21 Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

The story is as old as time itself. Boy meets girl. Sparks fly. There is music in the air that perhaps only the two of them can hear. The world seems to cease as they have eyes only for each other. The atmosphere crackles with their vibe. And bingo, before you know it, you hear they are dating. These things are perfect signs of chemistry between two love-struck people.

From Jack and Rose in Titanic to Romeo and Juliet in well… Romeo and Juliet, the magnetic attraction between two people is the basis of eternal love-at-first-sight stories in hundreds of books, movies and plays. The love angle may come in at a later stage, but when you feel the electricity with someone who sends your pulses racing, it’s a surefire that the chemistry between the two of you is at a boiling point!

What Causes Chemistry Between Two People?

There is a reason why this irresistible yet unspoken mutual attraction between two people who have just met, is called ‘chemistry’. You may have come across the term several times in literature and movies and perhaps even used it loosely to describe the hottie at work or the guy who caught your eye at the shopping mall. But what does it actually mean?

The reason or the meaning is quite scientific. A gist of several kinds of research done on this very interesting subject says that in human chemistry there is a chemical bond whose function is to hold human molecules (in this case, people) together.

It is these chemical bonds that trigger intense chemistry with someone, leading to you feeling that special connection with someone. This results in the aforementioned inexplicable magnetic attraction between two people who were perhaps meant to be together, even if for a short time.

In other words, chemistry can be described as a combination of emotional, psychological and physiological ways in which two people relate to each other.

American researcher and author of Anatomy of Love: The Natural History of Monogamy, Adultery and Divorce, Helen Fisher, states in her paper on Romantic Love that the exhilaration of attraction is associated with phenylethylamine (PEA), which is chemically related to the amphetamines, and with the action of monoamine neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in the limbic system and associated areas of the brain. This is one of the reasons why you can even see signs of chemistry between strangers.

Confused? So are we! In a nutshell, just understand that chemistry is related to the chemical reactions in the brain that cause you to feel drawn to someone you barely know. Of course, once the chemical reaction settles in, other factors take over. Namely, sexual attraction (this is an important factor), similarity, non-judgmental attitude and good communication. A perfect combination of all of these are all signs of chemistry between two people – as we know it.

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What Are The Signs of Chemistry Between Two People?

What are the mutual chemistry signs? Can other people see the chemistry between two people? Well, if the connection between two people is really strong, then the answer is yes. The magnetic attraction between two people results in a vibe so strong that it is impossible to hide the affection a man may have for a woman or vice-versa. Recent example? Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga!

Who can forget their sizzling Oscar performance that left the whole world wondering if they were secretly in love as the sexual tension was definitely felt by one and all. Coming close on the heels of their blockbuster movie A Star is Born, where they looked super hot together, it was impossible to believe they were not attracted to each other.

Likewise, in real life too, there are definite signs to watch out for if you are feeling chemistry with a person. Here are some of them:

1. Continuous eye contact

Among the strong signs of chemistry between strangers is eye contact. In the dating game, the first move is ironically made by the eye. Romance begins when you suddenly spot someone in the crowd and then your eyes do not want to see anyone else. As the minutes pass, you find yourself involuntarily trying to spot them again and again. This is one of the most telling signs of chemistry between strangers.

2. The body language changes

magnetic attraction between two people
Your eyes meet and talk

This is one of the signs of chemistry that perhaps escapes even the individuals involved in the equation. If you have ever wondered what does chemistry feel like, notice your body language. You may be slightly leaning on the object of your affection, you would be seeking to sit closer to them, perhaps you’d be unconsciously biting your lips or playing with your hair in their presence. All of these gestures are manifestations of the strong pull and attraction you feel toward them or they toward you.

3. There is a strong sexual tension

Physical attraction is one of the reasons for chemistry between two people. Despite getting introduced to him or her in a meeting, if there is another occasion to meet, you might feel a small tension in the pit of your stomach.

