7 women confess about hating themselves for yelling at their husbands without reason

Rucha Ogale

Confessions from wives about their moments of regret

We all have our moments of regrets. It could be a goof up at work, a loose word said to your in-laws or a having sworn in front of your kids. It is best to accept your mistake and apologise to avoid causing a strain in the relationship.
Though unintentionally, women tend to take their husbands for granted at times, without knowing the logic or reasoning behind their actions. Here are 7 confessions by women who hated when they yelled at their husbands:

1. When he woke up the baby

“We were new parents to a 9 month old baby and our daughter was not an easy child. She didn’t sleep till late and woke up at least twice during nights. I had just resumed work so I was really craving for sleep. I somehow managed to put our baby to sleep that night. Ajit went to plant a kiss on the baby’s forehead. We were about to leave when he stepped on a squeaky duck and the sleeping angel was no more sleeping. I remember a rage growing within me and I yelled at him at the top of my lungs. I really just wanted to sleep. I knew it was an innocent mistake and I apologised to him for being unkind.”

2. When he missed our son’s birthday party

“I can never forget that day when I was a complete jerk. I was furious with Jitesh for missing his son’s fifth birthday. As always, he had mixed up the timings and was still at work at 6 pm. I yelled at him with all my might for being irresponsible and ignorant towards his family. He rushed out of his office in a hurry. It was 7:30 now and there was still no sign of him. I went to get my phone to check on him again when I saw a lot of missed calls from an unknown landline number. Panicked I called back only to find out that Jitesh had met with a car accident and was admitted in a hospital for a fracture.”

3. When I almost got us into an accident

“Mahesh and I were coming home from dinner. It was pretty late and we were exhausted. We were staying a little outside the city back then and had to take the highway for a short distance to get home. I was struggling hard to stay awake when suddenly I felt like the car approaching us was about to bump into us. I shrieked asking him to turn and he panicked for a split second making the car go a little off the lane, but immediately regained control. I scolded him for being careless which is when he made me realise that I had dozed off and had probably dreamt it. I hated myself for almost getting us into an accident.”

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4. When he picked up the wrong laundry

“It was my cousin’s wedding and I did not find the time to decide on an outfit in between my work, house and the kids’ school. I dropped the saree to my dry cleaner at the last minute and forgot to collect it. I realised it when I started to get ready and panicked because I had nothing else to wear. Anant offered to pick it up for me before he left for work. He dropped off the laundry in a hurry and left for work. He had collected the wrong saree! “This isn’t mine,” I screamed on the phone. On hindsight, I realised even though he had made a mistake, he only meant good and his intentions were to be helpful.”

5. When he slept off

“I was out of town for work and was going to return very late the same day. When I reached home, I fished for my keys only to realise I was carrying a new handbag and had forgotten to transfer them. I rang the doorbell and at the back of my mind, was regretting disturbing Rohan. But Rohan was a sound sleeper and after ringing the bell 13 times and calling him on his phone a couple of times did he wake up. Sleepy-eyed, he opened the door with a smile. I vented out all my frustration on him. I complained about being tired, hungry and sleep deprived. Rohan just gave me a hug and led me to the microwave where a dinner plate was waiting for me. I never felt so guilty in my life. I apologised to him right there.”

6. When he got the promotion and I didn’t

“Firoz and I worked in the same firm, that’s how we met actually. Though in different departments, we often discussed each other’s work at the dinner table. It was increment time and I was sure to get a promotion that year. Firoz was hoping for one too. When the day came, my boss had selected my colleague over me for the promotion indicating the reason that I never worked till late when needed. I had a kid and as a mother, I was the one rushing home every evening. But I had worked on weekends and holidays to compensate that. I felt extremely dejected. And when I found out Firoz got a promotion, I felt a pang of jealousy hit me. On the way back home, I made a snide remark on him being lucky to be man which led to a fight. I knew I was being unreasonable but I could not help it.”

7. When he had to work late

“Hiren and I had been married for just 6 months. He is a CA and the financial year end is the busiest time of the year for him. I have times when I work late too, but mostly I am home by 6 pm. I hated being alone in the empty house. It was 20 days and we had hardly had time to even have a 10 minute conversation. I remember being pissed at a colleague that day when I came home to find a message on my phone saying, ‘I won’t be home till 10 at least’. That did it. I picked up the phone and dialled Hiren’s number but he disconnected the call. I kept calling him, forgetting all sensibilities. On my fifth attempt, a panicky Hiren answered the call asking if I was ok. I took out all my anger on him and cribbed about him never being there. He was seriously upset with me this time but just hung up. I immediately realised I was being unreasonable and messaged him the same.”

There are times when we react in a way that is hurtful to others. We say things without thinking twice, spontaneously, but the words remain with the other person for a long time. We cannot take back our words, but we can definitely do what it takes to repair the damage.

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Vasudha Tripathi
Vasudha Tripathi June 15, 2018 - 2:12 am

It is okay sometimes do that and yes it is not under the control too. We can only repent later on. I can so much relate to some of the points. Yes, it feels bad especially when you a husband as nice as mine

Preeti Goyal
Preeti Goyal June 14, 2018 - 2:09 pm

It does happen many a times and husbands do not say a word even when it’s not their mistake. I feel really sorry at that time. But lucky to get such husbands. And yes, we need to really control our anger and also need to check on our words as sometimes, these small things might create issues in relationships. So, we really need to check on it.

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