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5 things men can do for better foreplay!

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Foreplay for men, is often written off as a quick session before indulging in the main course of intercourse. For women, foreplay, is the dessert. It is not only a prerequisite for a women but a necessary step to proceed before the final act. Considering men can get turned on with the snap of a finger, women need a much longer time to feel sexually stimulated. Unless you don’t want your women to feel sexually pleasured to their last breath, improvement in kinky foreplay is important. Here’s how to do it.

1.  Set the pre-sex mood

No, it doesn’t always necessarily have to be wine and music to set the mood. Light touches here, occasional whispers in a sultry voice, giving her the “let me ravage you” look can work wonders. Sexting always covers that extra mile, making her feel wanted.


2. Ask her what she wants

Know her sexual kinks, what turns her on. Is it the biting that makes her go crazy, or is light hair-pulling she is into or slow pelvic movement (some women are into it!). You can initiate a bit of dirty talking and see if she is into that. You will be amazed to know the sexual secrets that spill out through this technique. It gets her going really hard!

Quick bites

3. Don’t over impose

Don’t go rubbing too hard right at the beginning. No one wants to feel like dough. That is one major turnoff.

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4. Equal attention to all body parts

Don’t just start off with a kiss and move to the breasts and then hop off to the nether regions. Women have many erogenous zones and it is upto you men to figure out which one/ones make her squirm and moan. Focussing only on one part (for men, its mostly the breasts) might make her lose interest. Kiss, bite the neck, and perform an ear cunnilingus with massaging her breasts; explore other parts of her body. It not only gets you super excited but makes her last longer for that massive ‘O’. Pick up on her moans, linger for a while, explore other parts, and then come back there again. You will get rewarded for your god-like dedication to those erogenous parts.

5. Oral

Unlike men, penetration sex might not always lead to a mind blowing orgasm. Oral is THE most important part of foreplay. Stick your tongue in and the Figure 8 technique can leave her begging for more. Gentle sucking with finger movements can work wonders.

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    1. Well all these! Absolutely!! However, I hope there are a few days the guy gets to chill and the girl does the hard work!

      Thanks for sharing!

      Kritagya Daarshanik (Haywire Chronology)

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