What Are Body Language Signs That He Secretly Likes You?

male body language signs of attraction
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Are you getting mixed signals from a guy? Are you constantly wondering, “Is he attracted to me?” If you are, well then, that’s where you need a lowdown on the male body language signs of attraction. Guys sometimes have a hard time expressing their true feelings verbally, leaving the woman in question completely baffled. One day you feel like he is really into you, and the next, he seems to be almost avoiding the space you are occupying. One day he cannot stop laughing at every little comment or joke you make, and the next, he steals his gaze and looks the other way. The person who said that it is difficult to read women honestly didn’t know anything about men.

But fret not, even if he doesn’t say it out loud, there are male body signs a guy likes you that you can read and be sure of what is really going on in his heart and head. Reading men’s body language of attraction is not easy but we give you 18 signs that you can look for in his body language and know if likes you secretly. In consultation with a life coach and counselor Joie Bose, who specializes in counseling people dealing with abusive marriages, breakups and extramarital affairs, this listicle on male body language signs of attraction is going to make your life a whole lot easier.

18 Male Body Language Signs Of Attraction

Men are pros at hiding their feelings, especially from women. They will not let you know how they feel until they are sure of it themselves. Women, naturally gifted with the sixth sense, can pick up the cues but can still not really be sure. To unravel the feelings code for men, you need to first know the right places to look. And one of those places is his body language when he is around you. The signs that he secretly likes you are hidden in his body language. All you need is to know how to read male body language and signs of attraction. That’s what we’re here for – to help you understand the body language signs he likes you.

Women tend to focus on what the guy says rather than how he behaves, and that is where the catch is. Studying men’s body language or the first signs of attraction in a man will reveal all the signs a guy likes you even if he doesn’t speak a word to you directly. The subconscious body movement, the body language, is a storehouse of subtle signs which can accurately convey whether he is attracted to you or not. Read on for the 18 body language signs that will help address your dilemma of whether or not a guy likes you.

1. He will make eye contact

How can you tell whether a guy likes you just by his eyes? You can! Most men are not great at expressing themselves in words, but their eyes give things away. One of the major signs of attraction from a man is when he makes intense eye contact with you. But there are some other ways of knowing too, that you should consider. Are his dilated pupils when he looks at you? Or do his eyes linger on you, for that little extra second? Then he probably cannot help looking at you and that is one of the involuntary signs of attraction. 

Men have a tendency to look into the eyes of the woman they like. If he makes eye contact with you throughout your conversation and appears to be flirting with the eyes, it means that he is interested and wants to know more about you. Eye contact is a direct sign that a man likes you. If his eyes quickly go to your lips and back to your eyes, it is not just the conversation he is interested in. This is a sure sign of attraction in his body language. Glances at your lips are signs that he is secretly attracted to you.

Speaking of one of the most common signs of hidden male attraction, Joie says, “If a guy is interested in you, he will want to gaze at you. Notice the small details. The rest of the world is immaterial to him. His heart is racing and he wants to be with you but he is unsure of your intentions. He will hence try to see if you feel the same way or not. A fixed gaze between two people is powerful. It conveys a lot without saying a word. So, he uses it to make sense of your feelings for him.”

2. He will shyly pull away from eye contact when caught

One of the powerful signs of male attraction, we are sure that you have noticed this before. Sometimes, you might be dating a shy guy who cannot express his emotions openly. Shy men might show a second’s courage to make eye contact and then quickly pull away because of either fear or shyness or maybe respect. When you talk to him, if he shyly looks down and gives a slight smile, he is interested in you but just doesn’t know how to continue that eye conversation. It is one of many ways guys hint that they like you.

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Even though he might not say it properly, you will definitely feel the warm pleasant aura around him which will tell your gut that he is secretly attracted to you but is unable to express it. Explaining why that is, Joie says, “If you catch him looking at you, he’d feel shy and caught. You have found out his intentions. This makes him unsure of the future. He is scared – what if you dismiss him? Friendzone him? He will shyly pull away.

“He wants to project that he is proper. His intentions are not lustful. He wants a soul connection. A relationship. He wants you, all of you. This desire in him is all-encompassing. When this desire is on its way to getting manifested, he feels shy. He doesn’t want you to know enough to say no. He will do this periodically till he is sure that your response will not be negative and that you are not taking his interest as a negative. The shy male body language signs of attraction don’t get any more apparent than this.”

