A New Survey Reveals That Women Are More Likely To Have Casual Sex Than Men

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Updated On: April 14, 2023

Friends-with-Benefits or FWB is a term that has existed in the relationship lexicon for a long time now.

FWB Hollywood

But the term is again in vogue on the Internet, thanks to a controversial survey about FWB and women in Europe and America.

The survey says that women are more likely to have an FWB than a man.

Since FWB is also directly linked to sex, this survey is being interpreted all over the world as ‘women these days are more interested in casual sex than men’.

The website, Refinery, interpreting the survey on European and American women, said,

“The survey, from DrEd.com, an online health consulting website, found that 57% of participants reported having ever had friends-with-benefits, while 43% had not. Of the people who had, 18% of American women said they were currently in a friends-with-benefits relationship, while 17% of American men said that they were.

Women were more likely than men to have casual sexual relationships in Europe, too: 31% of European women said they currently had friends-with-benefits, while 25% of European men said the same.’


Regarding the same size, the DrEd said that “We surveyed 1,000 Europeans and Americans about the inner workings of being friends with benefits.”


Women being interested in casual sex is not a new thing, but for the longest time, everybody in the world was of the notion that its men who were polygamous in nature and more prone towards casual sex in the dating scene.


This survey has turned the dating scene on its head by saying more women would turn an otherwise platonic relationship into a sexual relationship and still not get married to the partner.


The surveyors also brilliantly represented the entire results pictorially (courtesy: Dr Dred www.dred.com)

Take a look at the pictorial representations below.


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