21 Ways To Make A Girl Fall For You

Make a Girl Fall For you forever
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Do you have a hard time cracking the code of how to make a girl fall for you? Well, believe me, you are not alone. After all, the way to a woman’s heart is quite challenging. It takes a special man and special efforts to woo a special woman. And boy is the millennial woman a hard nut to crack! She is self-aware and self-sufficient. She is ambitious and doesn’t hesitate to spell out her boundaries loud and clear. She is a force to reckon and that’s the reason you are so crazy about her.

Like most men, you might have asked your guy friends “What makes a girl fall in love with a guy?” Except they are equally clueless. Unless they are Bryan Adams who really knows his stuff as is quite evident by his song ‘Have you ever really loved a woman.’ You can’t get a girl just by gifting a couple of gifts or showing up well dressed with a few careless pick-up lines. There is no one-size-fits-all page from the playbook. It takes a good guy with the skill to make a woman fall in love

The tried and tested, old-school tricks of the trade won’t work. The world has moved on from them. You have to be creative, politically correct, smart, and sassy and more importantly, know what NOT to say to make a girl fall for you. Confused? Don’t be, make our guide your Bible to know exactly what are the things to do to make a girl think about you.

How To Make A Girl Fall For You – 21 Simple Ways

In the dating rulebook, there are a lot of dos and don’ts and a lot of other dating etiquette guidelines as well. The key is to customize it according to the situation in order to win the heart of the subject of your affection. You certainly cannot get a girl to like you if your approach is out of sync with her romantic expectations. Especially if she has no feelings for you, the game gets even trickier and you need to tread very carefully.

There are some tricks to make a girl fall for you. Little things that a woman wants the man to do while he tries to woo her. Unfortunately, just about everyone tries to put the same moves on a woman. And now those little things have lost their novelty and rarely have the desired effect. As someone who has perennially avoided and gotten bored by the wrong kind of attention, here are some things I have gathered about how to make a girl fall for you. If you are up for a daring challenge, then this it’s your chance to master the art of wooing.

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1. Do not flaunt your wealth

You have a fine apartment in Manhattan. An Ivy League degree. You love sports cars and think you are Zac Efron’s long-lost brother. Good for you. But when you meet a girl for the first time, please do not flaunt your qualifications or material accumulations on your first date. When you flex your achievements and possessions, trying to be one of the bad boys. Believe me, you are not impressing her. In fact, you just come across as an obnoxious prick. The same advice goes when you are trying to make a girl fall for you again. If you blatantly declare, “I achieved this, this, this thing after we broke up”, it would take her less than a second to figure out your intentions.

What you should actually do is play it cool! For example, you can be more active on social media, and make sure she sees what you are up to. Or you can spread the news via mutual friends. That way it will be more subtle, and you don’t come across as a pretentious guy. The trick is to let her find out from others and be impressed, instead of overwhelming her with the list of why you are the great guy.

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2. Be a good listener

Now, this rule just does not apply to wooing a girl but in general with anyone. Learn to listen. A good way to get a hot girl to fall for you is to show you are genuinely interested in her persona and not just her looks. Girls and their DMs are flooded with men calling them hot and beautiful. Don’t be another thirsty guy no matter how sexy she is. Coming on too strong can be a major turn off. Even when texting, if you really want to make a girl fall for you on chat, you have to show her that she has your undivided attention instead of constantly just sending her heart or eggplant emojis. Pay attention to what she’s saying and not just her curves or pictures.

Also, don’t zone out in an attempt to be a good listener. You better not get so lost in listening and making eye contact that you forget to respond in an appropriate manner. You know, I once dated this sweet guy who would let me ramble all I want and won’t cut me in the middle. He would just sit there, listen to me, and smile with a nod. The way he framed his thoughts during the conversations and had a constructive solution for all the problems, simply blew my mind. That’s how you make a girl fall in love with you, be thoughtful, and you will grab her attention.

