21 Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

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Updated On: February 28, 2024
signs of chemistry between two people

Ever met someone and felt an invisible spark, like your souls were doing a secret handshake or going for an intimate hug? And you find yourself gushing, “The chemistry between us is magical!” Well, my friend, that probably means you’ve noticed the signs of chemistry between two people already! It’s the cosmic connection that turns ordinary moments into heart-flipping adventures. 

Imagine a rom-com where your vibes sync like the perfect playlist, and every glance feels like a plot twist. In a quaint bookstore, our fingers brushed while reaching for the same novel. Eye contact was made and, suddenly, laughter erupted, as if we shared a secret joke. Every stolen glance held a subtle magnetic pull that only we could understand. It wasn’t just about the stories or pages of the books. It was the undeniable chemistry that wove an enchanting tale and made that encounter unforgettable.

How romantic is that?! From Jack and Rose’s Titanic tango to Mia and Sebastian’s romantic dance under the stars in La La Land, this chemistry is the heartbeat of love stories. But how do you know if you have chemistry with someone, especially if you want to be sure whether to take the next step? Well, buckle up for a journey into the dazzling and enchanting world of intense chemistry, where eyes meet, sparks fly, and the heart whispers, “Oh, we’ve got something special here.”

What Is Chemistry Between Two People?

There is a reason that this irresistible yet unspoken mutual attraction between two people who have just met is called ‘chemistry’. You may have come across the term several times in literature and movies. But what does intense mutual chemistry actually mean? And what causes intense attraction?

A gist of several kinds of research done on this very interesting subject says that, in human chemistry, there is a chemical bond whose function is to hold human molecules (in this case, people) together. These chemical bonds trigger intense chemistry with someone, leading to you feeling that special or strong connection and close proximity with them. This results in an inexplicable magnetic pull or intense chemistry between two people who are perhaps meant to be together, even if for a short time. 

So, what is chemistry in a relationship? And how do you know if you have chemistry with someone? Well, chemistry can be described as a combination of emotional, psychological, and physiological ways in which two persons relate to each other. According to psychologist Nandita Rambhia, “Chemistry is more about how we feel about them on an everyday basis, the warmth, the positivity, the desire to be with each other all the time, and the need to make them happy.”

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Helen Fisher, researcher and author of Anatomy of Love: The Natural History of Monogamy, Adultery and Divorce, states in her paper on “romantic love” that the exhilaration of attraction is associated with phenylethylamine, which is chemically related to amphetamines, and the action of monoamine neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, in the limbic system and associated areas of the brain. In short, the chemical reactions in the brain cause you to feel romantic chemistry with this special person or even someone you barely know. This is one of the reasons that you can even see signs of chemistry between strangers.

Of course, once the chemical reaction settles in, other factors take over, namely:

  • Sexual attraction or physical chemistry (this is an important factor)
  • Similarity, or being on the same wavelength
  • Effective communication
  • Non-judgmental attitude
  • Good rapport

A perfect combination of all the things listed above makes way for an unspoken attraction or strong bond between two people. Nandita says, “Relationship chemistry is about having a great emotional connection with another person. Many people confuse it with physical attraction, but the emotional intimacy or emotional chemistry, too, needs to be really high. In fact, this connection can be termed as passion or love. In the initial stages of a relationship, people might say you are infatuated with your partner. This is when this chemistry is at its all-time high.”

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21 Powerful Signs of Chemistry Between Two People

Now that we know what causes intense attraction, let’s shift our focus to the burning question “What are the mutual chemistry signs?” Can other people see chemistry between two people? If the signs of a love connection between two people are really powerful, then the answer is ‘yes’. 

When two people have a strong connection, you can’t miss the sparks flying between them. The signs of deep attraction are like secret messages. Ever felt that strong bond with someone and wondered if they feel it too? You may already feel, “The chemistry between us is amazing” when you’re with someone but may be unsure about your next move. Well, it’s like a mystery waiting to unfold.

Here are some of these signs to help you transform real chemistry into a happy and healthy relationship:

1. Continuous eye contact

Among the strong signs of chemistry between strangers, eye contact attraction definitely makes it to the top of the list. In the dating game, the first move is ironically made by the eyes. Romance begins when you suddenly spot someone in the crowd, make eye contact, and then your stubborn eyes are fixed on them for the rest of the evening.

As time flies, you find yourself involuntarily trying to spot them again and again. You wonder, “Do they feel it too?” Soon enough, they will catch you staring from across the crowded room. Given that you didn’t ogle at them like a serial killer spotting their prey, this person may reciprocate and your eyes will keep locking several times. This is a tell-tale sign of a strong connection between two people.

