How Guys Text When They Like You – We Give You 15 Clues

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Updated On: January 5, 2024
How guys text when they like you

Relationships are pretty complicated. Every person you date is different and there is no manual that can help you figure out what’s going on in their mind. At every stage of a relationship, there is a huge level of uncertainty, and usually, there are more questions than answers.

Yet, we all choose to like someone and want to be with them all because, at the end of the day, the good parts of a relationship often outweigh the bad. The feeling of having someone who you can trust and knowing that they’ve got your back is worth all the uncertainty that they come with.

That being said, not knowing how exactly someone feels about you can be unsettling. You don’t need to lose sleep over questions like “Is he interested in me?” or “Does he just want to be friends?” Girls inherently have a strong radar that detects from far away if a guy is staring at her or seems to be curious to know about her.

Sometimes, the answers can be found in the way they converse with you. So, how to know if a guy is interested in you through text? For instance, when a guy hearts your text or maybe when he mirrors your texts, there is a possibility that he is growing a crush on you. That’s why, this time, we’re here to tell you how guys text when they like you.

How Guys Text When They Like You? Notice These 15 Clues

All of you women out there who have guys in your life, be it a friend who you might want to date or your boyfriend, the biggest problem you face is not knowing what he feels for you. This results in an incessant loop of overthinking: “Does he like me? Am I just reading into the things he says? He keeps texting me even though I ignore him, could he be into me? What do his texts mean? Does that mean that he likes me?”

Truth be told, these questions are always difficult to answer, but a good way to figure out what he feels for you is by paying attention to his texts. The types of messages, the frequency, the words. All these things have a way of showing you how he feels. There is a pattern, certain things guys do when they like you through text.

Like, he is always the one who texts first. You will be surprised how he can find your not-so-funny jokes hilarious or show insane enthusiasm about small details in your life. Once you can follow this pattern of how guys hint that they like you, a big mystery will be solved in front of your eyes.

That’s why I’m here to help you understand how guys text when they like you. We’ll even tell you the emojis guys use when they love you. After reading this, I guarantee you’ll know if a guy likes you through the texts he sends. Here are 15 clues on how guys text when they like you:

1. Rapid replies

You know how when you’re talking to your crush in person and you just don’t want the conversation to stop? When you have something in common with him, your excitement hits a whole new level. Every time your phone beeps, you hope it’s a text from the special one. Yup, the same stuff happens to guys too and it is very easy to spot this when you’re texting each other.

You should see how guys text when they like you! When you’re texting, he won’t want the conversation to stop so he will reply at a lightning speed. As if he was just sitting and staring at the screen, waiting for your message (for the record he probably was). You will receive four more texts from him before you can even answer one. If he doesn’t even wait for you to finish sending your message, trust me, he’s head over heels for you.

2. Lots of emojis

This is the easiest sign to spot. See it’s simple: when you’re texting, the other person can’t see your expression and that’s why you use emojis. It’s a no-brainer that you’ll want to use more emojis when you’re talking to the one person you like the most in the world. That’s how guys text their crush an abundance of cute emojis to express the inner sanctum of their mind more distinctly.

Emojis guys use when they love you
Emojis with hearts are used to express liking and love.

Once in a conversation with his girlfriend my cousin, Jeremy, ended up sending five different emojis in a single text. He sent the ‘smiley face’, the ‘my bad’ emoji, the ‘hysterical laughter’ emoji, and finally, two ‘heart’ emojis. There are some emojis guys use when they love you, be on the lookout for them.

For starters, there’s the ‘heart’ emoji, then there’s the ‘heart-eyed’ emoji and the ‘surrounded by hearts’ emoji. The ‘hug’ and ‘kiss’ emojis come a little later but they’re also used pretty regularly. These emojis are also ways guys hint they like you. Finally, and this is a surprising one, the ’embarrassed monkey’ emoji. Yes, guys start using this emoji A LOT when they like you. It’s because they’re constantly blushing when they’re talking to you, so this one is a dead give-away.

