well. Let’s make sure they’re not dirty or torn, yeah?

3. Your overall physical appearance

No girl likes to date a guy who has a shabby appearance and seems unkempt. If you are well-groomed, then it will make you both presentable and desirable in front of your girl. Make sure you address issues like bad odor and smelly breath, as these can be a total turn-off for the girl.

Be clean-shaven or if you sport a beard, make sure it is nicely trimmed and looks fresh and clean. Personal hygiene is something that a girl definitely notices on a date and a lack of it will surely dim your chances of scoring with her. I mean think about it the other way around. You wouldn’t want to go out with a woman whose hair is a mess or who is sweating as if she came straight from a yoga class.

4. The way you converse makes a lot of difference

what is the first thing a woman notices about a man
The way you converse can make a lasting impression

When we tell you that a girl notices small details about you, it includes your choice of words, what you say to her and how. A guy who knows how to break the ice and make meaningful conversation with a girl smoothly on a date is in high demand. Because that’s something that most men these days struggle with sadly.

The way you converse with your girl will reveal not only your education but also your understanding and knowledge of things. You don’t have to be too well-read to impress a woman, that’s not what we are telling you. You should just have enough social skills to carry forward a conversation with grace and etiquette in a way that keeps her engaged. So ensure that you say the right things at the right time.

5. A woman will notice your etiquette and your manners

Your manners and etiquette reflect your upbringing, your values, and most importantly, how you perceive and treat women. If those things are on point, it will give the girl the assurance that you are a gentleman. It is obviously not the first thing that a girl will notice on a date, but then she will eventually turn her attention to your manners and definitely look very closely.

Therefore, tread carefully and be on your best behavior at all times. Even while interacting with others like the cab driver or the waiter, make sure you treat them with respect and dignity. Don’t come off as a snob or a narc, those are big turn-offs for anybody.

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6. The way you carry yourself on the date

Girls generally prefer guys who are confident and know how to present themselves with utmost conviction. You don’t have to be the belle of the ball, you just have to hold your head high. So, avoid being too shy and exude confidence in everything that you do and say around her.

The way you walk, the way you sit, the way you strike up conversations with her – everything should exhibit confidence. Don’t slouch, don’t fiddle with your fork or drop it to the ground, and definitely do not knock over that glass of wine. Your first date nerves are kicking in, we get it. You’ve got to hide it well and be as confident as you can be.

7. Your health and body

What is the first thing a woman notices about a man after his outfit? It’s probably how healthy and well he looks. A man who exercises regularly and is in shape will be able to create a good impression on a girl during a date. This is because a man who knows how to take care of himself will also know how to take care of his girlfriend as well.

No, we are not forcing you to buy that gym membership and skip carbs for the week. But a man who looks well is a man who is well. The point is that you have to be healthy and fit, not necessarily bulky. Besides, good fitness is also linked to a good sex drive!

8. The way you notice/look at her

You have to be a man who makes frequent and healthy eye contact with your girl and keeps her engaged. With your eyes, you can give subtle hints to her regarding your attraction to her. But this has to be done in a non-creepy and smart way. Do not stare at her or make her feel uncomfortable with your gaze.

She doesn’t want to be out with a creep, she wants to be out with a guy who admires her. If she likes it, she will reciprocate well. And then you can expect to see signs a woman is attracted to you in her body language and in the way she flirts back with you.

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9. She will notice the way you pamper her

A girl expects you to pamper her on a date. If you fail to do so, she will get the impression that you are uninterested. Don’t go too overboard though, she’s probably looking for a boyfriend and not a sugar-baby relationship. So don’t pull anything major like gifting her something expensive on the very first date.

Give her a bouquet of flowers or some small, meaningful gift. For instance, if she’s new to Chicago, you could get her a sweet Chicago keychain or souvenir or something along those lines. If you want to be extra romantic, well then request the restaurant to play her favorite music. Help her decide on what to eat. In short, treat her like a queen.

10. The way you notice other women

Boy, oh boy, this one can definitely break your case completely if you do it wrong. You might think that your date is not noticing the way you look at other women. But you are dead wrong here. She will definitely notice it, almost all women do. If another woman is able to grab your attention, then it will mean you are not completely invested in her or are disrespecting the date that you’re currently on. Ogling other women is something that you must avoid on a date with your girl.

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11. The way you react when another guy hits on her

It is very much possible that another guy shows interest in your girl and tries to flirt with her during the date. Maybe he asks her to dance with him when you guys are hitting the club or he sends over a drink to your table. If something along those lines happens, your behavior is going to be scrutinized by this woman.

You have to face the situation with confidence and deal with the guy in a friendly manner. Showing off too much anger about this situation can give wrong signals to your girl. Crack a joke about it and don’t let it bother you too much or cause a scene. But do let her know that you cared enough to notice and disapprove of it.

12. Your entire personality

Girls fall for guys who are happy-go-lucky and know how to enjoy their life. No one likes a grumpy and strict-looking guy who keeps criticizing the restaurant or the weather or can’t stop complaining about COVID. You want to show her a good time and not turn it into a long evening.

So make it a point to smile and exhibit your bright personality in front of her. This will reflect the fact that you are satisfied and happy about yourself. If this is not attractive to a woman, we don’t know what is!

13. The way you listen to her

This date is not just about you, it is about her as well. Getting to know each other is a two-way street. So when you tell her about your dog that died when you were 19, do continue the conversation by asking her if she’s ever had any pets instead of jumping straight to talking about your own job.

Ensure that you give her an equal opportunity to share her likes and dislikes with you. The way you listen to her and acknowledge her will create a lasting impact on her mind. When she feels listened to, she will feel cherished and respected on the date.

girl notices small details about you
A girl notices small details about you, including the way you listen to her

14. The tone of your voice

Your date will notice not only the words you say but also your tone when you are saying those things. So while talking to her, you have to make sure that you are relaxed, audible and speak in a respectful manner. Avoid using any fake accents or talking too fast when you are with her. Try to have an endearing and kind tone. Show affection in the way that you speak to her. Don’t come off as brash or boastful.

15. The way you have made arrangements for the date

Oh, this is a big, big one! This is something that every girl unquestionably notices on the date. If you have asked her out on a date, then it is your responsibility to make appropriate arrangements for it. An unplanned and haphazard date will not only annoy her but she will lose interest in you.

So when she asks you what you want to do, don’t respond with “Oh, we can do whatever you want.” That WILL annoy her! Instead say something like, “We can go bowling if you’re up for that?” or “A great new restaurant opened near my house. I can call them and make a reservation if you like some good Italian food”. Don’t be overbearing but do be inclined to plan the date well.

The above list of things girls notice about a man is not an exhaustive list, because every girl has different preferences when it comes to guys. But then these are some common things which girls notice and an idea of these will help you put your best foot forward during the date. So good luck and do well!

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