Your body can even feel a bit tight initially. Remember how Diane Lane just used to stiffen up when she’d meet Olivier Martinez in Unfaithful? It was the prelude to a scorching affair. Feeling sexually drawn to each other even when there is no romantic angle in your relationship yet is one of the undeniable mutual chemistry signs.

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4. Time flies when you are with them

It may not always be about an unspoken sexual tension or merely physical attraction. Being in the company of this person may result in you losing track of time. This is because, aside from the strong feeling of mutual attraction, you are also enamored by the conversation, the laughter and the comfort level.

Even if you’ve just met them or are still getting to know each other, you feel as comfortable with them as you would with an old friend. It’s a great feeling to be constantly entertained in a person’s company and that’s possible only when you have intense chemistry with someone.

5. You want to see them again and again

The chemistry between two people works the strongest in the initial part of a potential relationship. When you feel that incredible electricity with someone, it is but natural to want to see them more often. You may make extra efforts to meet the person like arranging hangouts or going for events that he or she may be attending.

Putting in extra effort into your appearance before meeting them, and looking for or creating excuses to see them are sure-fire signs of chemistry that may go on to become the basis of a deeper connection.

6. You may try to stalk him/her on social media

The first reaction when you feel signs of chemistry is to look him or her up on social media. If you suddenly find too many likes on your post or comments on old pictures from a person and you have just met and you feel like doing the same, know that there is something brewing between the two of you.

You may end up stalking them on social media, seeing their every update and looking up old photos to assess their personality through Instagram.

7. The subtle flirting begins

Few people would like anyone coming on too strongly to them, except when there is mutual attraction. That’s why one of the foremost signs of chemistry is that you don’t seem to mind if they begin to subtly flirt with you.

The goodbye kiss might last just a bit longer, the handshake might be a wee bit tighter and even those small gestures feel oh-so-passionate and wonderful! A part of you yearns for more. If you can relate to these feelings, know that you’re experiencing mutual chemistry signs first-hand.

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8. You feel positive

When you are with a person who you share incredible chemistry with, you feel like you are with a friend. The attraction apart, there is a certain comfort level that makes you enjoy their company. They bring a smile to your face like no one else. It is the powerful magnetic attraction between two people at work here and you’d rather be around that one person who makes your energy levels vibrate highly!

9. The small things become important

When you fall out of love with someone, you may even forget the person’s birthday. On the other hand, when you feel chemistry with someone, you tend to remember and notice the smallest of things. A new hairdo, a changed Whatsapp DP, a simple joke cracked at a gathering and the minutest details of whatever they have shared about their life.

10. You focus only on each other

The world stands still when you experience intense chemistry signs. If a person is attracted to you, despite the presence of hundreds of others, it is your words that they pay attention to. And your attitude changes as well. For instance, let’s say you hate your job but if you suddenly feel chemistry with a coworker, the office actually seems like fun and not a very dreary place. It’s not the changed work but the person you are with that’s working its magic.

mutual chemistry signs
They can brighten even the most dreary situations

11. The same things make you laugh

If you want to know how you connect with a person, notice what makes you laugh. A sense of humor is something that we seek in our partners. If two people know how to make each other laugh, it’s a sure shot sign that they share a crackling chemistry. They will instantly catch your wit and you might be equally adept at responding to theirs. It is this banter that makes a new relationship so much fun.

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12. You look like a couple

How many times have people remarked, “Hey but we thought you were dating”, on seeing you with a friend. It means that even if you haven’t begun dating officially, there is something about your body language and the way you behave together that makes it seem like you are a couple.

It is one of the signs that you’re transitioning from friends to lovers. Even if you’re both in denial about your feelings the mutual chemistry signs are too obvious to not be noticed by others.

13. You want to adjust

You’re hanging out together, watching Netflix and binging on pizza. He wants to watch Ocean’s 11 for the zillionth time, you are in the mood for a Friends rerun for the billionth time. A remote has often been the cause of conflict between couples.