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3. You make him smile

The easiest answer to the question, “Is he attracted to me?”, is that no matter how bad your joke is, he will smile. Such male body language signs of attraction are pretty easy to spot as you’ll see his cheeks flushing and his smile extending as wide as ever when you say something adorable around him. Honestly, if he really likes you, then you can even say something as mundane as you cannot wait for the weather to turn better and he will smile and agree with you. He will try and make you comfortable by agreeing with you if not with his words, then with his smile. We usually have a tendency to smile at things that make us happy and in this case, that thing/person is you.

“If a guy likes you, he will laugh at your jokes – even the dumbest ones. Your presence makes him want to smile like a fool. Hence anything that may remotely give a person a chance to smile, is something he will take up and smile. He also wants you to know that you make him happy,” says Joie.

It’s actually even one of the first signs of male attraction. If he is enamored by you, he will certainly be smiling cheek to cheek around you. If he cannot stop smiling around you and laughs at all your jokes, it is one of the signs that a guy likes you. In fact, you can and should use this opportunity to compliment his smile and make him blush, there you have given him a cue that you’re interested in him too. And just like that, you have not just figured out how to read male body language and signs of attraction but also found a subtle way to let him know that the feelings are mutual.

4. He will go out of his way to give you attention

“I pay attention to you at the expense of others. You have my focus”, that is going to be the body language of a man secretly in love with you. All the signs he is secretly attracted to you will convey this sentiment unequivocally. For instance, if you see him having a chat with his friends and he leaves them just to talk to you, he is trying to show you who he would rather like to spend his time with. This is a pretty clear sign that a man likes you and is also one of the ways guys purposely hint that they are into you.

Guys don’t always notice the little things in general and they rarely ever make a comment about them. Has he noticed that you’ve worn your hair differently than you usually do? Has he noticed that you like chocolate chip flavor more than plain chocolate? If he is paying attention to and making a mental note of these little things about you, there’s a very good chance that he likes you. You will sense body language attraction coming from him. Now that you know how to read men’s body language of attraction, you won’t have trouble figuring out why this man is giving you more attention.

Body Language Signs That He Secretly Likes You
He is trying to show you he would rather like to spend his time with you

5. Signs of male arousal body language: He will take a deep breath

One of our readers wrote to us, “When he first sees me and starts talking to me, he takes a lot of deep breaths. It slowly goes away after we start talking more. He does this every time we’re together. Is he attracted to me?” Well, it could well be. Body language signs are often subconscious, giving away what is in your heart. This is why if he is taking such breaths, it is one of the subconscious signs of male attraction. If he lets out a few deep breaths when you pass by, it is one of those subconscious signs a man likes you a lot and his ways of telling you that you take his breath away.

Maybe he finds it hard to breathe around you and when he remembers he takes a deeper breath. This is a sign he secretly likes you and unconsciously taking deep breaths proves that. At times, if you are looking good or different than usual (something which he might like), he will take a deep breath to let it sink in for he is so blown away by how stunning you look. He might not compliment you but that deep breath is one of the ways guys hint that they like you.

Joie explains another instance where a sigh and a deep breath could count as body language signs he likes you. “The expressions of love for men are typically more physical. If you find someone’s gaze resting on your lips even for a brief moment, he is surely interested in you. And he will want to imagine how it will be to kiss you. That will definitely take him away from the present moment, and the moment reality strikes, he will take a deep breath. He had forgotten to breathe for a second when he was thinking of you.”

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6. He fixes his hair all the time

From the movies to books to probably a few dates you’ve been on, I’m sure you are well aware of this one. Men have a tendency to subconsciously fix their hair when they see a girl they like. When a girl they’re crazy about is around, of a sudden they seem to get conscious of their looks. They want to make an impression in front of the girl and they start it by fixing their hair. Another reason for fixing their hair could be because they want to get your attention and they do it by appearing to fix their hair so that you look at them. This body language is a sure sign that he secretly likes you.

“Hair is something guys pay a lot of attention to, whether or not they show it. Perhaps they typically have very little of it and they lose it fast, that’s why. The relationship between a man and his hair is great. It’s his ally and he feels that if his hair is good, he will look good. In fact, his fixing his hair is one of the first signs of male attraction you’ll notice in him.

