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10 things couples can do (outside bed) for a better sex life

Foreplay for great sex need not always be in bed. Here are some activities outside the bed that can make for an amazing and more fulfilling sex life
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Dr Rajan BhonsleProf Dr Rajan Bhonsle, MD

Hon Professor & Head of the Department of Sexual Medicine, KEM Hospital & Seth GS Medical College, MumbaiDiplomate, American Board of Sexology & American College of Sexologists(Pronounced as India’s TOP SEXOLOGIST by INDIA TODAY, Prof Dr Rajan Bhonsle has written more than 1200 articles in India’s premier publications such as India Today, Times of India, DNA, Hindustan Times, Asian Age, Mumbai Mirror, Mid-Day, The Afternoon, Femina, Cosmopolitan, Life Positive, New Woman, Savvy, Men’s World, etc.)
Foreplay and sex do not begin and end in bed. There is so much that can be done outside the bed in terms of ‘relational foreplay’ that sets the stage for a passionate encounter in bed. Couples who understand and engage in such ‘relational foreplay’ are able to enjoy mutually fulfilling physical intimacy on a sustained basis.

A sexual relationship between partners can be fulfilled only if it is a sensual relationship, and for such a sensual relationship, the heart has to feel warmed, and it is only a warmed heart that ignites passion which culminates in a sharing of intimacy.

1. Retail therapy

Help your partner select an outfit that makes him/her look attractive. This subliminally evokes the physical attraction for each other. Feeling attracted and feeling attractive to the other is a prerequisite for passionate intimacy.

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  1. Nice one!

    Loved each and every pointer. We are so busy these days that we actually don’t spend some quality time with our partner but following these tips would make our overall relationship stronger!

    Whether it’s romantic, raunchy or somewhere-in-between, these tips will surely make your day!

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