2. Change in body language

Body language signs are prominent signs of chemistry that perhaps escape even the individuals involved in the equation. If you have ever wondered, “What does chemistry feel like?”, notice your body language. You may be:

  • Slightly leaning toward the object of your affection
  • Seeking to hold hands
  • Sitting closer to them
  • Unconsciously biting your lips
  • Playing with your hair in their presence
  • Smiling a little too much
  • Paying undivided attention when they are speaking to you

These signs suggest that there is a good connection or great chemistry between two people. All of these gestures are manifestations of the strong pull and attraction you feel toward them or they feel toward you.

3. Strong sexual tension

Physical attraction is one of the reasons for chemistry between two people. If there is a chance of meeting this special person, you might feel a small tension in the pit of your stomach. Your body can even feel a bit tight. You look for opportunities to brush your fingers against theirs or touch them gently. Whenever you are in the same room, you might feel nervous or take deep breaths, because the sexual tension is set on fire! And you ask yourself if you feel chemistry with someone, do they feel it too? Or is it one-sided?

According to this Reddit user, physical touch is a good sign and can prove to be a game-changer: “Touching them turns you on. Not necessarily in a big way, it can be like a fleeting feeling. But you want more.” This user feels the same too: “When you touch her and you explode.” So, what does chemistry feel like for a man or a woman? 

If there is chemistry between man and woman or they are physically attracted to each other, they won’t be able to stop fantasizing about holding hands, sharing their first kiss, or any kind of physical touch and intimacy. Feeling sexually drawn to each other, even when there is no romantic angle in the relationship yet, is one of the undeniable mutual chemistry signs.

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4. Time flies when you are with them

It’s not always about just a spark or physical attraction. Being with this person may make you feel like time is slipping away because, besides the mutual attraction, you’re captivated by deep conversations, laughter, and their pleasant vibe. You may tell yourself, “The chemistry between us is undeniable” quite often. This Reddit user explains it perfectly, “When a 4-hour conversation feels like 30 minutes”. 

Picture this: a casual coffee invite turns into a date, where your phone stays untouched. Signs of chemistry on the first date, right? No dull moments, just pure happiness. The conversation flows seamlessly, touching on your favorite things and shared interests, revealing a deep understanding and strong intellectual chemistry.

Even if it’s your first meeting, there’s a comfort level that you usually share with an old friend. You feel at ease and are constantly entertained and having a good time — that’s the magic of intense chemistry. So, if not these signs, what are the unmistakable signals that two people are really into each other? This Reddit user says, “You don’t have to struggle to find things to talk about and you’re generally happy with the person’s company.”

magnetic attraction between two people
Your body language changes around them

5. You want to continue to see them and spend quality time with them

The chemistry between two people works the strongest in the initial part of a potential romantic relationship. When you feel that incredible electricity with someone, it is natural to want to see them more often. You always wonder if you feel chemistry with someone, and do they feel it too, which is why you make extra efforts to meet the person by arranging meetups or going to the events that they’re attending.

According to this Reddit user, “There are no uncomfortable moments, we both try to spend as much time together as we can, some sexual tension, body contact, it feels fun to be together.” This can only happen when there is good chemistry between you and your romantic partner.

Not only do you plan to bump into them deliberately, but you make sure to bring your A-game to sweep them off their feet. Going that extra mile to look ravishing before these events and looking for or creating excuses to see them are surefire signs of chemistry. These might just pave the way for a deeper emotional connection or romantic chemistry.

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6. You may try to stalk them on social media

The first reaction when you spot the involuntary signs of attraction toward someone is to look them up on social media. If you suddenly receive too many ‘like’ notifications on your posts or comments on old pictures from a person you have just met and you feel like doing the same, know that there is something brewing between the two of you.

If you have this intense mutual chemistry, you might feel obsessed with this person and want to know absolutely everything about them. You will want to learn new things about them, such as:

  • Their favorite movie
  • Their current read or favorite author
  • Their go-to cafe in the city
  • Any common interests that you share 
  • See their daily social media updates
  • Look up old photos to assess their personality through Instagram

7. The subtle flirting begins

Few people would like anyone coming on too strongly to them, except when there is mutual attraction or strong natural chemistry between them. So, what does chemistry feel like for a man or a woman? One of the foremost signs of chemistry is that you don’t seem to mind if they begin to subtly flirt with you. If anything, it will give you a kaleidoscope of butterflies in your stomach! You develop a bit of a romantic connection with them. And then, you may notice these signs:

  • The goodbye kiss might last just a little bit longer
  • The handshake might be a wee bit tighter
  • Small gestures may feel oh-so-passionate and wonderful! 

