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Updated On: August 23, 2023
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How to combine exercise and sex

Lots of people often wonder what is the best position for female orgasms, how to reach them or how to get the full blast of pleasure during coitus. There are fun and quirky positions for that. Ever wondered about positions you could do it in if you want to test your flexibility too? Or maybe some positions where you get to stretch your calf muscles too along with all the fun?

Sounds kind of enticing; you kind of wouldn’t need to work out so much if you er… exercise these positions.

The bouncing reverse cowgirl

Here are some positions for the couple who want to get it on as well as burn some calories while at it. Let’s see how flexible you can get with these sort-of “yoga sex” positions.

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Starting with the simplest one. Ask your partner to lie down. You should half-squat upon him, facing the same direction as he is. Holding his thighs down, penetrate yourself with his penis and start thrusting up and down. Start slowly and then increase your speed at the end. In this position, you are in full control of the pleasure that you receive. This position is very versatile, as you can thrust up and down, sideways, front and backwards, too. This position will be relaxing for your partner as well. By the movements you perform, your thigh and calf muscles will be exercised generously. In this position, remember to take ample rest between two sessions of orgasms, as there might be some risk that you pull a muscle.

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Standing doggy style

Sounds surprisingly unique right? It is. In this position, have your partner stand behind you. Once he does this, you stand in front of him and then bend over slowly, keeping your legs as close as you can. Once you start bending over, try and reach the floor with your hands as you keep getting closer to it. Do not fold or bend your knees. This sex exercise is amazing if it works, because it gives you tighter penetration, thus making the sexual climax all the more worth it. It is perfect for G-spot stimulation (also allows for clitoris action) and you get to exercise your waist and hips while you bend down and then half get up. In this position, your partner is more in control and he can use his thrust force faster or slower, just how you would prefer it.

Kneel together doggy style

Doggy style is one of the best positions for maximum penetration for vaginal as well as for anal intercourse (like, only if you want to do the latter). In this position, you start off by doing the typical doggy style position: you bend over for your partner and then allow him to penetrate you. After doing so, both of raise your torsos upwards and kneel together (preferably on the bed), and allow him to thrust to and fro towards you. This position allows for tighter and more passionate sex, and allows you play with his balls or with your clitoris. In this position, your back becomes upwardly arched and it thus becomes a form of back exercise. It is great for your partner’s hips and waist. While you are arched upward, you can lean on his shoulder and kiss him intensely while he caresses your neck and ears with his lips.

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The ankle choker

This position is recommended for experienced partners only, as it requires reliability. Start off with the basic missionary position: your partner on top of you. As he penetrates you slowly, you raise your hips as high as you can and put your legs on his shoulders (as in the right leg on his left shoulder and your left leg on his right shoulder), he should go upright and stand on his knees as he starts thrusting. This sex position gives your partner most of the control. This sex position should be attempted only by the most flexible. If staying in that position becomes difficult, then you can prop a fluffy pillow below your hips for support. Quite a different sex position, allowing relaxed penetration and exercise of the pelvic region.

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Standing 69-ing

Sex doesn’t always have to be genital on genital action, it can be oral too. For the standing 69 positions, you have to trust your partner’s grip on you. In this position, you are wrapped around him, your mouth at his penis and his mouth at your vagina. Your thighs should be tightly wrapped around his shoulder, and he should have an erect and firm stance while standing. He will hold your waists up and you should hold on to his thighs for support or wrap your hands around his pelvic region as well. This position should be attempted by experienced partners only. Both of you are enjoying and giving pleasure at the same time, making it an amazing experience overall.

So here we are, the five sex positions for the supremely fit to spice up your sex life. Along with these positions you can opt for soft spanking, blindfolds to enhance the whole experience. Again I say, you should choose to do this only if you know your range of flexibility. Avoid the extreme ones in case you and your partner are beginners. Experience just makes everything sexier and hotter.

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