21 Ways To Make A Girl Fall For You

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Updated On: April 11, 2024
how to make a girl fall for you
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Are you having a hard time cracking the code of how to make a girl fall for you? Well, believe me, you are not alone. After all, the way to a woman’s heart is quite a fascinating feat. It takes a special man and special efforts to woo a special woman. And boy, is the millennial woman a hard nut to crack! She is self-aware and ambitious and doesn’t hesitate to spell out her boundaries loud and clear.

The tried and tested, old-school tricks of how to make a girl fall for you can help with some updating. You have to be creative, politically correct, smart, sassy, and more importantly, have to know what to say to make a girl fall for you. Make our guide your Bible to know exactly how to win her over.

How To Make A Girl Fall For You — 21 Simple Ways

There are a lot of dos and don’ts of dating etiquette. The key is to customize them to the situation. You certainly cannot win if your approach is out of sync with her romantic expectations. Especially, if she has no feelings for you, the game gets even trickier. And you need to tread very carefully. We’re here to hold your hand through this daunting process with these 21 simple tips on how to make a girl fall for you:

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1. Show what makes you interesting

You have made it in life through hard work and have the markers to show for it. Good for you, because such interesting traits are what makes a woman fall in love with a man. It’s great to know that your special someone is a success in life. But flaunting your qualifications or material accumulations is one of the first-date mistakes you should certainly avoid. Instead:

  • Be more active on social media and make sure she sees what you are up to
  • Let your friends or connections talk about your greatness

Some things should be subtle because you don’t wish to come across as a pretentious guy. The trick is to let her find out from others and be impressed. You can try this tactic instead of overwhelming her with a list of why you are the great guy she can only dream of.

A Reddit user has a really interesting perspective on how to make a girl fall for you: “Just be fun to be around. Try to be funny if you can. Be confident even if you don’t think you’re awesome. Believe you’re awesome. If you believe it, so will everyone else. If you walk around thinking you suck it shows. I pretended all the girls were into me as a joke in high school. Kept saying it faking confidence and then suddenly it was true.

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2. Be a good listener

What makes a woman fall in love with a man is if he shows genuine interest in her. Now, this rule does not just apply to wooing a girl, but in general too. Learn to listen. A good way to get a woman to fall for you is to show you are genuinely interested in her as a person and not just in her physical appearance. Even if she is playing hard to get, she will soon yield. Girls’ DMs are flooded with men calling them ‘hot’ and ‘beautiful.’ Don’t be another thirsty guy. Even when texting, show her that she has your undivided attention.

A study conducted by Faye Doell (2003) showed that there are two different types of listening: “listening to understand” and “listening to respond.” Those who “listen to understand” have greater satisfaction in their interpersonal relationships. So, make a conscious effort to really hear her out and understand what she’s trying to tell you.

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3. Compliment, don’t flatter

It is one thing to pay a compliment and another thing to indulge in empty flattery. Every woman loves a compliment but knows when you’re being disingenuous. She will love it if you tell her she’s cute. Even so, do not go overboard with the praises. Please also give credit to her intelligence. Especially if you are dating an independent woman. She would definitely want to be appreciated for more than just how she looks.

Be genuine, and when you want to pass a flattering remark, ensure you know what you are talking about, even if you are just casually flirting. A sincere comment might even get her to take you more seriously. Women like a man who will challenge them intellectually and in other ways, instead of blindly agreeing with them on everything. So, when you desperately want to make a girl fall for you, be you. Compliment all her wonderful attributes, but at the same time, be honest with your opinions and intentions.

4. Show some chivalry

how to make a woman feel loved
Show some chivalry and compliment her

Chivalry is not dead. It’s part of good etiquette, just like table manners. There are ways of treating a woman that never go out of style. So go ahead and:

  • Stand up when a woman approaches you
  • Pull out a chair for her
  • Help her with the coat
  • Be the perfect gentleman with your words and body language

Also make sure you:

  • Don’t try to pick a fight with every guy who looks at her
  • Don’t tell her to stop dressing a certain way
  • Don’t tell her to stop talking to her guy best friends

She has survived well so far and is capable of doing so in the future. Show her that you can be a pillar of support for her, rather than the person who takes away her choices.

5. Be well-groomed, always

Being well-groomed is always fashionable. When you go out with a girl, put in the effort to look good and clean and smell fresh. You will have better luck winning her over when you’re:

  • Clean-shaven
  • Have a nicely trimmed beard, if you keep one
  • Wearing clean clothes
  • Donning neat shoes
  • Taking care of your oral health
  • Wearing a subtle smell of musk or aftershave

Also, if you are inviting her home, tidy up. It reflects that you’re a man who takes care of himself and values hygiene. If you’re not sure how to go about it exactly, it’s wise to call in the reinforcements and seek help from a female friend on grooming tips to make you look dapper. Taking a girl’s perspective into account might actually help.

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6. Understand her love language

When you are chatting with a woman, be a bit careful of how you text her. First, try and gauge her personality and figure out what makes her tick. A secret to how to make a girl fall for you through text is to know what she likes. Maybe, she secretly loves a lot of text messages, or even little love notes and emails. 

