Hope You Are Not Doing These 10 Funny Things After A Breakup

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Updated On: July 20, 2022
Things not to do after a breakup

Drinking like a fish or shutting yourself up in your room are instant side effects of a breakup. And then you spot your ex smiling away to glory in their latest Instagram story and you go through an emotional upheaval. But there is no denying the fact that your state of mind forces you to do these funny things after a breakup.

Breaking up with someone you loved can be a life-altering experience, something that you will be able to see with more perspective later on. But when you’re going through it, you end up doing all kinds of things that go completely against your usual character. This is normal but you have to ensure that you do not make a fool of yourself while mulling over lost love.

What people often do after a breakup is instantly try to move on from their ex. Factually and emotionally, this becomes near impossible. If you were true in your relationship and really loved the person, there is no way you would be able to move on that quickly. This being said, you mustn’t be stuck on them either. There should be small conscious steps toward betterment.

Things you do after a breakup are embarrassing, personal and not public discussion-worthy. We get it, you’re heartbroken. However, isn’t it better to let the person know that you’re okay and move on without being dramatic? Doesn’t sound familiar to your past breakup experiences? Let us tell you about the 10 things to not do after a breakup!

Stay Away From These 10 Funny Things After A Breakup

Whether it is binging romantic comedies or listening to metal/rock on full volume, breakup sadness consumes all of us in different ways. Some drown their sorrow in One Direction while others need to have an album of Linkin Park ready. While coping mechanisms for grief vary, some checkpoints must be kept in mind in order to avoid any embarrassment.

A breakup can make you do the weirdest things and sometimes, these also turn out to be the greatest way of getting over the breakup too. Although, we often end up doing the dumbest things that we can easily avoid. Read on to find out these funny things people do after a breakup that one must avoid:

1. Keep calling the ex

There’s usually a tendency for recent ex-lovers to keep calling up late in the night to blast or bawl. Whatever your urge be, stay away from the phone. Your ex would only find you annoying or even amusing. You don’t want to be that. Do you?

Think of it this way – you broke up with a person you’re not interested in anymore, and they keep calling you. How would you feel? You would surely not feel attracted to them, would you? Although expressing your emotions is always appreciated, overdoing it can be suffocating to the other person. Allow yourself to heal and move on privately while giving your ex some space too.

2. Have random ‘sleepovers’

Adult sleepovers, of course. Having lots of sex will not make you get over a breakup. Actually, this could leave you more broken and emotionally drained. Stay away from it. You might feel good momentarily but the feeling of missing someone would increase exponentially once you’re back home.

Going on a high that would ultimately make you crash hard isn’t worth it at all. Although hanging out with your friends in a platonic and friendly way is healthy and helpful, indulging in meaningless sexual relationships would only cause further damage.

3. Getting a dumb make-over

Thanks to many movies dealing with breakups, you believe getting a high bang or purple streaks would make you feel better. This is among the funny things people do after a breakup that are totally avoidable. In my opinion, since you are not the most logical person at this point, you might end up doing something totally outlandish. Even if you want to do something to feel fresh and a little different than the usual, go for something that’s temporary.

This way, even if you end up hating it, no harm no foul. Make sure you do not have a make-over vindictively by getting something done that you know your ex would hate. If it’s something that you love and have wanted for a long time, by all means, go ahead, but if you’ve done it out of spite, you’ll end up regretting it soon.

4. Posting faux date’s photos on media for your ex to see

You know your new beau is only temporary. Your ex might not even be jealous or interested. And your ex is intelligent enough to know what’s on your mind, so don’t even get there. This would make you look desperate and that’s not a very good look. Is it?

Allow yourself to be more dignified than trying to attract your ex’s attention by posing with Mr. Temp. It is not just heartless but also, a little overplayed. Rebound relationships prove to be disastrous because you now have your broken heart and your rebound to recover from. Do not trap yourself in that mess.

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5. Becoming a workaholic

If you’ve always been a punctual individual who shows up on a date just in time, even if it means skipping out of work early, your coworkers would definitely have noticed it. So when you go through a rough breakup, staying in the office for long hours will make people talk. While it’s no big deal and people generally don’t mean much by it, try to not engage in such evident and obvious behavior shifts. It will only add to your annoyance when you catch people snickering behind your back.

6. Get tattooed

A tattoo is a permanent, mature decision that one should take in their right mind. We hope despite all the reasons to get a couple’s tattoo, you did not with your ex. A tattoo, which is going to remain on your body forever, is best put off until you feel emotionally stable and mentally calm. Getting inked when you know you’re depressed is only going to make you regret it later on.

You don’t have to get a tattoo to show that you’ve moved on or healed. It is a slow process that requires commitment and a lot of patience. Any sane person would understand the need for you to take your time and any unnecessary show of pace would lead you down a childish race. Before you plunge into the idea, let us tell you removing a tat is twice as painful.