A part of you yearns for more. You might begin to hope and wonder if this chemistry could turn into a more long-lasting connection. If you can relate to these feelings, know that you’re experiencing mutual chemistry signs first-hand.

8. You feel positive

This is what good chemistry feels like. When you are with a person who you share incredible chemistry with, you feel like you are with a friend. Apart from the unspoken attraction, there is a certain ease of approach that makes you enjoy their company. They bring a smile to your face like no one else can. It is the powerful magnetic attraction between two people at work here and you would rather be around this one person who takes your energy levels several notches higher!

9. The small things become important

When you fall out of love with someone, you may even forget the person’s birthday. On the other hand, if you have a genuine connection with someone, you tend to remember and notice the smallest of things such as:

  • A new hairdo
  • A changed WhatsApp DP
  • A simple joke cracked at a gathering
  • A favorite dish or go-to restaurant

… and other details of whatever they have shared about their life with you.

And it goes vice versa when the attraction is mutual. Remember that one time you casually mentioned a camping trip you always wanted to go on? Months later, they might surprise you with two tickets to share a few days in the wilderness with you and make you feel special. If this does not indicate an emotional connection or a magnetic attraction between two people, then what does? And how amazing is that!

10. You focus only on each other

The world stands still when you experience intense chemistry signs. Everything else becomes blurry in the background and it’s just you and them in the picture. Suppose you are together at a friend’s party. If this person is attracted to you, they will ignore the crowd of familiar faces around and only get drinks for you. They will pay attention to your words, and if things go well, they may ask you for a dance.

Your attitude changes as well. For instance, let’s say you were about to quit your job but suddenly notice all these signs a coworker likes you. You might actually feel different about the office environment even though nothing has changed. The work pressure is still the same, some colleagues are still playing workplace politics, and your boss is still irritating. But just because there are signs of a love connection with this cutie, the thought of going to the office every morning doesn’t seem so dreary after all.

Everything else becomes blurry in the background and it’s just you and them in the picture

11. The same things make you laugh

If you want to know how you connect with a person, notice what makes you laugh. A sense of humor is something that we seek in our partners. If two people know how to make each other laugh, it’s a sure-shot sign that they share a crackling chemistry. Do they instantly catch your Friends references and are you too equally adept at responding to theirs?

This Reddit user describes what chemistry feels like: “You enjoy similar things and are on the same page. You make a sexual joke and she’s right there ready to give it back to you. She’s easy and comfortable to be around.”

We are not suggesting you both have to have an impeccable sense of humor. What’s important is whether your super corny dad jokes can crack them hard. The wavelength you share, the fact that you think alike, and make each other so happy ― all of this is good enough to establish the signs 2 people like each other. It is this banter that makes a new relationship so much fun.

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12. You look like a couple

You may wonder, “Can other people see chemistry between two people?” Of course, yes! How many times have people remarked, “Hey, but we thought you were dating” on seeing you with a friend? It means that even if you haven’t begun dating officially, there is something about your body language and the way you behave together that makes it seem like you are a couple. That clearly indicates the growing chemistry between man and woman. Here are a few such signs:

  • You care for each other way too much
  • You bring lunch for this friend
  • You take notes for them in class
  • You hang out with them all the time

… and literally do everything together. This may be one of the signs that you’re transitioning from friends to lovers and developing a deep connection in the process. Even if you’re both in denial about your feelings, the mutual chemistry signs are too obvious to not be noticed by others. In fact, it’s one of the signs two people are in love.

13. You soften your voice

So, how do you know if you have chemistry with someone? Just like your body language changes when you are drawn to someone, so does your voice. If the magnetic attraction between two people soars high, a soft and gentle tone takes over when they speak about/with each other. It’s not an act that you are putting on to impress them but something that comes very spontaneously out of genuine love and concern.

It may even surprise your friends who have never seen this coy side of you. So, look out for:

  • The change in voice and tone
  • A relaxed smile while talking
  • A certain warmth when you talk about/with them

These are tell-tale indicators that you share intense chemistry with someone.

14. You want to adjust

What is chemistry in a relationship? Imagine this: you’re hanging out together, watching Netflix, and binging on pizza. They want to watch Ocean’s 8 for the zillionth time, but you are in the mood for a Friends rerun for the billionth time. Well, a remote has often been the cause of conflict between couples. But when you connect with someone on a deeper level, such kinds of conflicts become inconsequential.

In this case, you really don’t mind giving the heist film another chance. Not just to keep them happy, but you genuinely feel okay about changing plans. Spending time with them is more important than fighting over Netflix, after all! And that, my friend, is definitely one of the involuntary signs of attraction.