When the connection between two people is driven by fiery chemistry, these conflicts become inconsequential. In this case, you really don’t mind giving a heist film a chance. Not to keep him happy but you genuinely feel okay about changing plans. Spending time with him is more important than fighting over Netflix!

14. You soften your voice

Feel chemistry
You speak in a soft voice

Just like body language changes when you are feeling drawn to someone, so does your voice. Automatically, there is a softness and gentle caring tone when you speak about him. It may even surprise your friends for who has seen this coy side to you? The change in voice and tone, which is as evident as your relaxed smile and warmth when you talk about them, is one of the tell-tale indicators that you share intense chemistry with someone.

15. You feel a huge sense of familiarity

Forget the unspoken tension or the unspoken mutual attraction for a bit, when there is a magnetic attraction between people, there is a sense of familiarity too. It’s as if they have known each other for years. This also shows a high degree of compatibility especially if the interests are similar.

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16. Conversation flows easily

Do you know what the biggest date spoiler is? Bad or boring conversation! It isn’t a pretty sight when you are with someone and suddenly you run out of topics to talk about.

Well, that won’t happen if you have chemistry. You won’t need speed dating questions to start conversations with them or brush up on witty one-liners before meeting them. Even if you’re drawn to someone you barely know, one of the signs of chemistry between two people is the easy-flowing conversation that you don’t want to end.

17. The anticipation is intense

They say you shouldn’t have too many expectations or you are bound to be disappointed. Well, two people who share sexual chemistry are clearly an exception to this rule. Despite the comfort level and the surety that there is a strong attraction at both ends, you may still be anxious about what they feel. You anticipate their every move and try to modify your own just to see if there is a possibility of a future together.

18. The crazy butterfly in the stomach feel

It might be the oldest cliché in the world – that you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see the objection of your mad attraction is among the surest signs 2 people like each other. This feeling gets augmented manifold when your connection is fired up by intense chemistry.

Signs of chemistry between two people say that the slight tingly feeling you get when you are excited about something becomes far more pronounced and hard to contain. If you’re not sure about how you feel about someone you’re attracted to, just listen to the butterflies in your stomach.

19. The pheromones add to the magic

intense chemistry with someone
The body produces hormones that create sexual attraction

Back to chemistry! When we like or are attracted to someone, the body produces pheromones, a hormone that causes attraction and sexual desire. This pheromone also affects our bodies and makes them produce certain smells that attract the opposite sex! So yes, it’s not just fragrance that may be making him go crazy but also pheromones.

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20. You seek attention

It doesn’t take too much effort to attract his attention, but a sign of chemistry between two people is that you may want to get attention only from that special someone. You may end up making a scene (not in a negative way) just to ensure that he doesn’t miss out on you. But be careful in this scenario, so that you don’t end up making a fool of yourself in trying to impress your crush.

21. Your heart beats faster

Whenever signs two people are in love are discussed, the matter of racing heartbeats comes into the picture. Once again, the oldest and the most potent sign of intense chemistry between two people is that your heart starts beating faster when you see them. It’s a wonderful feeling and something you don’t want to end. Ever.

Chemistry is natural and something that can’t be planned or controlled. While it would be foolhardy to presume it is love, it can definitely be the first step towards a meaningful and long-term relationship. Enjoy the process, the feeling and take cautious steps towards the next chapter in your book of relationships!


1. How do you know if there is chemistry?

You have eyes only for each other, you have an inexplicable attraction for him or her, you feel drawn to someone you barely know and you feel excited and slightly tense. There is some amazing sexual chemistry as well when you feel the heart beating faster and the butterflies in your stomach.

2. Can other people feel the chemistry between two people?

Yes, to a certain extent. Especially the change in body language, the smiles and the attention two people pay each other are surefire signs that they are attracted to one another.

3. Can other people see chemistry between two people?

If the connection between two people is really strong, then yes, other people can sense the chemistry between them. Magnetic attraction between two people results in a vibe so strong that it is impossible to hide

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