3. Paragraph texts

Let’s just admit it, we’ve all been there. Sometimes we send very long texts in which we explain a pretty simple point with way too many words. So why do we end up sending such long texts? And why does it only happen with some people? It’s because you care what the person you’re texting thinks about you.

The paragraphs start coming at the very beginning when you two are just getting to know each other. He is extra sensitive about your passion and your problems – that’s how guys hint that they like you. When a guy uses your name in a text and appreciates you going out of his way, you know something is cooking in his mind.

“Will he text me every day if he only wants friendship?” Yes, he might. But if his texts run into long paragraphs, then he’s going out of his way to give you details so that you don’t misinterpret a single thing he says. HE LIKES YOU! No doubt about it.

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4. Double texts

Okay, girls, pay attention because this is a very IMPORTANT clue on how guys text when they like you. Think about it, he’s sitting there on the other side of the phone after sending you a text. Just staring at the screen, waiting for your text and his brain starts to overthink.

“Did I text something weird?” “Is she misjudging what I’ve said?” “Maybe she’s staring at the screen just about to delete my number.” All sorts of worrisome thoughts start swirling in his head. Finally, he concludes he needs to send a “casual” text to clear the air. That’s how it always begins. Before you know it, you have five texts from him in the last two minutes.

Double texting is inevitable if he’s into you. And he won’t even know he’s doing it till it’s too late. That’s why it’s the perfect way to know if a guy likes you through texts. It is a definite sign that he likes you because he is being extremely conscious about what he’s saying. He just doesn’t want to mess up. It’s kind of cute and flattering, wouldn’t you say?

5. ‘Typing…’ for a long time

ways guys hint they like you
If he is typing for a long time, it’s a good sign.

This one aligns with the pattern we’ve seen so far in how guys text when they like you. This one has a similar reason behind it. So far, we’ve seen that he will overanalyze what he has texted you because he cares about what you’re going to think. This also ends up with him sending you long paragraph texts. Both these things add up to him typing his messages for a very LONG time (at least in texting terms).

Let me tell you about the things guys do when they like you through text messages. It’s not just his words that he’ll be fixing. He’ll even fix the grammar of his sentences. He’ll try using proper punctuation and he’ll use complete words instead of the usual texting acronyms. As if all this didn’t take long enough, he’ll also take FOREVER to choose the right Emojis. But wait he still won’t send it, not without RE-READING it once. 

All this takes time, so you’ll end up seeing the “Typing…” sign for quite a long time. It’s all right because the wait is worth it. This means he LIKES you, so who can complain. Although sometimes after all the typing is done, he might realize he is overdoing it. And in the end, you receive a short one-liner because he is trying to play cool. This could be a bummer if you enjoy reading his long discourse.

6. He texts first

We all know this specific competition all too well. Who is going to text first? Usually, the person who texts first is the one who loses the fight. The common idea is that they’re the more desperate of the two people. This idea is completely INSANE! Only if you knew how guys text their crush, you won’t be surprised to receive the first text from his end, and that too quite a few times a day.

Texting first is just CUTE, especially when a guy includes your name in a text. It shows that he was thinking about you and just couldn’t wait to talk to you. It also shows that he was missing you. In the end, it all points to just one thing, he LIKES you. Simple as that.

7. Takes an interest in you

You can figure out how guys text when they like you if you pay attention and see a pattern in their messages – a pattern that indicates that they want to use these virtual interactions to get to know you better. When we like someone, we want to get to know them better, so obviously, we ask more questions. And that is exactly what you will notice when a guy in your life develops feelings for you.

He will start to ask questions. Simple things like what kind of music you like or what movies you like to watch. “What’s your favorite color?” “What’s your preferred choice of pizza toppings?” And so on. The ultimate giveaway is when he “subtly” tries to ask you about your relationship status. So, when the “do you have a boyfriend?” question comes up, then he’s hinting that he likes you. 