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15. You feel a huge sense of familiarity

This usually happens if you feel chemistry with someone. Forget the unspoken tension or the unspoken mutual attraction for a bit. It’s true that opposites attract, but when there is romantic chemistry between people, there is a huge sense of familiarity too. It’s as if they have known each other for years. This also shows a high degree of compatibility, especially if you have shared interests. 

16. Conversation flows easily

Ever had a date go south because of a dull conversation? It’s a vibe-killer! But when chemistry’s in the air, there is no need for emergency conversation rescues or witty one-liners. The signs of chemistry are there, making conversation flow effortlessly. No awkward pauses, just a conversation that feels like it could go on forever. That’s the magic of chemistry — you won’t be left scrambling for topics. It’s like having your own natural conversation starter. So, if the dialogue dances effortlessly, you’re not just talking, you’re grooving to the rhythm of that sweet, sweet chemistry!

This Reddit user says, “I make a movie or song reference, she gets it and laughs or returns another in kind. You realize you share more than interests, but social queues and actions. Conversation flows well subject to subject, and questions come from a genuine desire to know about this person, not from some list you prepared in advance.”

More on Attraction

17. Anticipation is intense

They say you shouldn’t have too many expectations or you are bound to be disappointed. Well, two people who share great sexual chemistry or strong physical attraction are clearly an exception to this rule. Despite the comfort level and the surety that there is this intense attraction at both ends, you may still be anxious about what they feel. When you feel that strong electricity with someone, you anticipate every move of theirs and try to modify your own, just to see if there is a possibility of a successful relationship in the future.

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18. You experience the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling

Looking for signs of chemistry on first date? Well, it might be the oldest cliché in the world that you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see the object of your mad attraction. But it is among the surest signs 2 people like each other. This feeling gets augmented manifold when you are going out with them for the first time and your connection is fired up by intense chemistry. 

When you share great chemistry in a relationship, the slight tingly feeling you get when you are excited about something becomes far more pronounced and hard to contain. If you’re not sure about how you feel about someone you’re attracted to, just listen to the butterflies in your stomach. They’ll most likely tell you that it’s one of the most obvious signs two people are in love.

19. Pheromones add to the magic

Back to chemistry! When we feel attracted to someone, the body produces pheromones. Now, a pheromone is a hormone that causes physical attraction and sexual desire. Pheromones affect our bodies and make them produce certain smells that attract potential sexual mates! So yes, it’s not just fragrance that may be making him go crazy but also the pheromones.

20. You seek attention

It doesn’t take too much effort to attract their attention, but a sign of chemistry between two people says that you may want to get attention only from that special person. You may end up making a scene (not in a negative way) just to ensure that he doesn’t miss out on you. But be careful in this scenario, so that you don’t end up making a fool of yourself trying to impress your crush.

21. Your heart beats faster

Whenever the signs two people are in love are discussed, the matter of racing heartbeats comes into the picture. Once again, the oldest and the most potent sign of intense chemistry between two people is that your heart starts beating faster when you see them. It’s a wonderful feeling and something you don’t want to end. Ever. It’s one of the sure-shot signs of deep attraction.

Key Pointers

  • Good chemistry is a combination of emotional, psychological, and physiological ways in which two people find a certain connection with each other
  • Some of the obvious signs of chemistry include a strong sexual tension, feeling butterflies in the stomach, flirting with each other, and making eye contact
  • Seeking their attention, wanting to spend time with them all the time, focusing on them, and adjusting for them are a few other signs of deep attraction between people

Chemistry is natural and something that can’t be planned or controlled. Nandita says, “When the chemistry is high, there is energy and passion between a couple, giving it that extra kick, making it more fun and loving.” While it would be foolhardy to presume it is love, it can definitely be the first step toward a meaningful and long-term relationship. Enjoy the process and the feeling, and take cautious steps toward the next chapter in your book of relationships!


1. How do you know if there is chemistry?

When you share great chemistry in a relationship, you have eyes only for each other, you have an inexplicable attraction for them, you feel drawn to them, and you feel excited and slightly tense. There is some amazing sexual chemistry as well when you feel your heart beating faster and feel the butterflies in your stomach.

2. Can other people see the chemistry between two people?

Yes, to a certain extent. Intense romantic chemistry is hard to hide no matter how much you try. The way these two people brighten up in each other’s presence and care about each other will definitely give others an idea that something is going on. Especially the change in body language, the smiles, the frequent glances at each other, and the attention two people pay each other are surefire signs that they are attracted to one another. Such things are easily noticeable by their close acquaintances.

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