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Oscar Wilde once said, “I adore the simple pleasures, they are the last refuge of the complex”. Simple pleasures don’t really help you in the bedroom, do they?

We have couples complaining that their sex is too ordinary, getting monotonous after a while. We are all pining for a better sex life and better orgasms. The thought of sexual intercourse is pleasurable in itself and needs no further comment. But let’s face it. There is always room for improvement. You watch Pornhub, gasp at the positions the actors and actresses get into and pleasure themselves and their partner(s). Rest assured. You do not need to go to those heights or depths (pun may or may not be intended) to gain maximum pleasure. The Kamasutra gives you myriad of positions to heighten sexual pleasure. And if you are too busy to go through the Kamasutra, give these a read.

1. You rock, cowgirl:

Literally, the woman gets on top and rocks back and forth rather than bobbing up and down. This position lets you tap into incredible orgasmic sex. If you are breaking away from the same old missionary position, this will take some time to get comfortable in. But hey, no good thing comes easy, right? Once comfortable on top, with your legs on either side of his torso, start rocking. Rock, don’t bob. Since you have the full control, you can change your angle, decide how much is stimulating your G-spot. Follow a rhythm. Rock your boat the way you like it. You can have your man stimulate your clitoris or you can do it yourself and let your man have an awesome view from below.

2. Unleash the tiger:

Don’t get fooled by the name. Commonly known as the ‘doggy style’, let’s call this tiger style cause you’d want your man to be a tiger in the sheets rather than a dog (visualise adorable little pups everywhere). Whatever you call it, this position has proved to be one of the best positions to hit maximum pleasure for a woman.

Very easily executed, the woman gets done from behind and the G-Spot is stimulated quite easily. You get on your hands and knees. This is a wildly popular technique for a woman to unleash the erotic beasty side of her. There is a lot of pelvic grinding that maximises the pleasure. Also, if you are into spanking and ass-grabbing and hair-pulling, there is no other position that will cater to all those needs.

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3. Spooning time:

Emotional connection is important for a lot of women. If emotional connection is vital during sex, this position is perfect for you. Aside from fulfilling your need to have an emotional connection, this is a great way to achieve maximum pleasure. The woman lies on her side with the man scooted behind her (the general spooning position). Instead of thrusting, he can rock to cause friction against the front wall, providing consistent stimulation which is a key to sexual stimulation. His hand can stimulate your clitoris while you may slightly ride against his penis. And once you are done, you will still be in a perfect post-coital spooning.

4. Missionary upgraded:

Missionary, but a little tweaked.

Lie on your back and plop a pillow under your butt and keep your leg slightly elevated while your man enters you. The real trick is to bring your legs together while the thrusting is in motion and plopping it to one side. This is where the tweaking happens. This causes friction between your labia minora causing major stimulation. Combine that with major thrusting and you have reached your high note.

Missionary position is versatile in itself. Keep changing the position of your legs to see what elevates your sensation of pleasure. You can also spread your legs up and towards your shoulders. Thus allowing more room for deeper thrusts and penetration.

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5. The sideways straddle:

The girl on top position with a slight complication. This position is great for the woman controlling the action.

The man lies on his back while the woman is in charge. Crouch between his legs, your legs alternating. Lower yourself to your knees and do the needful. You will be straddling one of his knees. This provides fantastic grinding action. You can control the pace and how much pressure needs to be applied. It is a unique position. You can spread your legs further or bring them closer according to the way you like it for maximum pleasure.

Remember the best sex positions for women for maximum pleasure are the positions the individual woman likes best. There is no one formula to exercise maximum pleasure. Keep changing those positions – sit, stand, straddle, crouch – whichever works best for you.


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