3. Compliment, don’t flatter

Ways to make a girl fall for you - compliment her
Compliment her

It is one thing to pay a compliment and another thing to indulge in empty flattery. Every woman loves a compliment but knows it when you fake it. She will love it if you tell her she’s cute, even so, it bodes well for you to not go overboard with the praises; please do also give credit to her intelligence. Especially if you are dating an independent woman, she will definitely want to be appreciated for more than just how she looks.

Be genuine and when you want to pass a flattering remark, ensure you know what you are talking about, even if you are just casually flirting. A sincere comment might even get her to take you more seriously. Women like a man who will challenge them intellectually and in other ways instead of blindly agreeing with them on every step. So, when you desperately want to make a girl who has no feelings for you fall for you, be you. Compliment all her loving attributes, but at the same time be honest with your opinions and intentions.

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4. Be chivalrous

A number of my guy friends are in a perennial dilemma. Will the modern woman be affronted if he acts chivalrous? As one of them told me sullenly, “When I tried paying the bill on a date, offering to pick and drop, etc, my date curtly said she didn’t need a man to do these things!” Relax, she is an exception.

Chivalry is not dead, it’s a part of polite etiquette just like good table manners. So go ahead, stand when a woman approaches you and pull out the chair for her or walk on the traffic side of the road. There are ways of treating a woman that never went out of style and she will not be triggered or offended by it. If it is important for her to split the check, you may seal a courteous deal by going dutch on the first date or take turns on alternate dates – it’s a win-win for everyone then! Remember, a thoughtful gesture is what makes a girl fall in love with a guy.

But you better not come off as a hero whose sole duty is to protect her from this spiteful world. For example, don’t try to pick a fight with every guy who looks in her direction. Neither tell her to stop dressing a certain way or stop talking to her guy best friends because you know cannot be trusted. She has survived well so far and is capable of doing so in the future. Instead be that caring and supportive pillar who guides her in the right direction, rather than the person who takes away her choices.

5. Be clean and well-groomed

The metrosexual man may be a thing of the past but being well-groomed is always in fashion. When you go out with a girl, make an extra attempt to look good, clean, and smell fresh. Don’t kill a budding romance by showcasing your dirty bachelor lifestyle; it’s a turn-off, really and she will not be impressed.

Also, if you are inviting her home, take the pains to tidy it up and make it smell good. It reflects that you’re a man who takes care of himself and values hygiene. If you’re not sure how to go about it exactly, it’s wise to call in the reinforcements and seek help from a female friend on grooming tips to make you look dapper. Taking a girl’s perspective into account might actually help.

Keep in mind to make a girl fall for you without talking to her, you will have better luck being clean-shaven or nicely trimmed beard, clean clothes, neat and clean shoes (kind of an important one), and the subtle smell of the musk or aftershave, than resembling Tom Hanks from ‘Cast Away.’

6. Be careful of how you text

To make a girl fall for you on Whatsapp or to make a girl fall for you on chat is a completely different ballgame. When you are chatting with a woman, be a bit careful of how you text her. First, try and gauge her personality and figure out what she appreciates and what she does not. Don’t expect to make a girl fall for you through text if your texting game entails sending boring good morning messages or attaching too many emojis to a one-line message.

Here’s the thing. We understand men are visual creatures and physical touch happens to be their top 2 love languages. But to make a woman feel loved you need to express affection in their love language, not yours. Asking for intimate pictures within two days of chatting is certainly not the way to make a girl fall in love with you when she has no feelings. She will not feel secure. In fact, she will probably get disgusted.

Love takes time and it is better not to rush things. And it is a good idea to maintain a certain level of decency until you two are super comfortable with each other. The trick is to keep her engaged and not do things that come across as silly. Until you get to know her better, stick to simple, clean lingo.

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7. Learn to surprise her with small gestures

Make her feel special
Make her feel special

Surprises do not just mean sending gifts on special occasions. Instead, be thoughtful about your surprises and give her something she needs. For instance, if you know she has been having problems with her computer, how about being a tech guardian angel and helping her find a solution? If she is stuck at some odd place, go and pick her up.

