10 Best Positive Things To Do After A Breakup

Best things to do after a breakup
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Do you know what you need after a tough breakup? As you wallow in the pain of heartbreak, the answer to this question remains elusive. In times like these, you wish someone would hand you a list of the best things to do after a breakup that gives you some clarity on how to heal and move on.

Turns out, such a list might just exist after all. There are many good things to do after a breakup that can make you feel better. There is no doubt that a break-up hits you, it can feel like a debilitating punch in the gut.

Once the dust settles on this pain and agony, the process of healing begins. The only trouble is that for many people the process can be long-drawn and all-consuming. Channelizing your energies in the right direction can not only provide relief in the short-term but also speed along recovery from a heartbreak. For that, finding productive things to do after a breakup is a good start point.

10 Things To Do After A Breakup

If you ask us, our advice would be to try and focus only on positive things after a break-up that will not only change the course of your life but will also help you reinvent yourself. Yes, people end up doing a lot of silly things when nursing a heartbreak, but that should be avoided at all costs.

After all, you don’t want to do something rash or embarrassing when you’re caught in the spate of emotions only to regret it later. A breakup can actually be a learning experience that helps you grow as a person. You can discover the joys of being on your own and can do a whole lot of things to get a grip on your life all over again.

To help you heal completely and feel like your old self again, here are 10 best things to do after a breakup:

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1.  Go on a solo trip

Change the scenery you wake up to every day. Go on a solo trip (especially if you have never been on one before). It doesn’t have to be a lavish one or a month-long trip.

It can be a weekend getaway to someplace nearby. Going on a solo vacation lets you explore the world like you never have. It makes you independent, holds up a mirror in front of you letting you know you are strong enough.

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It keeps your spirits boosted and opens vistas of spirituality. You get to reconnect with yourself and savor the experience. Going on a solo trip definitely tops the list of things to do after a breakup that will make you feel better.

2. Do something you never thought you’d do

Never thought you could go a day without smoking? Do that. Did you think you could never go on a healthy diet? Try that as well. Challenge yourself. Push yourself. Whether it’s going for piano classes or learning yoga, whether it’s going rock climbing or getting your hair dyed orange, try whatever takes you fancy.

Doing something you had only planned to do but never had the courage to do might guarantee the push you needed to go out of your comfort zone. You are already feeling you have hit rock bottom, things will only get better from here if you just give this a shot.

Things to do after a breakup
Try new things and do all that you never imagined you would

3. Shut yourself off from social media

Personally, this has helped me get through my depression after a breakup. Social media has its perks but for post-breakup shut-ins, there cannot be a worse enemy.

Lying on your couch, flipping through your ex’s recently updated posts can drive you crazy. Log out from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the numerous accounts you have spread all over the internet.

If things get hard, flip your smartphone for a phone that doesn’t support advanced technology. Like everything else, it might be a little hard to get by, but it is worth it.

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4. Plan ahead

Are you more of a spontaneous person? All the more reason why you should do it. Plan what you are going to do this weekend. If you have neglected your friends before, get together. Visit a relative you have not visited in a while.

If you’re lucky to have a friend who has your back during this tough time, lean on them for support and enlist their help to plan activities that can keep you productively occupied. Keeping yourself busy and engaged are definitely some good things to do after a breakup.

This will motivate you to pursue new goals rather than sit and wallow in sadness and drown in tears and ice-cream tubs.

5. Declutter and cleanse

The house must be in terrible shape since the breakup. You want something positive to do? Give the house a routine cleanup. A positive mindset will help you heal faster. A clean house equals a productive mind. Fold the clothes and arrange the closet. Throw out the empty wine glasses and clean the dishes that have been lying in the sink for ages.

If your ex-has left their stuff at your place, box it up (resist the temptation to sleep in his t-shirt). All this work will keep you busy and leave you exhausted and help you get a good night’s sleep that’s been missing in your life for so long. It’s the easiest way to move on and find happiness again.

Good things to do after a breakup
A clean house equals a productive mind

6. Try journaling

Even if you are not a poet, writing about your feelings is a great way to vent. In fact, journaling your thoughts is one of the best things to do after a breakup to help process your feelings and come to terms with them. You might have your best friend lending you a patient ear but the writing is therapeutic in itself.

Pen down your thoughts and emotions; and if you don’t want to write about your emotions, write how your day has been. Don’t leave out even the tiniest details. Make a habit of writing before going to bed. Writing is cathartic and it will help you get over the breakup.

7. Practice forgiveness

One of the most important things to do after a breakup is practice forgiveness. Letting go of the resentment takes a lot of courage. It won’t be easy forgiving the person who broke your heart, it won’t be easy getting through the days when all you can think about is what your ex did wrong or where the relationship stumbled.

However, anger is like a self-inserted dagger in your heart. Only you bleed and feel the pain. Everyone around you moves on while you remain stuck-up and frustrated. So, forgive your ex and set yourself free.

Forgiving after a breakup
Letting go of the resentment takes a lot of courage

8. Make some time for friends

Now that you have complete freedom and independence, you can spend your time the way you want. Go for a night out and have some drinks with your old friends, or keep it low-key and plan a spa outing with your gang or a gaming night, if that’s your jam.

This is the perfect opportunity to hang out with your friends, and let them know how you’re feeling instead of bottling everything up. Besides, you don’t have to talk about your feelings all the time if you don’t want to. Just being in the company of friends can be refreshing and revitalizing. Help can come from anywhere and in any form.

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9. Get creative

One of the good things to do after a breakup is to explore your creative side and find solace in art. Create music, write, paint, or even draw. Get back to the things you once found happiness in but stopped making time for.

Or take up new hobbies and cultivate new passions to expand your horizons, and become a better, more well-rounded version of yourself.

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10. Sleep and exercise

Try doing things for self-improvement. Get into shape, eat healthy, and fix your sleeping pattern. If you like, start meditating. It will help reduce the pent-up irritation and help channel your energy more productively.

Rip the band-aid off and learn to forgive. Don’t fight the pain, make room for it. If your mental health and peace have taken a hit due to the breakup, you might want to try these tips, especially if you crave closure. Be patient with yourself. Love yourself and give time to let things work out on their own.

Try some of these things to do after a breakup to properly get over someone rather than ignore your feelings and let them affect your future relationships. Deal with it head-on and face it once and for all!

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1. What should I do immediately after a breakup?

Take out time for yourself to process all your emotions. Don’t ignore your feelings by jumping into work and other relationships you are not ready for.

2. What do guys do after a breakup?

Most guys look for hookup and rebound relationships instead of dealing with their emotions.

3. How do I stop hurting after a breakup?

Time heals all wounds. While taking time out for yourself, also make time for friends and family, go on trips, and definitely delete social media for some time.

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