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What to do when you’re in a relationship with a womaniser

Are you always fighting with your partner about the attention he pays other women? Is he always checking out the women passing by even when he's with you?
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He’s always after other women, even when he’s with you

Tanisha, a 29-year-old fashion designer in Mumbai was deeply in love with 35-year-old Sameer, a charming businessman from the suburbs.

Red flags cautioned her but she was too blind and carried away by his charming alluring and seductive smooth talk. She failed to see through the rose coloured spectacles that he was a Casanova!

Even after having caught him cheating on her numerous times, she failed to understand that he was a womaniser. Sameer was in every way a charmer, a player who could woo any woman, old or young in a matter of a few hours. She would see him flirting openly with her friends and colleagues, only to be hurt and embarrassed at the end. Sameer would cool her down, whispering sweet nothings to her until she gave in. And at times Sameer would accuse her of being suspicious, possessive or jealous, leaving her doubting herself.

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  1. This article somehow knew what i was feeling and then told me what to do. The thing is how do i follow through? Somewhere the resolve breaks…please help.

  2. Actually I know that what does it feels like to be in relationship with a womaniser man.
    With all my experience I only have to say that leave him ASAP.

  3. I think giving it time and trying to put in the elements of patience and understanding of who he is very important here. However, if it goes to such an extent that you feel completely left out from his life, you can consult a professional help in this matter or even take the ultimate decision to stay or not with him.

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