Yes, it will feel weird because these questions aren’t exactly inconspicuous, they won’t blend in with your normal conversations. But why not answer them? It’s pretty harmless. Another interesting thing that might happen during the texting rush. You will notice he is picking up certain words or phrases you use often in your messages. When he mirrors your texts, it’s a pretty obvious sign that you have created quite an influence on this sweet guy.

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8. Talks about himself too

Relationships are always a two-way street. They need equal effort from both partners to thrive and bloom. Even when creating the base of a relationship, before you ask each other out, this same rule applies. You must know the person before you decide to date them. Obviously, you can only get to know him through the conversations leading up to the proposal.

The cool thing is that when you like someone, you actually want to tell them about YOU. This is exactly what happens when a guy who likes you will text you. Will he text me every day if he wants friendship, you wonder? He might. The question you need to be asking is this: Will he reveal anything about himself in those conversations? No.

How do guys text when they like you? He will tell you things about himself that you didn’t know before. They aren’t going to be earth-shattering secrets and having that expectation is very unhealthy. Remember he’s getting to know you just as much as you are getting to know him. To be honest, you can consider this as a green flag in this person.

You cannot expect a healthy relationship unless your boyfriend shares their stories and secrets with you. That vulnerability and open communication make a lot of difference. It will be more along the lines of “I love it when it rains. I actually have a special playlist just for rainy days :D.” See, simple and yet personal and obviously a sign that he likes you. So, don’t hesitate, respond in kind.

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9. Random conversations

“He keeps texting me even though I ignore him and most of the texts are about weird things.” If this is happening to you, it’s a sign that he is interested in you. It’s just how guys text when they like you. Not all the conversations he will have with you will be full of flirting and deep meanings.

Sometimes the conversation will just be random and weird. It might end up being about there being too much salt in the soup that he made from an instant soup pack. Don’t worry there is a reason behind this as well. He wants to talk to you. Nothing more, nothing less. When you ponder on how to know if a guy is interested in you through text, it could be this pointless chattering that you overlook.

People look for reasons to talk to someone they like, even if these reasons are completely silly. When he likes you, he’ll want to share even these silly random things with you. Sometimes they might blab out something stupid because they get nervous thinking about how you would react. At the end of the day, he just wants to impress you a little bit more. Just embrace it, it’s all because he likes you.

Does My Crush Like Me

10. Compliments and nicknames

We all know the magic of compliments. No matter what it’s about, a compliment can literally make a person’s day. Which makes this a regular feature in conversations when he likes you. The compliments he pays you could be subtle like “You always wait for me if you see me typing, it’s very sweet!” or more out-there like “You look SUPER HOT in your DP!!!!!!”

They’re both going to show up in your text. They’re both ways guys hint they like you. It’s cute when a guy includes your name in a text, but you’ll KNOW if a guy likes you through texts as soon as he comes up with a special nickname for you. It’s a way that he’ll make your relationship different from the other relationships that you have.

My friend calls his girlfriend “Scarecrow”. It’s based on an incident involving a bad Halloween prank. Even so, it makes their relationship special. Sometimes the nickname will just be “cutie” or “sweetie”. While girls use these all the time, if a guy uses them for you, you’re pretty special to him.

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11. Good morning and good night texts

This one is simply a classic. Good morning and good night texts are the first steps to developing a routine in any relationship. Even if you’re not officially “together”, this is still a sign of a change in your dynamic. If you ask me, “Will he text me every day if he only wants friendship?”, my answer will be, “Maybe”.

But if you tell me that he sends you a good morning message every day, then you guys are looking at friendship in the rear-view mirror. These messages seem simple but they mean something a little bit more than a simple “Hi”. Good morning and good night texts show that you’re on his mind as soon as he wakes up and you’re there before he goes to sleep.

Especially when a guy uses your name in a text, it gives you a sense of acknowledgment. It shows he is trying to build an intimate bond with you and he respects you as a unique individual. If this isn’t a sign that he likes you, I don’t know what is.