Psychotherapist Jui Pimple explains, “Verbal expressions of love and affection are key to people for whom words of affirmation are the primary form of love language. They will frequently use statements such as “I love you” or “I am glad to have you in life.” People with this love language also like to hear such words from their partner. It’s how they feel loved and reassured, and thereby feel safe to express their own feelings.”

7. Surprise her with small gestures

If you’re still wondering how to make a woman feel loved, well, a great idea is to use small gestures. Surprises do not only mean sending gifts on special occasions. Instead, be thoughtful about your romantic gestures. Make a note of these cute tips for courting a woman. Surprise her with:

  • Her favorite food
  • A cute Polaroid that she can stick on her wall
  • Her favorite flower

The most important thing is to tell her how much you value her. Even research shows that expressing gratitude increases comfort in relationships. So, ignite the spark of your love life by expressing gratitude regularly. Here are some phrases that you can use to appreciate her and make her fall in love with you:

  • “Thank you for…”
  • “I understand”
  • “I love you.”
  • “I am thankful for…”
  • “This is not your problem. It’s OUR problem.”

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8. Be mindful of what you communicate

Looking for tips on how to get a girlfriend? Up your social media game. Nick Jonas may have won over Priyanka Chopra by sliding into her DMs, but you need to have a certain style and sass to pull it off.

If you’re clueless about how to make a girl fall for you through text, well, it is by being mindful of what you communicate. No matter how much of an open mind she has, don’t cross boundaries. Unless she is cool with it and has told you so, don’t send nudes or lurid texts, pictures, or videos. Keep it classy and know what you put down will be the difference between how to win her over, or lose her.

9. Make her laugh

Girls love funny men. If you have a good sense of humor that does not include borrowed jokes or stale one-liners, the chances of you winning a girl over might increase. Some women could love your dry sense of humor and have a great time, but be careful, some might not get the punchlines. If she has your kind of sense of humor and loves pranking the way you do, she is sure to be the perfect partner in crime.

If you’re wondering how to make a woman feel loved, well, try being authentic. Do not pretend to be funny or make an exaggerated attempt at humor. Say what comes to you naturally, so she can really see you for who you are. If your vibe matches hers, you’re sure to catch her attention.

art of wooing

10. Become her best friend

Falling in love is something that can take a long time. Yet, what makes a woman fall in love with a man quite fast is how much he makes her feel safe with him. Sweet, thoughtful words will make her feel special. Pursue that woman with the intention of first becoming her friend, then possibly leaving the friend zone and becoming a romantic interest.

Becoming good friends is one of the smartest tactics if you’re wondering how to get her attention. It can open doors into her heart much faster than any other action on your part.

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11. Give her space

As a single woman, I know how important ‘space’ is. We singletons sneer at girls who can’t breathe without their boyfriends. At the same time, we love having a good time, and the attention and fuss too. So, as a guy in love, what do you need to do to make a girl fall for you? It’s quite simple, really. Pay attention and spend time with her, but don’t smother her.

Space in a relationship can be the answer if you’re wondering how to get her attention and make her feel comfortable with you. From time to time, give her (and yourself) a break. And let distance make her heart grow fonder. Talking about healthy space in a relationship, psychologist Jaseena Backer previously told Bonobology, “This space should be comfortable enough for the partners and not big enough for the entry of a third party.” 

A Reddit user agrees and goes ahead to give pointers: “Develop your own skills and hobbies so your life doesn’t revolve around her. Go out and make platonic friends. Girls like guys with a social presence. You don’t have to be some Alpha in the room, but you do need to be comfortable with being with friends out and about. Hold girls to their word and don’t be too forgiving. Your time is valuable and they will think so too if you treat it as such.”

12. Make it on time for a date

So, do you want to know how to make a woman feel loved? Make her a priority. The worst thing you can do to a girl you have the hots for is to make her wait or stand her up on a date. It’s a golden rule and one of the easy ways to be romantic — always be on time for a date. The moment you mess this up, you have already gotten off on the wrong foot. If you can’t make it, for whatever reason, inform her way before and apologize profusely. Do not cancel a date at the last moment unless it’s an absolute emergency. If you do, make sure you make it up to her.

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13. Stay connected

So your first date went off really well and you are both looking forward to the next one. Now, just because you have some time to ponder on second-date ideas, don’t get complacent. If you’re clueless about how to make a girl fall for you through text or phone, well, try staying connected between the first and second dates. Go ahead and:

  • Drop her a text
  • Ask how her day was
  • Share music recommendations and memes

It will smoothen your path to make a girl fall in love with you even more.

, how to get her attention
Always stay connected with her

14. Care for her inside and outside the bedroom

Want to learn how to make a girl fall for you? Learn the art of great lovemaking and how to satisfy her in bed and make her feel cared for. Please, no wham, bam, goodbye ma’am! Pay attention to her body language and how she responds to everything you do. Girls love men who care to satisfy them in and out of bed.