“Hence, when he is in your company, he will touch his hair often for support and reassurance. To see if it’s in place. This is the way his vulnerability comes out in front of someone he likes. This is among the sure-shot involuntary signs of attraction. In front of his friend, he wouldn’t care two hoots about how his hair looks,” says Joie.

7. He touches his face a lot

“I am outgoing, even flirty with girls I have no interest in, I am nervous and introverted toward the ones I am attracted to,” a reader confessed to us, seeking our advice on how to remedy the situation. When a guy is interested in you, you might notice him touching his cheeks and chin a lot. Some men get conscious and nervous while talking to the girl they’re interested in. Since they’re feeling self-conscious, they tend to touch their faces a lot. This is one of the unmistakable shy male body language signs of attraction.

It is because they start to feel their skin stretching when they are nervous. It’s also a way of grooming himself to make sure he doesn’t have anything on his face or on his lips. It’s the equivalent of you touching your hair to make sure it looks good. This is a secret body language sign of attraction that you need to latch on to immediately. There cannot be a better sign that a guy likes you than him becoming conscious of how he looks.

“He will also pay more attention to how he dresses, especially on occasions where he knows you’ll run into each other or have plans to meet up. Yup, that’s the body language of a man secretly in love with you. Even if he doesn’t care about what he usually wears, men think that women care. Hence he will put in extra effort to ensure that his clothes are in order and that he is smelling decent,” says Joie.

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8. Signs of attraction from a man: He will make himself noticeable

You both could be involved with different groups of friends or work in different departments at your office, but a guy will go above and beyond to make sure he catches your eye if he’s interested in you. He will do his best to stand out in the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your mind.

One of the many ways guys hint they like you is by finding ways to make you notice them. He might start talking a little louder or try to laugh noticeably. Such subconscious signs of male attraction creep into a lot of situations, without him even realizing it fully. It is because he wants you to notice him even when he is not talking to you. He wants you to see him when he is in his comfort zone and his behavior is a sign that a man likes you.

9. He will look at your lips

The involuntary signs of attraction from a man are your best bet at figuring out whether he likes you or not. There are some things that men cannot hide, even if they think they are pros at it. His gaze inadvertently shifting toward your lips is one such involuntary impulse that he won’t be able to rein in.

While talking to you, he will look at your face and most importantly, your lips. He will stare at them for a split second, or maybe longer, depending on the intensity of his feelings for you, making it one of the foremost signs of male arousal body language. If he looks at your lips, you are not just a friend or a colleague to him, he is attracted to you. It’s a sign he secretly wants you. The signs your colleague is interested in you or a friend has developed a crush on you are not hard to spot, you just need to know what to pay attention to.

10. His feet will point toward you

The answer to how to read male body language or understand powerful signs of male attraction lies in paying attention to the little details about how he is when he is with you. There are a host of body language signs he likes you beyond the way he looks at you and where his gaze rests on you. Look at him in totality and you’ll find the answer to the question, “Is he attracted to me?”. One lesser-known area to focus on when decoding the signs he is secretly attracted to you is his feet.

A study says that we subconsciously point our feet in the direction we want them to go which is one of the biggest signs of physical attraction. Notice him when he is in a group or even alone. In which direction do his feet point? If they are directed toward you, then he is planning on coming to you or thinking about it in his head. It is a good heads-up for you because you already know where his feet are heading. This is his body language sign that he likes you immensely.

11. He will lean in

While having a one-on-one chat with you, he will lean in often. His body signals that he wants to be close to you and he is also checking if you are okay with it. Do you feel the spark? Is there any chemistry between the two of you? If he’s physically leaning in your direction, even from a considerable distance, he’s probably sending you vibes and blatantly expressing his signs of physical attraction to you, and further waiting for how you react to them. This is a body language sign that he secretly wants you.

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12. Male body language signs of attraction: He will fix his clothes

He is not sure that you like him but despite that, he will leave no stone unturned to impress you. He will fix his clothes and make sure that his shirt is tucked in. He might also nervously play with his buttons or cufflinks. He may adjust his tie, pull his socks up, and tuck his shirt or t-shirt in. It is because he doesn’t exactly know how to behave when you are around.