12. An indirect ‘I like you’

Saying “I like you” to someone is always a big step. Many questions make you hesitate, it’s pretty normal. It’s important to test the waters first before you tell someone you like them. You would do the same, wouldn’t you? Well, guys are no different. If he likes you, he will drop hints to gauge if the feelings are mutual before making any clear overtures.

So, a little flirting and saying things like “I like the way your eyes light up when you smile”. If you like this guy, this is your cue to make a subtle move of your own. Things may build up organically from here if neither of you gets in over their head and holds yourself back.

There is another subtle way of saying ‘I like you’ without actually saying it out loud. That’s when a guy hearts your text. Every time you text something cute or funny, he would react to your message without fail. Take the hint girl, he is into you.

13. Asks for a photo

Girls, you all look beautiful and any guy who sees you thinks that. If the guy likes you, then you’re probably a goddess in his mind. Sadly, texting has this one flaw, he can’t see you. That’s why asking for photos is one of the most obvious ways guys hint they like you. Normally, we don’t go about asking for people’s photos. It seems creepy, but if he likes you, he’ll still ask for a photo. It’s the only way he can see you.

If you like him, you will feel that same adrenaline rush when he wants a picture or tries to video call you. In your mind, you also want to impress him, right? But you better not go over the top and get all dressed up for a harmless selfie. Your cute smile is enough to pierce through his heart. Without overthinking much, send him the damn picture already. It has no downside.

14. Mentions ‘If I were there…’ scenarios

Guys have somewhat of a White Knight complex. They want to be there and help people in need, and this comes out most strongly when they like you. My friend, Andy, is the perfect example of this White Knight complex. Any time his crush mentions a situation where things didn’t go her way – like maybe her pizza delivery got lost and the pizza was late – even if it all worked out in the end, he will say something like “If I were there with you, then that guy would have never brought your pizza late.” As if he can make everything perfect.

While my friend is very dramatic, he sets a good example of how a guy that likes you just wants to be part of your life. Texting adds a lot of distance and so guys conjure up these “If I were there…” scenarios to stay connected to you. It may feel a bit silly but it comes from a place of caring. Besides, it can be pretty CUTE!

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15. Drunk texts

Okay, okay, this one’s a bit embarrassing, but in my opinion, it is as real as his feelings get. Imagine this, he went out with the boys and they talked and had fun. They started drinking and forgot to stop. Now, he is drunk and decides to talk to someone, and he chooses to text you. Why? Why would your name come to his mind, especially at a time when the mind doesn’t really work properly? Because he is interested in you, duh!

When someone’s drunk, they cannot think rationally, so they act based on their emotions. That’s why you miss people when you’re drunk. So, he will only remember people who he has feelings for. Don’t question his feelings when he drunk texts you, just accept it. It’s more honest than any other way how guys hint that they like you.

So, there you have it. All 15 clues to deciphering his texts and their meaning. Be on the lookout for these, some of them can be pretty sneaky. Remember these are just hints, just because one of these 15 things happens may or may not mean that he likes you. I suggest letting at least 5 of these show up before assuming anything. All the best.


1. How often do guys text if they like you?

If he likes you, he will text you as frequently as he can, based on his schedule. Sometimes that’s every hour and sometimes it’s every day. If you know him, you’ll know he likes you when he’s spending every free minute he has with you.

2. How can you tell if he’s into you?

You’ll be able to tell that he is into you based on the way he texts. He’ll use a lot of emojis and he will always give you a reason when he can’t text you. Even if he ghosts you, he’ll explain himself. Apart from this if you see 5 or more of the clues mentioned in this article, then he probably likes you.

3. Will a guy text you if he’s not interested?

Sadly, yes. Sometimes guys just want to be friends, and friends text each other. In that case, a lot of these clues won’t be there. It’s always good to wait before you assume that he likes you or that he doesn’t like you.

4. How often will a guy text you if he is interested?

If he is interested in you, he will text as often as he can. Whenever he has the time, he will reach out to you. The important thing is the speed at which he replies to your texts. When he’s interested, he will find a way to reply instantly to your messages. That’s a bigger sign of his interest than the frequency with which he texts you.

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