How To Flirt On Tinder – 10 Tips & Examples

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Updated On: October 4, 2023
how to flirt on tinder

In the year 2020, Tinder set a record for the highest number of swipes during a single day. If you’ve recently joined Tinder, then you must’ve realized that flirting online is different from flirting in person. This must have left you wondering how to flirt on Tinder.

After having spent a considerable amount of time on the platform and having lost matches because of my weak flirting. I have developed a mental road map on how to flirt on Tinder by smoothly sliding in a DM 😉 I’m here to share those insights with you, so that, unlike me, you don’t have to take the long road of trial and error to get your online flirting game on point. 

Be assured that these tips and examples have been tested and they work like magic! Sky’s the limit once you incorporate these tips in your online flirting. With these Tinder flirting tips you’ll not only fetch more responses but also keep the conversation interesting throughout!

Top 10 Tips On How To Flirt On Tinder

The dating culture has gone through a huge paradigm shift after the year 2020. Online dating has been a lifesaver for those who looked for connections outside their living space (without actually having to step out of that space). Dating apps like Tinder have been a great medium to continue meeting new people.

So how to flirt on Tinder when you foray into the online dating setup? How can you send your message across with just the right flirty touch? That’s what I am here for. I will answer your questions and teach you how to flirt over Tinder in these 10 simple tips. 

I know the general narrative is that we flirt to get someone to like us. I want you to know that this is the farthest thing from the truth. The approach to flirting is to let someone know that we’re into them. Before we proceed further drop any other impression you may have about flirting on Tinder.

After having destroyed any false notions you may have about flirting on dating apps, I am certain you won’t make any mistakes. It’s time for you to make a comeback as a master flirt on Tinder.

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1. Keep your texts short, sexy and funny

Flirting on Tinder is not difficult, but unfortunately, we make it so by sending long paragraphs. When you keep your texts short and funny, there is a higher probability of your Tinder match responding to you.

I want you to open your Tinder DM right now and check if you’ve been sending messages longer than two lines. If you’re a guy and are wondering why a girl hasn’t replied to you yet. This may very well be the reason.

It’s no secret that women get more responses than men on Tinder. Now keeping this in mind, if you’re sending a paragraph about something that she can’t relate to, chances are you’ll be joining the pile of unread DMs.

So the next time you open a conversation on Tinder and start typing, be conscious of the length of what you’re writing. If you’re wondering about what more you can write, STOP and backspace the irrelevant things.


Do send: Oh my, what’s a pretty girl like you doing on Tinder?

Don’t send: Wow you’re so pretty, I wonder what is a pretty girl like you doing on Tinder and not that you can’t be. I was just wondering.

2. Flirt subtly and do it confidently

Being subtle while flirting can fetch you responses like never before. I’ve made the mistake of lacking subtlety in my flirting and paid the price for it. Over time I learned that the key is to be assertive enough that they don’t miss it but smooth enough for them to not do an eye-roll.

When you are flirting subtly, you let the conversation take its natural course. Be honest, you must have come across at least a few instances where you felt like it was a drag. If the conversation is drying up, that’s when you send a flirty to spice things a bit. 

A mistake that most of us make when we’re flirting is we tend to overdo it. Let’s revisit the reason behind flirting: to make someone know that we’re interested in them. Once you have let someone know you’re into them, overdoing it will make you come off as desperate, and being clingy in a relationship always ruins it.

So learn the art of subtle flirting, in turn, you will be able to hold a conversation with your match longer and you’ll do it effortlessly. You become naturally flirty when you’re interested in knowing someone.

Flirting on Tinder examples vol. 1

– *Name* could you stop being so lovely/sexy/silly, it gives me butterflies!

– Hey there, stranger, stop being a stranger. I had a hunch that we’d match

How to flirt on Tinder

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3. Be generous with the compliments

A word of advice for the newcomers who have flocked over Tinder around the time of the pandemic: don’t be vague or random with your compliments. It’s really easy to spot an “I’m complimenting you because I want to get in your pants” message.

But if you are stuck in a mental loop wondering how to flirt on Tinder and only want to test waters first, dropping a genuine compliment is a great way to get a girl’s attention. Break the ice with your person of choice. Everyone loves a compliment and when you point to something specific in their profile you get to stand out of the queue of previously mentioned unread DMs.

Now for the folks who’ve been on Tinder for a while now and want something more than icebreakers for Tinder, I’ve got something for you too. When you want to sustain a conversation with someone you’ve already talked a little back and forth, try moving away from superficial compliments about the looks. Instead, compliment the person on their personality or traits that you find truly endearing. 

4. How to flirt on Tinder? By asking playful questions 

What’s common between Tinder flirting and flirting in person is that they both need you to be playfully funny to keep the lead open. Don’t be the person who asks poorly timed questions. Meaningful questions have their place on Tinder too, but first, work with the basics and follow the Tinder etiquette rulebook.

When you’re in the phase of getting to know your Tinder crush, you can rely on funny Tinder questions to keep things interesting for you. There is no Holy Grail technique you can rely on but this is how to flirt over Tinder: by asking playful and funny questions.

Most people on Tinder are looking for a casual and playful connection. If you slide into someone’s DM with something heavy when all they’re looking for is a summer fling, you’ll be unmatched.

