Hope You Are Not Doing These 10 Funny Things After a Breakup…

Sanjukta Das
People end up doing funny things after a breakup

Drinking like a fish or shutting yourself up in your room, are instant effects of a breakup. And then you spot your ex smiling away to glory in their latest Insta story and you go through an emotional upheaval. But there is no denying that fact that you are in such a state of mind that you end up doing funny things after a breakup.

Breaking up with someone you loved can be a life-altering experience, something that you will be able to see with more perspective much later on. But when the breakup happens you end up doing all kinds of things that go completely against your usual character and against logic too. This is normal human nature but you have to ensure that you do not make a fool of yourself while mulling over lost love.

Stay away from these 10 funny things after a breakup 

A breakup can make you do the weirdest things and that is sometimes a great way of getting over the breakup too. Like in Life in a Metro Irrfan Khan made Konkona Sen Sharma scream it out and get the pain out of her system and in Queen Kangana Ranaut went to her honeymoon alone to get over her relationship. In reality, though, we often end of doing the dumbest things that we can easily avoid. Just avoid doing these funny things after a breakup.

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1. Keep calling the ex

There’s usually a tendency to keep calling up late in the night to blast or bawl. Whatever your urge could be, just stay away from the phone. Your ex would only find you annoying even amusing and entertainment worthy too. You don’t want to be that. Do you?

Always calling to your ex

Keep calling the ex Image Source

2. Have random ‘sleepovers’

Adult sleepovers, of course. Having lots of sex will not make you get over a breakup. Actually, this could leave you more broken and emotionally drained. Stay away from it.

3. Getting a dumb make-over

Thanks to many movies dealing with breakups, you believe getting a high bang or purple streaks are supposed to make you feel better.

In my opinion, since you are not the most logical person at this point, you might end up doing something totally outlandish, which might make you look funny instead of amazing. Keep that in mind.

4. Posting faux date’s photos on media for your ex to see

You know your new beau is only temporary. Your ex might not even be jealous or interested. And your ex is intelligent enough to know what’s on your mind so don’t even get there.

5. Becoming a workaholic

If you had been someone who left work on time to be in time for your date but suddenly decide to sit at work till late, you are actually letting the entire office know you are going through a breakup. Be ready to tackle the whispers and smirks behind your back.

Work at late night

Trying to prove what you are not Image Source

6. Get tattooed up

This is a tattoo that you are going to hate when you finally move on. Before you plunge into the idea, let us tell you removing a tat is twice as painful.

7. Rant to anyone you can find

They do not care. Most of them are looking for juicy details on the breakup and fodder for gossip.

8. Visiting places to accidentally run into your ex

That’s the dumbest thing to do. You think one glimpse of your ex will get you through a night, but it has the opposite effect. Trust us.

9. Being way too pally with the ex’s close friends

A tactic used to scoop the latest news about your ex. Your ex’s friends know the tactic and will probably be holding back the crucial info. A lousy move after a breakup.

10. Shit talking about your ex

This just reflects poorly on you than on your ex. And you will end up being entertainment and nothing else.

Shit talking about your ex Image Source

How to get over a breakup fast

There are things no one will tell you about a breakup. Like sappy music helps process the emotional strain you are going through. Every other song makes sense now. Stuff left in your bag, or at your place that belonged to your ex can send you over the edge for the seventh time today and that’s okay. Pain gives way to anger after a breakup.

Breaking up with someone you cared about will make you pray for their well-being. But eventually, if you hear about something stupid that they have done, you cannot help but chuckle. Worry not. You are not a bad person. It’s just a natural reaction. Ending a relationship is painful. But with help and persistence, you can get over it. Here are 7 tips to get over your breakup quickly.

1. Spend time with friends and family

She is talking wit friend

Spend time with friends and family Image Source

They may have been side-lined during the relationship, but they are there when everyone else is gone (i.e. your partner). Spending time with them, talking to them can soothe the pain and help you get better.

2. Stop stalking your ex

On social media, in life, stop following your ex’s every move. As hard it is to imagine a life without your partner after a breakup, cutting contact with your ex is an important step to moving on after the end of a relationship.

3. Stop looking for new love right away

You cannot find new love because you are still in love with someone else. Whatever you find, will be a rebound, at the max. Breaking up with someone you loved can leave you unnerved and neurotic to some extent.

Don't looking for new love

Stop looking for new love right away Image Source

4. Go on a trip

They say nothing heals a broken heart after a breakup more than a journey.

Have a plan to go to Goa? Go on a solo trip. A change of scenery does well to the mind and body.

5. Get fit

Direct the negative emotions into a new yoga, gym routine. A daily fitness regimen is great for your hormones and can really help you to process your emotions. Indulge in healthy eating and toss up healthy recipes in your kitchen and see how much you feel better.

6. Be Creative

Break up periods are the most creative. Doodle the things you are going through, create a piece of modern art, pen your feelings on paper. The results will amaze you. Apparently, pain is a great inspiration for art.

7. Talk to a therapist

Talking to a therapist help you to move on after a breakup in a healthy way, without the excess health and mental abuse.

There is no doubt that going through a breakup is tough but it is entirely up to you how you want to deal with it maturely. Don’t make yourself the butt of jokes because you can’t think straight. That’s our advice.

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