7. Rant to anyone you can find

It is not wise to be pouring your heart out to any random person you see around. It’s brave to wear your heart on the sleeve but you must protect it still. Most of the people you talk to wouldn’t care enough about your issues. Make sure you’re close with the people you’re letting in and tell them only the parts they need to know. Should you be getting back with your ex someday, this information will definitely be brought out again by the people who don’t mean you well.

8. Visiting places to accidentally run into your ex

One of the funny things people do after a breakup is to go by the places they know their ex would visit. We convince ourselves into believing that the sight of the person we love would help us through another sleepless night. Honey, seeing them happy with someone else is probably going to be another reason for you to stay up.

If they really cared about your mental state so much, they would be around you and helping you heal. Getting over someone happens at one’s own pace and time. If they’ve left you behind, they do not care anyway. It’s best to cut ties and not look back. Some streets are better left abandoned.

9. Being way too pally with the ex’s close friends

A tactic used to scoop the latest news about your ex. Your ex’s friends know the tactic and will probably be holding back the crucial information. Although curiosity about an ex-lover is natural and understandable, withholding yourself from asking is the best thing to do. What if he is having the time of your life while you still cry over him every night? How is that going to make your broken heart feel? Not great, right?

It is best to leave some things alone to allow yourself to heal. Even if your ex does miss you and hasn’t reached out to you, it probably means that he wants to get over you. For whatever reason, he believes you both are not great together and clearly does not want to be connected.

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10. Badmouthing about your ex

If there was a chronology about what to not do after a breakup, this would top the list. Even if we share differences and cannot see eye-to-eye with our ex-lovers, we must not talk badly about them. This just leads to spoiling our reputation amongst our friends. Although it seems to get you momentary satisfaction, ranting and bitching about them continuously would make your friends question your mental state too.

What not to do after a breakup
Healing takes time

How To Get Over A Breakup Fast

While people talk endlessly about how wonderful it is to be in love, no one tells you how to get over a breakup. That’s why when a relationship ends, you find yourself lost and struggling to make sense of where to begin picking up the pieces. First and foremost, know the difference between things to avoid after a breakup and the ones that will help you get through it.

Like sappy music helps process the emotional strain you are going through. Every other song begins to make sense. Your ex’s stuff left in your bag or at your place can send you over the edge for the seventh time in a day. And that’s okay. At some point, pain gives way to anger after a breakup.

After breaking up with someone you cared about you may wish them well. But eventually, when someone tells you of how karma is hitting them back, a small part of you doesn’t feel too bad. Worry not. You are not a bad person. It’s a natural reaction. Ending a relationship is painful. But with help and persistence, you can get over it. Here are 7 tips to get over your breakup quickly.

1. Spend time with friends and family

They may have been side-lined during the relationship but they are there when the one you prioritized over them is gone. Spending time with them, talking to them can soothe the pain and help you get better. Family is the best source of comfort when you are going through a tough time. It generally helps deal with loneliness and allows us to comprehend the situation better.

2. Stop stalking your ex

On social media and in person, stop following your ex’s every move. As hard as it is to imagine a life without your partner after a breakup, cutting contact with your ex is an important step to moving on after the end of a relationship. Constant thoughts of them after a breakup or awareness of his whereabouts only increase the anxiety and makes healing more difficult.

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3. Stop looking for new love right away

You cannot find new love because you are still in love with someone else. Whatever you find, will be a rebound, at best. Breaking up with someone you loved can leave you unnerved and neurotic to some extent.

4. Take a trip

They say nothing heals a broken heart after a breakup more than the start of another beautiful journey. Let that journey begin with a solo trip. A change of scenery does well for the mind and body. Someplace less crowded and a little more scenic will provide the much-needed calmness to your mind and will help you relax. Look out for friends who might want to join you. Be careful to not take along the people who would hinder your healing process.

5. Get fit

One of the top positive things to do after a breakup is to exercise. Direct the negative emotions into a new yoga, gym routine. A daily fitness regimen is great for your hormones and can really help you to process your emotions. Indulge in healthy eating and toss up healthy recipes in your kitchen and see how much you feel better.

6. Get creative

When people go through a breakup, they are the most creative. The pain induces people to think out of the box and they get more productive. Doodle the things you are going through, create a piece of modern art, pen your feelings on paper. The results will amaze you. Apparently, pain is a great inspiration for art.

7. Talk to a therapist

Talking to a therapist helps you to move on after a breakup in a healthy way. There is no doubt that going through a breakup is tough but it is entirely up to you how you want to deal with it maturely. Don’t make yourself the butt of jokes because you can’t think straight. Instead, hold still and know that these times have a way of sorting themselves out. If you get restless, people will notice, it’s best to go through a breakup privately.

You are strong enough to come out victorious. Do not let one bad relationship change the meaning of love for you. It is time you let the lousy ones go out of your life so that there is space for the better ones to walk in.

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