When someone is talking to you for the first time on Tinder, a judgment about your potential with them has already been made. So save yourself the effort of trying to sound cool and just be yourself. Use these initial stages of texting to get to know each other better for your online dating to be a success.

You can ask playful questions like:

– Are you ready to be swept off your feet anytime soon?

– I just read an article on How to flirt on Tinder? And it said ask funny questions so, how you doin’?

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5. Flirt on the what-ifs

Flirting on dating apps becomes a lot easier when you have an intention in mind. When you are flirting on the what-ifs, you send a clear message that you’re looking to hook up, meet new people, date, etc. So think about what is a good ‘what if’ message you can send that matches your intention.

Work out the basics and create a sense of familiarity between you and your Tinder crush, then you can start building on the potential of this connection. Flirting on the what-ifs works well when you two have already gotten comfortable texting each other throughout the day. Because this gives them enough substance through texting to know there is potential here.

That’s the intention behind these flirting on Tinder examples and tips. To show up as your authentic self and do so in a playful manner, occasionally mixing it up with funny questions. Of course, if you’re here to only have a fling, you can still use these messages by sending texts like:

“I looked at this dress and immediately thought of how good it would look on you.”

6. Tease your crush by asking saucy questions

Wondering how to be flirty on Tinder if you only wish to hook up? Depending on the tone you have set with your Tinder match, sending horny texts will work in your favor. If you’re on Tinder for a hookup and you’ve been transparent about it, then horny texts or never have I ever questions are the way to go for Tinder flirting.

A well-timed raunchy text can pave the way for a steamy hookup. I insist that you should use these carefully and notice how your match responds. If the response isn’t encouraging, take the message that it’s not what they’re looking for.

If your messages are well received and reciprocated, then you’ve got the green signal you need and you can keep going with the saucy texts. Here are a few flirting on Tinder examples that are NSFW:

–  What would we do if we were together?

– My bed is comfy but I’d rather be in yours.

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7. Don’t come on too strong

Being cool around your crush is a superpower. We have all made the mistake of losing our chill when we have a crush on someone. Just a wee bit of feelings for someone and we completely lose our minds.

Flirting with a crush is exciting and it’s normal to lose your chill. But if you make the mistake of coming on too strong, there is a good chance you’re going to get unmatched. The line between healthy vs unhealthy flirting is a fine one. Here is how to be flirty on Tinder without coming off as too strong.

Be subtle with the way you express your feelings, don’t go in and ask for a date right away. This happens more often than you think. So flirt in intervals, space it out, and give your Tinder match the space to reciprocate your flirting. And lastly, don’t send a sexually explicit message during the initial stages. The aim here is to nail how to be flirty on Tinder. Don’t be the one to creep a woman out on Tinder.

Here are a few flirting on Tinder examples for chilled flirting:

– Haha! You’re cute, you’d make an awesome girlfriend.

– Your payment for living in my head rent-free is due.


8. Don’t make the mistake of double texting

We’re all guilty of double texting at some point. Essentially double texting is the instance of you sending a text twice in a row without getting a reply from a person. Everyone has a different opinion of sending a double text, some argue that it’s not always a bad thing to do.

So, you’re really into someone and you’ve even exchanged a few texts back and forth, but one day, your match suddenly ghosts you. This is where your ability to make a sound decision is hindered and you end up sending a few texts in a row in the hope that they’ll respond.

For all those who are wanting to know how to flirt on Tinder after being ghosted, the answer is simple: you don’t flirt after you’ve been ghosted while online dating. If you try to send a flirty text when even the previous message wasn’t replied to, you run the risk of coming off as desperate. Trust me, double texting is not worth it.

9. Ask open-ended questions

An online dating mistake that I’ve seen most of my friends make is that they inhibit the flow of the conversation by asking very restrictive questions. And then, go looking for answers to how to flirt on Tinder successfully.

People love talking about themselves, naturally when you ask an open-ended question you are giving them a chance to talk about themselves. You should use this to your advantage and steer the conversation in a direction where you get to know more about them.

If that’s a situation you’re familiar with, know that open-ended questions are your best friend. One of the best advice for online dating is to start asking open-ended questions, by doing this you let the person you’re talking to take charge of the conversation. This allows you to then add something to their response and hold the conversation for longer.

Flirting on Tinder examples for using open-ended questions:

– How was your weekend? I wonder what your perfect weekend looks like.

– What is the thing that drives you? You’re full of optimism.

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10. Drop hints about meeting in person while flirting

Flirting on dating apps is fun no doubt but it has to feel like it’s going somewhere right? You don’t want a match to occupy your time, energy (and your headspace) without getting somewhere. That’s where flirting and planning a future meeting is a good idea.

Discussing your first date can make things really exciting for both of you. So while you’re here wanting to know how to flirt on Tinder, don’t lose sight of the aim of meeting in person. When you flirt intending to meet in person, your match’s response will give you an idea if they’re on the same page as you or not.

These are a few flirting on Tinder examples to score the first date:

– I really enjoy talking to you, it makes me want to meet you in person.

– I should upgrade my wardrobe before we decide on our first date.

And folks, those are some of the most effective tips on how to be flirty on Tinder for you. I hope you make good use of them and fetch responses from the people you’re into. If you think you have a friend who can make use of these tips, then share this article with them. Sharing is caring!

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