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15 benefits of long distance relationships

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We all know that long distance relationships are not easy. It takes a lot of patience and effort to make them work. They are also a big commitment and a great amount of uncertainty is involved.

Long distance relationships are an actual test as you get your priorities straight and understand where your relationship actually stands. At the same time, you grow as individuals, and develop more trust and better understanding, which is why long distance relationships are worth it.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

How do long distance relationships work?

Long distance relationships may have many obstacles, but there is nothing love can’t overcome. Technology is one of the main reasons why long distance relationships work. It becomes much easier for couples to survive this phase, especially when through video chats, you can see your partner tease you and be romantic with you. A great amount of patience, proper planning, sticking to the schedule and lots of surprises are all that you need to keep it going.

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Facts and statistics on long distance relationships

A study in the Journal of Communication says that long distance relationships bring couples closer as they share a more meaningful and intimate relationship.

Research by Dr Guldner at The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships, a division of JF Milne Publications, says that 70% of long distance relationships are doomed if not planned for. Moreover, 40% of long distance relationships end with breakups. Thus, it is essential to put in a huge amount of time and effort in planning so that it doesn’t end on a bad note.

15 benefits of starting a long distance relationship

Do you believe in the age-old adage that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’? Well, many people do. Many people believe that being away from each other for some time strengthens a relationship. Distance helps wash out misunderstandings and one tends to view the relationship from a different perspective altogether. Unlike normal couples who tend to take each other for granted, couples in long distance relationships value even the tiny, little things about their partners.

We bring you 15 unique benefits of relationships across cities, countries, continents and different timezones.

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Intimate conversations are a routine

When you are in long distance relationships, most of the time that you get to spend with each other is through phone calls or video chats. All the craving and longing for each other turns into intimate and meaningful conversations that you might not have had if you were both face to face. The conversations may be short, but the depth of emotions shared in them is vast.

Greater commitment to the relationship

Long distance relationships involve greater commitment to yourself and your partner. Scheduling every day according to the ease of both partners requires a lot of commitment. You may have to sacrifice your sleep and cancel plans with your friends just to make time to communicate with your partner. But this makes you even more committed to the relationship and brings you to realise how even a half-hour conversation is worth the sacrifices.

Emotional intimacy at its best

With time, so many more emotions are unravelled because of being far apart from each other. You both go on an emotional rollercoaster and are no more afraid to share it with each other. Your relationship goes to a higher level where you share a bond that goes beyond love.

Gives you time for self-reflection

Spending time without the presence of your partner gives you much time for self-reflection. You can go over things you might not have had the time to do when your partner was here. You can think of more ways of improving your relationship and working on it.

Feeling called love

Believe it or not, long distance relationships tend to enhance your love, since you now don’t share a physical relationship. The feeling of lust diminishes and your emotional needs grow, which makes you love each other even more than before. You will pursue the relationship because you are in love, and love makes it all worthwhile.

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Boosts your patience

Patience is both a key and a test in a long distance relationship. Your patience levels will grow and all the waiting will be worth it. You will grow as a person and will be able to solve your issues more patiently.

Reality check

In a normal relationship, you behave casually and sometimes ignore issues that seem to be minor but could have a serious impact in future. Long distance relationships give you a reality check on such issues, so as to understand where your relationship actually stands and how far you are willing to go to make it work.

The little things matter

The ‘little things’ are appreciated even more, and even an I Love You text in the middle of an official meeting sounds like the most beautiful words to make your day. You celebrate even small inconsequent moments with each other through phone calls or texts, because you feel like staying connected all the time.

You never get bored

In a normal relationship, sometimes people grow bored of each other. In a long distance relationship, there are never things to do that you can run out of. The less time you spend, the more things you can do together. Moreover, you get more time to think about the different things you can experiment doing.

You start planning like a pro

Planning small surprises and making use of all the resources available for it to be perfect makes you a pro. You have to plan for birthdays, anniversaries, surprise visits, etc. and you realise that you have become surprisingly good at it.

You get to travel

This is definitely the best part of long distance relationships. You have your own mini vacation with your partner. You get to explore a different city, go to their new favourite spots and spend quality time which you otherwise might not have done if you were in a normal relationship.

You get your cherished ‘Me time’

You get to spend more time with yourself. There is a sense of independence. You can entertain yourself by pursuing your hobbies or even trying new ones. You build a small world of your own where you do the things you have longed to do, which makes you more at peace with yourself.

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New experience

You experience new situations, emotions and feelings. It is a new phase that is both exciting and overwhelming. The relationship seems like an adventure and you have a great story to tell.

Unleashes the creative you

Long distance relationships bring out the creative in you. You want to make the most of your time together and think of different ideas and ways to make it more fun and memorable. People in long distance relationships often invest a lot of time and money in doing things that normal couples do not.

You develop passion

With greater distance, your longing turns into passion. The visits once or twice a year become more and more passionate with the wait. You have experiences that make it feel worth the wait and you have memories lasting a lifetime.

After reading the benefits of starting a long distance relationship, you can understand how important long distance relationships are. Being geographically apart doesn’t have anything to do with the love and emotions you share. It can be stressful at times, but if you think that it is meant to be, then distance will never be an obstacle. Be positive about it from the start and be willing to do whatever it takes, and there will never be a problem.

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