Can I Get My Ex Back? Quiz

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Can I get my ex back
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They’re out of your life but you can’t seem to get them out of your head? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and wondered to ourselves, “is it too late to get my ex back?” A breakup doesn’t always have to be the end of your love story. A lot of couples get back together and live happily ever after – take Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck for example. However, you want to make sure your ex also still sees a future together so all your energy isn’t wasted. This is where we come in!

This 10-question quiz, crafted by a relationship counsellor, is just any old quiz. Instead of simply answering the question buzzing in your head “will I get my ex back?,” it’ll be your relationship detective, helping you uncover clues about your chances of getting back together.

So, ditch the “how to get your ex back” Google searches and take this insightful quiz. By answering honest questions, you’ll gain a deeper perspective on your situation and uncover the most suitable path forward, whether it’s reconciliation, closure, or moving on.

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1. How long has it been since the breakup?

  1. Less than a month
  2. 1-6 months
  3. More than 6 months

2. Have you and your ex had any contact since the breakup?

  1. Yes, we’ve been in regular contact
  2. We’ve had occasional contact
  3. No, we haven’t had any contact

3. How did the breakup occur?

  1. Mutual decision
  2. My ex initiated the breakup
  3. I initiated the breakup

4. Do you still have feelings for your ex?

  1. Yes, I still love them deeply
  2. I have mixed feelings
  3. No, I’ve moved on

5. Have you taken any steps to improve yourself since the breakup?

  1. Yes, I’ve been working on personal growth and self-improvement
  2. I’ve made some changes, but there’s room for improvement
  3. Not really, I haven’t focused on self-improvement

6. Have you identified the reasons for the breakup and how you contributed to it?

  1. Yes, I’ve reflected on the reasons for the breakup and my role in it
  2. I have some idea, but I’m not entirely sure
  3. Not really, I haven’t thought much about it

7. Are you willing to communicate openly and honestly with your ex about your feelings?

  1. Yes, I’m willing to have honest conversations about our relationship
  2. I’m hesitant, but I’m open to it
  3. No, I don’t feel comfortable discussing my feelings with my ex

8. Have you given your ex space and time to process the breakup?

  1. Yes, I’ve respected their need for space
  2. I’ve tried to give them space, but it’s been challenging
  3. No, I’ve been persistent in trying to contact them

9. Have you considered what you would do differently if you got back together with your ex?

  1. Yes, I’ve thought about how I would approach the relationship differently
  2. I’ve considered it briefly
  3. Not really, I haven’t given it much thought

10. How optimistic are you about the possibility of getting back together with your ex?

  1. Very optimistic, I believe it’s possible
  2. Somewhat optimistic, but I’m not sure
  3. Not optimistic at all

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