This is indeed the key when you want to make a girl fall for you when she has a boyfriend. To show her that you are worth keeping around, you have to make her feel special and that she can rely on you. Small gestures teach you how to make a girl fall for you by making her feel happy.

8. Refrain from vulgarity on social media

Your social media behavior reveals a lot about you. Nick Jonas may have won over Priyanka Chopra by sliding into her DMs but you need to have a certain style and sass to pull it off. To make a girl fall for you online might not be as easy for the average Joe as it was for Nick.

Also, when you reach a certain comfort level of chatting, some of you think sending d*** pics is a ‘sexy’ way to make a girl fall for you on WhatsApp. Hear it from us, loud and clear – it is plain and simply inappropriate. And absolutely yuck!

9. Develop a sense of humor

Everyone loves a funny man. If you have a good sense of humor that does not include borrowed jokes or stale one-liners, the chances of you winning a girl increase. Some women could love your dry sense of humor and have a great time but be careful some might not get the punchlines. If she has your kind of sense of humor and loves pranking the way you do, then she is sure to be the perfect partner in crime.

Here again, authenticity is the key to making a girl fall for you. Do not pretend to be funny or make an exaggerated attempt at humor. Say what comes to you naturally, so she can really see you for who you are. If she matches your vibe, she catches your attention.

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10. Be friendly with her friends

Single women, more often than not, are quite influenced by their friends. I’d suggest you be friendly and nice to her friends and family first. Especially when you want to make a teenage girl fall for you, you have to get along with her coterie of friends because they probably all sit together and analyze every single thing that you do.

It’s certainly one of the smartest things to do to make a girl think about you. When she sees that you’re not only making genuine attempts to get to know her but also the people she’s the closest to, you will certainly leave an impression. Make an attempt to meet them, chat them up, be warm (without being too friendly as that can come off wrong), and show them your nice-guy side. Her friends and family telling her you are a good person to hang out with bolsters your case with her.

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11. Give her space

As a single woman, I know how important ‘space’ is. We singletons sneer at girls who can’t breathe without their boyfriends. At the same time, we love the attention and fuss too. So what do you, as a guy in love, need to do to make a girl fall for you? Pay attention, spend time but don’t smother her with it. Space in a relationship is not an ominous sign. From time to time, give her (and yourself) a break from all the courtship. And let distance make her heart grow fonder.

Do you know how a little space can mend a bridge between two lovers after a breakup? Sometimes a person’s absence is essential to feel their importance in your life more intensely. If you are out there trying to make a girl fall for you again, maintain a certain distance, at least for the time being. It may hurt your feelings now, but in the long haul, it will bring you closer than ever.

12. Make it on time for a date

The worst thing you can do to a girl you have the hots for is to make her wait or stand her up on a date. It’s a golden rule – always be on time for a date. The moment you mess this up, you have already gotten off the wrong foot. It’s just a decent thing to do. If you can’t make it, for whatever reason, be sensible and inform her way before and apologize profusely. Do not cancel a date at the last moment unless it’s an absolute emergency. If you do, make sure you make it up to her.

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13. Stay connected

So your first date went off really well and you are both looking forward to the next one. Now, just because you have some time to ponder on second-date ideas, it should leave you no room for complacency. This does not mean you get to walk off and act busy.

Stay connected between the first and second dates. Keep in touch often if not everyday because that will help you make a girl fall for you online. Drop her a text, send some nice forwards, ask how her day was, and share music recommendations and memes. It will smoothen your path to make a girl fall in love with you even more.

How to make a girl fall for you
Always stay connected with her

14. The first time you have sex is important

Want to learn how to make a girl fall for you? Learn the art of great lovemaking and how to satisfy her in bed. When, after a few dates, you spend a night together, take the time to show you care too. Girls judge guys on how they behave in bed so please no wham, bam, goodbye ma’am! Take the effort to kiss, cuddle, and show your warmth and affectionate side. It will pay rich dividends.