Perhaps he will ask about your favorite color, try and wear more of that. He will also wear the scent he thinks you like. He will not only pay attention to your preferences but his actions will also show that your likes and dislikes matter to him. When he sits, he will sit tall, not slouch in. Fixating on his clothing around you is a sign that he likes you and that he secretly wants you.

male body language signs of attraction
He will leave no stone unturned to impress you

13. He raises his eyebrows

Out of all the male body language signs of attraction, this one is going to seem like the least obvious one, that is why we must remind you to take careful note of it. Again, raising eyebrows is one of those men’s body language signs that appear subconsciously and is a sign that a man likes you. People tend to raise their eyebrows when they see something that attracts them or something that they like. This explains why so many people raise their eyebrows when they see someone attractive passing by.

Does he raise his eyebrows when he sees you too? It means he finds you irresistible and he secretly wants you bad! If you haven’t noticed this so far, pay attention the next time you’re with him. Such involuntary signs of attraction are hard to rein in and can be a dead giveaway of his feelings for you.

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14. His lips part a bit

Such signs of physical attraction are not just obvious, they are also hot. Apart from staring at your lips, another sign that he secretly wants you is that upon seeing you or while talking to you, he could go into a trance or start imagining things (that includes the two of you), as a result of which his lips will part a bit. It usually happens when you lose control of your thoughts and drift away from the present moment. It is possible that he is fantasizing about you.

Perhaps, he is imagining what your first kiss would feel like, only half-listening to whatever you may be saying to him. If you are looking for men’s body language of attraction, these don’t get any more apparent than this. Parting lips are also a warm and welcoming expression that normally draws the other person in. Think about it, and you might just feel it too.

15. There will be many ‘accidental touches’

Your hands didn’t brush against each other accidentally but because it was engineered owing to the signs of attraction from a man that are glaringly obvious in his actions. These little accidents are planned by him. It may be because he wants to hold your hand but can’t or because he wants you to feel the attraction he is feeling toward you, but he doesn’t know how to make that happen.

Whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is that he is attracted to you, very much. It is one of the ways guys hint that they like you. A basic hug will be prolonged even for a split second more. Remember touching your shoulder or lower back is also a sure shot sign of him being attracted to you more than he would ever admit. The body language signs he likes you also include the way he behaves around you and how he responds to being in close proximity to you.

16. He will let you see him checking you out

There is a term called ‘visual voyaging’ where he will look around and check you out till he stops at one particular part of you that he adores the most. You catch him checking you out and smile to yourself thinking that you caught him. He got caught because he wanted you to notice that he is checking you out. It is his way of hinting that he likes you and that he secretly wants you. It is also one of the most intense signs of male arousal body language, leading to a certain kind of sexual tension as well.

Such signs of hidden male attraction begin to emerge only when you have established a certain rapport and chemistry with him. When he is fairly certain that you like him just as much as he likes you but not absolutely sure, he will push the envelope a little and test the waters. When the signs he is secretly attracted to you become as obvious as this, there is a good chance that he is going to make a move and ask you out soon.

17. His nostrils flare

Now, this part is the most unromantic and unsexy part of his body language but truth be told, his nostrils will flare when he sees you. It is because he will want to seem open and inviting in front of you. Most guys don’t even realize this, but this is indeed one important body language sign that indicates his affection for you.

Yes, flared nostrils don’t exactly scream sexy but it is one of those involuntary signs of attraction that he cannot consciously control. On the bright side, if your guy has been masking all the other signs of hidden male attraction well, this could give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

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18. He will not touch his phone

Another way of knowing whether he likes you or not and to answer the ominous, “Is he attracted to me?”, is by observing how often he touches his phone in your presence. If a guy is attracted to you, you will have his full attention and he’d put his phone on silent and keep it upside down when he is around you unless he is expecting an important call.

This is his way of letting you know that you are very important to him and he doesn’t treat you lightly by responding to messages or taking phone calls when you are with him. If he really likes you, he will want to know more about you rather than what his phone has to say. He will prioritize you over his phone (at least for now). So if he is addicted to his phone, but does not even look at it when you are around, it is a sign that he likes you and wants to form a deep connection with you.

He makes you feel special and these male body language signs of attraction have made it clear that he likes you. If you also like him, then go ahead and let him know the same. If you are not sure, go with the flow and see how it goes. If you don’t feel anything for him, don’t freak out. Let him know and he will understand, but make sure you say it through verbal communication and not body language signs, because he may not be able to pick up the signs. Think it through and go ahead with it.

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