10 things couples can do (outside bed) for a better sex life

Dr. Rajan Bhonsle
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Dr Rajan Bhonsle

Prof Dr Rajan Bhonsle, MD

Hon Professor & Head of the Department of Sexual Medicine, KEM Hospital & Seth GS Medical College, MumbaiDiplomate, American Board of Sexology & American College of Sexologists(Pronounced as India’s TOP SEXOLOGIST by INDIA TODAY, Prof Dr Rajan Bhonsle has written more than 1200 articles in India’s premier publications such as India Today, Times of India, DNA, Hindustan Times, Asian Age, Mumbai Mirror, Mid-Day, The Afternoon, Femina, Cosmopolitan, Life Positive, New Woman, Savvy, Men’s World, etc.)

Foreplay and sex do not begin and end in bed. There is so much that can be done outside the bed in terms of ‘relational foreplay’ that sets the stage for a passionate encounter in bed. Couples who understand and engage in such ‘relational foreplay’ are able to enjoy mutually fulfilling physical intimacy on a sustained basis.

A sexual relationship between partners can be fulfilled only if it is a sensual relationship, and for such a sensual relationship, the heart has to feel warmed, and it is only a warmed heart that ignites passion which culminates in a sharing of intimacy.

1. Retail therapy

Help your partner select an outfit that makes him/her look attractive. This subliminally evokes the physical attraction for each other. Feeling attracted and feeling attractive to the other is a prerequisite for passionate intimacy.

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2. Sing together

Karaoke night with both singing romantic numbers for, and with each other, can create the warm and mushy feelings of emotional foreplay as a prelude to much more to come.

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3. Cooking a meal together

This can cook up a storm of passion. Licking each other’s fingers to taste the sauce, whipping the cream and having it with strawberries, is sure to whip up much more between the two.

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4. Kodak moments

Looking at family albums or home videos is a happiness assignment that creates the joyful space of togetherness by reminding both of all the building blocks of the relationship, and creates emotional intimacy, which is the foundation of physical intimacy.

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5. Planning a romantic holiday together

This generates excitement as you look at brochures or browse the Net to know more about the destination. As you look forward to a fun vacation excitedly, you reaffirm the fact that you love being with each other, and this ‘emotional cuddling up’ can translate into a ‘physical cuddling up’ with an instant mini-vacation there and then.

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6. Comedy night

Laughing yourselves silly by watching rib-tickling shows on DVDs, etc., or reading out ridiculous jokes to each other can be extremely refreshing for both, and the light-heartedness creates the right environment to ‘play’ and have ‘fun’ with each other.

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7. Working out together

This leads to a great workout in bed. Going for a swim, a jog, or cycling together releases ‘endorphins’ in both. These ‘feel good’ hormones create the right physical space for an energetic session.

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8. Put your dancing shoes on

Slow dance to your favourite song. As the lyricist of the song plays Cupid, and the bodies move gently in rhythm, the sensuality thus created cannot remain limited to the dance floor.

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9. Playing cards or a board game

This can have a naughty twist where the winner’s wish is the loser’s command. Need I say more?

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10. Lounging together

Sitting on a comfortable sofa with an endless supply of your favourite chilled drink, accompanied by endless chatting about ‘cherished memories’, ‘gratitude’ for the present togetherness, and ‘appreciating’ what both bring to each other. When both feel genuinely valued by each other, then the connection is deep and meaningful, and it is only such a connection that can translate into mutually fulfilling physical intimacy.

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Saloni Maheshwari
Saloni Maheshwari June 26, 2018 - 1:36 pm

Nice one!

Loved each and every pointer. We are so busy these days that we actually don’t spend some quality time with our partner but following these tips would make our overall relationship stronger!

Whether it’s romantic, raunchy or somewhere-in-between, these tips will surely make your day!

Saurabh July 18, 2018 - 5:10 pm

Similar thoughts. And very important to live a healthy relation.

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