12 Smart And Easy Ways To Deal With A Nagging Wife

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Nagging Wife

Why haven’t you come back home? When will you bring the groceries? Why isn’t your office over yet? If these questions made you picture your marriage and your wife, then these are signs of a nagging wife. You come home from work thinking of finally getting peace, but what you actually get is war. A nagging and disrespectful wife is never satisfied with her man and undermines him at every chance she gets. She bickers all day and sucks out the man’s energy to an extent that he loses his decision-making ability and gives in. They say, “A happy wife is a happy life”. If your wife’s nagging you then you just need to do a few things right to ensure you don’t have to put on the earphones when you get back home.

12 Ways To Deal With A Nagging Wife

Why does my wife nag so much? Why can’t she understand me? These are some questions that all troubled husbands ask themselves. Most of the times when your wife flies off the handle, you have no idea why. All of a sudden she will nag about 7-month old incidents and you’ll be left clueless about what just happened. Wives get angry and nag when they are unhappy or when things don’t go as planned. Sometimes, this nagging becomes like an everyday ritual which makes you want to scream your lungs out. If you’re frustrated with your quarrelsome wife and are tired of being kicked around the kerb, here’s a chance to end your suffering forever. Here are 12 Ways to deal with a nagging wife.
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1. Don’t answer back

When we tell you not to answer back, it doesn’t mean that you need to stay quiet and let your wife keep nagging you. When your wife nags you, you need to understand that she is in a hostile state of mind. Arguing and answering back is only going to make matters worse. Imagine a situation where your wife says, “You always forget things that I tell you to do. It is a mistake to rely on you.” Instead of saying things like, “Yes, do it yourself then. I can’t remember everything.” Wait for her to cool down and talk to her calmly. She will surely understand you.

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2. Remember, the boss is always right

Yeah, your wife is your boss. The faster you accept this fact, the easier it gets for you. A nagging wife will always see herself as the one who is right. No matter whose fault it is, you’ll be the one to say sorry almost every time. If you start to argue, it will go on and on. If your wife is bickering at you, an intelligent husband would want to play safe and tell her that she is right. This will calm her down and her constant bickering will stop for a while.
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3. Dealing with a nagging wife-talk it out

Most marriages turn into unhappy ones because of lack of communication between them. If your wife is nagging you constantly, try to understand why. You need to talk it out and understand the problem. Things aren’t just going to magically fix themselves. A 15- minute conversation could fix a 3-month-old problem.

My friend was very forgetful which made his wife nag him constantly. He thought that it was his wife’s habit to just nag. Once he spoke to her about the real reason behind her nagging, he realized that it was a small issue and tried to be less forgetful. His wife too stopped nagging him.

4. Identify your mistake and apologize

Let’s face it – you may not be husband of the year. If your wife is nagging you, it means that you’ve done something to tick her off. Wives don’t always rant and nag for no reason. Like most husbands, you’ll have no idea about what you’ve done to tick her off. But truth be told, you could actually be at fault. Go over your past activities and try to understand where you must have gone wrong. For starters, you may not be stepping up to your responsibilities or taking your career seriously. Are you living up to the promises you made to her before marriage?

Calm a nagging wife by accepting your mistake

Calm a nagging wife by accepting your mistake Image Source

Once you realize your mistake, apologize sincerely. A simple sorry can turn a nagging beast into your beautiful wife again.

5. Listen to what she has to say

Husbands are notorious for not paying attention to what wives say. When their wives nag at them, husbands focus on the part that their wife is nagging them but fail to listen to what their wife is saying while nagging. The next time your wife nags you, listen to what she is saying while nagging. If it’s about a habit of yours that she doesn’t like or a mistake that you may have committed, work on improving those things rather than letting the nagging get worse.

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6. Try to see things from her perspective

Try to understand why your wife is behaving the way she does. Stand in her shoes to understand her perspective. If she keeps on bringing up past mistakes, understand why. With other things on your mind, you might not be able to understand the reason behind your wife’s frustration. By seeing things from her perspective, you may be able to understand her better and will find a way to tackle her nagging.

7. Talk about your perspective

It is important for your wife to understand your perspective as well. When your wife is nagging at you, take a stand for yourself and tell her how you feel. Tell her how much her nagging is affecting your mental peace and is hampering your other engagements as well. If you feel she is controlling, tell her so. Make sure that your wife knows how her nagging is affecting you. If she doesn’t want to listen to you then tell her that you won’t listen to her until she listens to your side of the story too.

Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t understand how you feel.

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8. Work on yourself

Many wives get frustrated because husbands continue to live their life like a bachelor and don’t want to work on becoming more mature and improve life skills. Perhaps she expects you to help with household chores. Or she wants you to be more affectionate towards her. You need to understand that you are married now and marriage brings in lots of responsibilities and obligations to fulfill. You will need to accommodate the responsibilities that come with marriage into your life.

Work on yourself

Work on yourself Image Source

Work on your old habits and try to improve them to become a better and more responsible person for your wife. Start with the little things like saying “I love you” to your wife frequently, bringing the groceries, washing the dishes, etc.

It’s time to grow up and finally become an adult.

9. Understand her role Vs. yours

Men and women carry different labels that are based on their responsibilities and relationships. Your wife may be carrying labels such as daughter, wife, mother, entrepreneur and what not. Men too, carry various labels such as husband, entrepreneur, son, etc. The difference here is that although men and women of today carry similar labels, their roles and responsibilities differ vastly.

Women tend to outdo themselves when it comes to carrying out their responsibilities and become multitasking experts. When men don’t live up to their roles and responsibilities, this is when women start nagging. You need to understand that your wife isn’t superwoman and it’s her human side that is nagging at you as a cry for help.

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10. Negotiate with her

Marriage is about adjustments and compromises. You both need to compromise on parts of your personal life in order to fit in the obligations that you both have towards the marriage. Negotiate with your wife and reach a workable solution. There’s nothing that can’t be resolved and you both will be able to work out a plan. If your wife nags at you and tells you to wash the dishes every day, tell her, “Honey, Wednesdays and Saturdays are rough in the office. I’ll wash the dishes on the other days instead.”

There’s nothing that is not negotiable.

11. Ask her to accept you

It becomes frustrating when your wife doesn’t accept you for who you are. Bitterness starts to creep in and threatens the very foundation of your marriage. It is one of the characteristics of a nagging wife. Your morale and self-esteem lowers because of your wife showing her dissatisfaction with you almost all the time. Tell your wife that this is the person who she married and she knew who you were before marriage. Marriage does not change a person into someone else overnight. She needs to accept you for who you are for this marriage to work.

Share how you feel

Share how you feel Image Source

12. Talk to a counsellor

Counselling has many benefits and it can come to your rescue if you have been unable to find a solution to problems in your married life. If your wife’s constant nagging and bickering doesn’t stop no matter what you do, it is time for a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. Getting into couples therapy will help you both open up to each other in the most surprising ways.

All those years of pent up anger and frustration will finally surface. You both will be able to put forward your true selves in front of each other and the root of your problem will be finally identified.

The meaning of nagging in a relationship is constantly expressing discontent with your partner. Your wife knows what is best for you even if you wish to disagree. Her sixth sense combined with understanding of surroundings do wonders in these instances. Nagging never comes out of nowhere. If your wife just exploded, there’s something that is definitely wrong.

Some women nag because of the masculine energy that drives within them. They feel that they need to be the superior and dominating force which makes them constantly nag. If your wife is nagging at you for small things that you can improve on, you can work on yourself and improve your habits. But if your wife is being unreasonable in her demands, there’s some thinking you need to do.

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