Sexologist Dr. Rajan Bhonsle advises, “Non-sexual displays of affection such as holding hands, hugging, cuddling, and kissing are all immensely important in making two partners feel more connected and bonded to each other.” So, make an effort to make your partner feel loved outside the bedroom if you want to amp up the heat inside.

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15. Make her feel like she’s the most beautiful woman

Physical appearance is an important factor for most people, your girl included. But it’s not only how the outside looks that matters. The simple ways to win a woman’s heart include appreciating her unique qualities and showing open admiration for her. The key is to be sincere in everything you say. Make her fall in love with you by:

  • Complimenting her good qualities as well as her physical appearance
  • Showing affection through gentle touches, kisses, and hugs
  • Emotional validation and listening to her thoughts, experiences, and feelings
  • Noticing the little things, like a hairstyle change
  • Openly expressing your admiration all the time

Remember, your special someone should always feel on top of the world around you. Small compliments and genuine interest are some of the key ingredients to making this a reality. When paying compliments, maintain eye contact. There’s something so sexy about gazing into each other’s eyes. Take care, and before you know it, you could both be falling deeply in love.

Is being single easier today?

16. Embrace the excitement of discovery

The process of falling in love is beautiful and filled with intrigue and mystery. Watching your love interest play hard to get adds to the excitement of the chase. Learning how to win her over and actually getting it right is an indescribable feeling.

The trick is to let things evolve naturally. Taking time to explore the nuances of a developing relationship is so exciting. It is a time for exploration and growth for both of you. No matter how crazy you are about her, do not reveal all your cards at once. Keep the mystery alive. Keep her guessing. Many women lose interest quickly, especially when they feel like the other person is falling for them too fast.

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17. Do not hesitate to express yourself

The belief that men should not show their emotions is ‘oh so last century.’ Do you cry when you watch an emotional movie? Let her see that side of you. Or if you feel scared or vulnerable about something, open up to her. Showing your real, sensitive side, instead of a macho façade, can stir up feelings in her heart. Don’t be afraid to speak louder when tackling emotional topics. You will reap huge dividends if you are authentic with her.

Relationship expert Ridhi Golechha says, “Guys end up suppressing their emotional pain, which makes it more intense. They put on a fake mask of courage and are not able to receive empathy. Also, guys use other channels to direct their pain (like anger, revenge, aggression, or physical abuse).” If you truly want to build a strong emotional connection with this girl, you have to find a way to break away from these stereotypical behavior patterns.

18. Be open to criticism

Having an open mind is how to make a girl fall for you. A girl would love it if you aren’t rigid/set in your ways and are open to constructive criticism. Even studies show that if feedback is given respectfully and with good intentions, it can motivate a person to improve. So, if she tells you that you can work on your discipline in your personal and professional life, don’t get defensive or withdraw into a shell. Instead of taking her words to heart, look at them as an opportunity to improve yourself instead. There’s something very enticing when a man is vulnerable with a woman.

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19. Respect her career

Most people would not think that respecting her career is one of the ways to make a girl fall for you. Well, you are interested in her, and we get that. But if you want to win her love, show that you respect her in every way. Be genuinely interested in her career moves, and appreciate her achievements and the things that matter to her. “I’m so proud of everything you are and how hard you work every single day” is one of the things to say to make a girl fall in love with you.

Not everything is about rosy, delicate, and romantic words. Sometimes, plain appreciation can do the work for you. Don’t hesitate to tell her how proud you are of her. Women love men who value equality and understand the importance of respect in a relationship. What better way to show her that you are a secure man than standing by your woman as she rises high in her career?

20. Show her you are serious about her

how to win her over
Show her she can depend on you

Unless you are a commitment-phobe or just looking for something fun and casual at the moment, you would want to seal the deal with the woman of your dreams. So, don’t be afraid to let her know that you’re emotionally invested in her. Nothing impresses a woman more than a man who knows what he wants.

So, to make a girl fall for you, make her see that you are not just fooling around (unless that’s what you’re both looking for). This wins her trust like nothing else. You need to show her that you are willing to go the distance with her. That is the only way she will know you are worth it.

21. Be honest with her

The last point on how to make a girl fall for you is perhaps one of the most crucial. You can make someone fall in love with you by being honest and completely upfront. It could be sharing minute details with her, like your ex sending you a birthday text, or sharing a flirty DM from someone. Be transparent about the little things, instead of hiding them. Trust me, loyalty is such a turn-on!

Key Pointers

  • Up your dating game, because flowers and chocolates are too mainstream
  • A solution to how to get her attention is to show her love in her love language
  • The way to a woman’s heart is by making her feel special but not smothered
  • Give her sincere compliments to make her fall in love with you

In a nutshell, if you are true to yourself and listen to your heart, you do not need to put in a lot of effort to make a girl fall for you. It happens organically, and believe me, that’s the most beautiful way to be. Make her feel secure and let her find a friend in you. Also, don’t forget to work on yourself. The more you are at peace with yourself, the more a woman would want to be with you.

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