It takes time to build intimacy, and intimacy is a very important component of true love. Don’t skim on the after care just because the football world cup is on. There will be no saving you then.

15. Don’t make her feel flawed

When you get to know her, You will not only see the good side of her, but also her dark side. There will be days when she will be cranky. On some occasions, she might feel less than confident. She may feel she looks awful. Be kind to her on those days. Deal with her imperfections and idiosyncrasies and show her that you are willing to stay with her through it all. Trust me, this is your best shot to make a girl who has no feelings for you fall for you.

When she’s experiencing PMS symptoms and full of mood swings, don’t diss her feelings. Be supportive and understanding and she will find a gem in you. When she is anxious or vulnerable and shares a traumatic experience with you, don’t label her as an attention-seeker. She is looking for a safe home in you. Prove her right and make her feel secure, won’t you?

16. Challenge her

This is a love trick that has stood the test of time. No matter how crazy you are about her, do not reveal all your cards the first time you meet her or even on the first few dates. Keep the mystery. Keep her guessing. Many women lose interest quickly, especially when they feel like the other person is falling for them too fast.

Don’t come across as too overeager but make her curious about you too. Women and girls do like a little bit of a chase even though they might not admit it. It is these love games that make the dating experience so exciting. She might play hard to get, so play along and enjoy the fun.

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17. Do not hesitate to express yourself

The adage that men should not show their emotions is oh-so last century. Do you cry when you see an emotional movie? Don’t hesitate to shed a few tears. Or on a more serious note, if you feel scared or vulnerable about something, open up to her. Showing your real sensitive side instead of putting on a macho façade all the time can make a girl fall for you real quick. She wants to know your real side so be as authentic as you can with her.

18. Prove you are reliable

Make a girl fall for you - Show her she can depend on you
She can depend on you

What is the point of saying lofty words if you can’t stand by them? Women love men they can trust on a rainy day so win her affections by fulfilling your promises or proving your reliability. If you are there when she needs you, it’s a sure-shot way to win her heart. Ultimately all women want to choose a dependable life partner and that’s how you show you are worth her attention.

19. Respect her career

You are interested in her, we get that, but if you want to win her love, show that you respect her in every way. Be genuinely interested in her career moves, appreciate her achievements and the things that matter to her. “I’m so proud of everything you are and how hard you work every single day” is one of the things to say to make a girl fall in love with you.

Not everything is about rosy, delicate, and romantic words. Sometimes plain appreciation can do the work for you. Don’t hesitate to tell her how proud you are of her. Women love men who are secure. What better way to show her that you are a secure man than standing by your woman as she rises high in her career?

20. Show her you are serious about her

Unless you are a commitment-phobe or just looking for something fun and casual at the moment, you would want to seal the deal with the woman of your dreams fast. So show her you are serious about the relationship and are dreaming of a future with her.

Nothing pleases a woman more than a man who knows what he wants. So to make a girl fall for you, make her see that you are not just fooling around (unless that’s what you’re both looking for). This wins her trust like nothing else. Especially if you want to make a girl fall for you when she has a boyfriend already, you need to show her that you are willing to go the distance with her. That is the only way she will know you are worth it.

21. Win her love

Win or earn her love and respect by being faithful. In a world where people get easily distracted, there is nothing more charming than a man who sticks by what he says. Understand her expectations and her need for exclusivity, and abide by them. Make her feel she is the most special and the only one in your life. And that’s all that you need to know on how to make a girl fall for you.

Key Pointers

  • Up your dating game, flowers and chocolates are too mainstream
  • Show her love in her love language
  • The way to a woman’s heart is by making feel special but not smothered

In a nutshell, if you are true to yourself and listen to your heart, you do not need to put in a lot of effort to make a girl fall for you. It happens organically, and believe me, that’s the most beautiful way to be.

This article has been updated in November 2022

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